Mar 15, 2007

0 150 C.C TVS Apache "Owners" Review

Maltesh Ashrit, a TVS Apache owner and a blog buddy of mine has written the review of his bike exclusively for The Bike Cronicles of India

First about me, I am Maltesh Ashrit, a Mechanical Engineering student from Goa, an Auto Freak, and who’s just fascinated by the Automotive World. I have a Blog dedicated to Automobiles, called ‘Stay Undefined’ and it’s through which I met SP (Satadal Payeng). He requested me to review my bike, TVS Apache, and here it is.

Maltesh and His Apache

I saw the bike, first in an Overdrive issue way back in Jan 06, and believe me from that day onwards I was dazzled by its looks. A blockbuster in terms of looks and performance figures being the best in the country. From the after months of convincing my Dad, I got this bike delivered to me in Nov. The first batch of bikes I test rode had some gearbox and vibe problems, which were sorted out with the bike deliveries starting Oct 06, & thankfully my bike was in the new lot.

You have a look at the bike, and you won’t get a chance to turn your head. Well, that was the feeling I had when I first was the bike on road. The bike offers distinct new styling cues, which is very much different from the competition, and according to me it is still THE BEST LOOKING BIKE, currently on sale in India.

Maltesh's Apache

During the Run-In Period the bike, was running smooth and problem free, except for the gears. Yea, the gears has improved but is still hard. I had read on many forums that the bike gave problems of false neutral, but (touchwood) I didn’t face a single problem of that kind. A peculiar sound was turning out from the silencer side which now after second servicing the service guys, have told me that there is a bug in the silencer assembly and the whole assembly has to be replaced, of course under warranty. This problem may be specific to my bike, and may not be faced by other Apachains.

After the run-in period of a 1000 Ks, I had full liberty in pushing the bike to its limits. I have been to max speed of 98 Kmph, couldn’t go further as I saw some cows coming across the roads. I wonder if they pay road tax!

The pick up of the bike is very good and, the bike is very responsive. It’s really a great pleasure riding this bike, in the city with heavy traffic on. Corner maneuverability, is the best amongst all bike in the class. The brakes (front disc and rear drum) also are very good, and very sharp. I wish if it had a more powerful headlight.

Now for the service, the guys over here at the TVS service center @ Margao, are good and understand the bike problems. No complains about them too, they do the job neat and fine, nothing to grudge about them.

Now, for those who buy a 150 and still bother about mileage figures, my bike gives a decent mileage of 55 Kms a litre. As you all would know, mileage figures are subject to riding habits. So, mind your wrist if you wanna squeeze more out of the fuel.

Presently have clocked some 1800 Kms on the bike, and I’m having a great biking experience on this machine. For those who wanna buy this machine go ahead do it, cuz it now or never and more for the fact that I believe it offers a better package than other bikes in the market today. But I would really suggest waiting as TVS is planning an upgrade to this bike, but I guess neither SP nor me have any concrete news about this. Keep checking our space for more.

[PS: I had written two reports of the bike, on my blog, after clocking 500 Kms, and 1000 Kms, respectively. Here are the links, read them for more.]

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