Mar 12, 2007

7 Bajaj Pulsar 220 DTSFi Review by Owner "Shashank Zope"

Shashank Zope, one of the 20 odd Pulsar 220 owners from Pune gives a review of his new bike

Hi this is Shashank Zope from Pune. I am one of the owners of the first batch of Pulsar 220 DTSFI. I also know Puneet from Pune who is also one of the owners of the Pulsar 220 and have already written a review of his bike on this blog sometime back. Here is the Review of my Bike, the Bajaj Pulsar 220 DTSFI:

Shashank Zope with his Pulsar 220 DTSFiShashank Zope with his Pulsar 220 DTSFi

Pulsar 220 DTSFi (Black Color)

Shashank ZopeBio Data of Shashank Zope:
Age: 29
Occupation: Software Engineer, Social Worker
Marital Status: Single (no G.F)
Based in: Pune
Visit Shashank's Orkut Profile here..

  • Kms covered so far on my bike: 2,800 Kms

  • Power - Excellent

  • Pickup - Excellent

  • Speed - Rocking speed..!! I crossed 125 Km/hr once..!!

  • Gear Box/ Clutch- No Problems at all (I had a Pulsar 150 earlier, compared to my earlier 150 this bike has no problems at all with the clutch and gearbox). Finding the neutral is easy.

  • Looks - Very Attractive I'd say. I feel people admire my bike more than any Karizma on road..!!

  • Suspension - Very good. I have ridden my bike on all kind of roads including Village roads.

  • Brakes - Disc brakes both for front & rear both are quite effective.

  • Tyres are tubeless and offer ample amount of grip

Problems faced so far:-

  • Some problem like Petrol/Fuel indicator. It is not accurate.

  • The Rear brakes used to make squealing sound on braking.

  • There is also a Cold Starting problem which I have faced.. I have to start the bike and keep idle for 10-15 sec then change the gear and give some race, no problem after that.

But no tension... BAJAJ people are solving those problem and immeditaly replacing the deffective part, the rear brake have already been replaced. Now working fine.

I am also very happy with the aftersales service and the attention that I am getting.. they are very attentive and I am being treated like a King..!!

  • On Road Price for this bike I paid was Rs.83,450/- in pune

  • Fuel Efficiency/Average: 27-33 km/l

    [Technique used to calculate Fuel Efficiency:
  • Fill the petrol tank completly
  • Ride the bike for around say 200 km
  • After 200 km, fill tank completely again,
  • Then cheacked the mileage and the I get is between 27-33

Ovearll an excellent bike. I think that guys above 5.5 ft can easily find this bike comfortable to ride. But you would probably need a tall Girl Friend or Wife at the bcak seat as the rear seat is a bit tall.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Shashank,

Can you tell what your height is?

Payeng said...

Shashank's Orkut profile says "5 feet 10 inches"

ankit said...

hey!! 27-33kmpl is ,dont u think a bit low coz puneet has written hes gettin 40kmpl ??? could u shed some light on this plsssssss!!!!! thanks!

Payeng said...

Hi Ankit,

Shashank has submitted a honest report.. moreover the method he has used to calculate the mileage is the "Right Method".

Also please remember that the mileage of Any bike depends on how the bike has been ridden.. anyway will ask Both Shashank and Puneet about the mileage figures again and let you know soon.

Ankit said...

Well this is another Ankit... m a bike freak and have thunderbird twin spark apart from da 220 dtsfi.... they really low on the fuel consumption...thunderbird(350 cc) is giving me about 45 kmpl whereas dtsfi is only managing about 30 kmpl... Also i don't know but the bike has a tendency to skid around a lot...especially if u get too hard on the brakes... i think the single disc (i tried it on 180) is more stable though less efficient....

Anonymous said...

hey guys please let me know the most powerful bike on the road most ideally suited for long interstate rides say example bangalore to chennai once in 3 months?

vichu said...

@shashank: how com ur bike give just 33kmpl....
i own pulsar 220 with no fuel injection nd i get 38kmpl....
is ur bike fuel injected??? it it should more dan my bik....

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