Mar 8, 2007

16 Exclusive Owners Review of the new Pulsar 200 c.c DTSI..!!

Varun Talwar, one of the first owners of the Bajaj Pulsar 200 C.C DTSI in Delhi gives a review of his spanking new bike...

Hi everybody,

Bio Data of Varun:
Age: 20 yrs,
Occupation:2nd yr animation from BIT noida,
Address- Shalimar Bagh, Delhi

I am Varun Talwar from delhi, I have covered some 420 kms sucessfuly on my Pulsar 200 DTSI till now. Got my babe on 21st February from probiking delhi. In fact it is one among the first batch of Pulsar 200 DTSI's in Delhi. I had the test ride & booked it on 18th of February. It's red in color.

The Price here in Delhi is some Rs. 69,300 or so.. net around 70k + accessories.

Initially when I started my search abt the Pulsar-200 c.c, I came to know about this blog. This blog is realy awesome and provides a lot of information.

Thanks a lot to Satadal Payeng.

Varun on His Bajaj Pulsar 200 C.C DTSI

Varun on his new Bajaj Pulsar 200 C.C DTSI

In this review I will try to cover all aspects I can, rest u can ask me if need anything to know.

When I ride my new bike a feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeling comes from within to rip the bike full throttle...!!

  • The Engine is really smooth and powerfull I must say. The oil cooling which has been newly introduced is also working well I think. It protects the engine at high speeds by cooling the oil and maintaining the viscocity of oil.
  • Suspension is realy good. You will not feel the road at all man.. Even in the most rough road the bike glides in a nice manner.
  • Braking is also dependable. I have not tested it fully but it does feel realy nice.
  • Tube less Tyres are introduced for the first time in India. Front tyre pressure-28 and rear-36. Since the tyres are tube less, it weighs less and also produces less fiction. Being broad in width and size it gives a very smooth ride and grips the road really well. Much better compared to the old pulsars.(It is recommended to check the tyre pressure once in every week or 10 days).
  • Handling is very light and stable due to better tyres and the abundance of torque available.
  • Fuel tank is of 15 lts and has a 3.2 lt as reserve, 2 lts of it is usable.. rest 1.2 is non usable and is there all the time and in case you are out of petrol, then you can bend your bike to access that 1.2 lts and reach the petrol pump in case of emergency.. :-)
  • Electricals: I don't think the Head lamp(35W) is powerful enough to go with the bike's image. Bajaj people should do something about it. It's just like any other odinary bike. But yes, it does emit a White Light. The self canceling indicators are a nice touch but it does create a mess when u have to turn a lot in traffic, due to the handle moving in both directions. The Turn signal, Neutral, High beam indicators and Side stand are all LEDs.
  • Digital Meter has a lot of features. Like 2 tripmeters, a fuel indicator, speed indicator, low battery indicator , air filter dirt indicator, Engine over heating indicator, etc. Tail light being LED's gives a very nice and sporty look.

  • Battery is 12v 9ah MF type and is of Exide.
    Bajaj officials have said to check the water level of the battery once a year.. let's see what happens.
  • Seating is comfortable and sporty but when you sit, most of the body weight rests on the wrists. So if you are not using a soft grip cover, your hands will start paining after a long journey. It is advisable to use some new handle grips as the ones that come on the bike are quite hard to touch.
  • Gear box is quite ok. Actually my bike does have a small problem. The second gear gives some noise when it is engaged. It happens only in the second gear.. may be because it is new. Maybe it will smoothen out after some time. Other wise every thing is fine.. no probs at all.
  • Clutch: It works fine on my bike
  • Paint Quality is good.. really good.
  • Mileage is around 40 km/l or may be a little above I guess. I am riding between 45-55 km/hr. Not gone for the first service. Waitin for it.
  • Pick up and Power cannot be judged untill i reach around 1500 kms and has about 3 services. After that it would be wise to check the performance.

Varun's Pulsar 200 c.c DTSI

One problem I have with the digital meters is that, it does not show the correct amount of fuel in the tank. So to calculate the mileage is difficult.

The bike's kerb wt. is 145 kgs. The drive chain is open it it is advised to keep it lubricated at regular intervals. The Silencer (exhaust) is a thing of beauty and compliments the "beast" well. Tank pad helps a lot in protecting the scraches. Enough spaces to fit a k&n or any other performance air filters.

To visit Varun's Orkut Profile, click here..

Max Speed I have attained so far is 62 km/hr. It was by mistake acually. Do not take your new bike above 60 km/hr under any conditions. I do not cross 57 km/hr generally. Maximum strech covered is about 30 kms to my college. Then the journey back.

Regards Varun

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Jackie said...

Great! I’d love to have one this year. If it’s only the meter which is the problem, then it seems really nice. Any performance filter can be used? If yes, then good. Though I have a good dealer of K&N Filters, it would be comfortable if its flexible to different brands.

up in air said...

K&N is an easy fit. no probs.

utkarsh said...

Nice review! seems like love at first sight! :o)
great to c th indigenous maker come up with an original,worl-class and timeless design.

DaDDy said...

Varun.. nice blogg..

and bike too...
but im waiting for 220CC.

So waiting for the blogg of 220CC

Anonymous said...

Luks like a veryyyyyy ordinary Pulsar DTSi to me...
Its just the price which has some gud improvement, it seems...

What say, Mr. Proud Owner !!! ;o)

Akash said...

Pulsar 200 is Bekaar!!
It looks like a Pulsar 180. The tank extensions have gaps in it. The bike is just a little faster than 180cc.
For a performance bike I would rather wait for the Pulsar 220.
The brakes arent impressive at all.
Even mileage isnt good, P220 gives better mileage thn P200.
Overall its a bike for people those who have sort out for a Pulsar 180 but would like an upgrade.

Payeng said...


I think the Pulsar 200 is the Best Looking in the Pulsar range.. Even better looking than the P220 I'd say..

In fact I am thinking of buying one for myself..

I have heard that the Gear Box now doesn't have any problems... and that the engine is Very Smooth.. (probably due to the Oil Cooling)

90% chance that I will buy the "Best Looking Pulsar"..!!

Anonymous said...

Undoubtedly P200 is best looking bike till date on indian roads , if u xclude the imported superbikes.Well, i own a P200 its 5 days old, i ve covered 230km and it just glides . Its truly amazin. I completely agree with u Payeng. In fact i was riding it yesterday and there were 2 Guys following me to just have a look at the bike in all angles. I feel like a celebrity.Thanks, Kris.

up in air said...

For ppl who think 200 resembles 180 and is mere an upgrade. its true but but when u c in front of ur eyes UPGRADE IS not d correct word 2 use. Its a all new bike. Not just only tank( tank is a bit diffrent in shape) and also d grab rails, a bigger and better exaust which looks like a gem on it and Rear tyre being broader.

And did u forget d wheel base its longer and u can realy feel d diffrence.

Feel of A BIG bike realy comes.

{Anonymous said...

Luks like a veryyyyyy ordinary Pulsar DTSi to me...
Its just the price which has some gud improvement, it seems...

What say, Mr. Proud Owner !!! ;o)

Please get an eye test for u and get a closer look.

prash said...

hi payeng,
M plannin to buy p200, but m worried abt t milege... wots t milege its givin....

Payeng said...

Hi Prash..

I can quote only the figures that Auto magazines have given for the Pulsar 200.. The figure that a few magazines have given is around 40 km/l.

I think you can safely assume a figure of 35-40 km/l at least from the Pulsar 200.

If possible get the mileage figure confirmed from anyone who owns the bike.

nashfi said...

Hey payeng i just got an update that bajaj is stopping the production of P200 if true... then what is the reason? have they come accross some defect in the model?>>?

Payeng said...


I haven't heard any such news so far. Could you quote the source from where you got this piece of news..??

Anonymous said...

pls can u tell me which gives better mileage of a PULSAR 200 and 220.... [ls reply

Payeng said...

My P220 returns 38-42 kmpl in Gurgaon traffic..

Most of my friends who own P200's have reported mileage figures of around 45 kmpl.. so I guess that the P200 returns slightly better mileage than the P220.

utkarsh said...

Nice review! seems like love at first sight! :o)
great to c th indigenous maker come up with an original,worl-class and timeless design.

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