Feb 17, 2007

20 Exclusive "Owners" Review of the Pulsar 220 DTSFi

The First Guest Article on "Indian2Wheels.Blogspot.Com"..

On my special request, Puneet (from Pune) who is one of the first owner of the Bajaj Pulsar 220 in the country has sent in the review of his experiences on his bike so far.. Exclusively for "Indian2Wheels" readers"

Hi Guys... Whats up?

After seeing ur keen interest and also on my friend Satadal's request, I am writing a small review on my bike (the Bajaj Pulsar 220 DTSFi).

Well I don't think I need to give the technical specifications as I assume you all know that.

>> Mileage: I am happy with its 40 km/l mileage. It is good for any 220 C.C bike.

>> Clutch/Gearbox: The clutch and gearbox on my bike is smooth. No problems.. Nope.. none at all.

Let me give just a brief introduction about my bike (Pulsar 220 DTSFi).

The bike is available in 3 colors Red Blue and Black. Mine is balck. It has tubeless tyres and it has a very sexy Front Fairing Headlamp which is somewhat similar with Ducati head lamps, it has seperate bulbs for High and Low Beam. Both the bulbs do not work at the same time but it does take away the attention of anyone who looks at it. Man its rockin..!!

[My comments: I came across a few guys speculating whether both the bulbs work at the same time on the Pulsar 220. Well, Puneet has confirmed that both the bulbs cannot be put on at the same time]

It has both the mirrors fixed on the front fairing which makes it look sporty. A minor complaint with the looks of my bike is that it has the similar tank as of Pulsar 150/180. But then also it will steal your heart away. The split seat, Clip On Handle Bars, Rear Disc adds to the uniqueness of the Pulsar 220.

[My comments: Hey Puneet you forgot to mention about the "Fuel Injection"..!!]

A few points:

  • Rear Disc: It's just awesome. Its not the urgent types as compared to the front disc.

  • The Split (Clip On) Handle: It just rocks. It provides great stability and smoothness and is one of the the best features on my bike which i like most.

  • Silencer: It just rocks. Very smooth and dosen't make much noise. It just adds to the stylish looks of the bike, You may be shocked at its price.. it is around 11,000 bucks..!! Can you believe that??

  • Looks: It just grabs the attention of each and everyone. Every head on the road rotates towards my bike when it is on the road.

  • Mileage: The most important thing is that I am happy with its 40 km/l mileage. It is good for any 220 C.C bike.

  • Clutch/Gearbox: The clutch and gearbox on my bike is smooth. No problems.. Nope.. none at all.

Hey people.. I know you want to know more, but I have to conclude my review here..

In case you neeed any more info, scrap me at My Orkut Profile..

[If there is anything else that you would like to know, then leave your queries in the "comments" section.. I will soon get back with the answers from Puneet]

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Anonymous said...

Not being critical, but maybe you should have or can mention about the mid-range power or initial pick up instead of the looks which is subjective anyway.
Being one of the first to actually 'own' a 220, you really dont need to comment on the mileage. How is the handling and especially 'Gears' COMPARED to the 150/180?

Anonymous said...

the review was ok but stiil you should have mentioned the initial pickup handling and the pulsar 200 is on display here in bangalore kivrajmotors but no test ride till next week waiting for rtos approval
my name is suraj

Payeng said...

Hey Anonymous..

Let us not be too critical of Puneet's Review.. The Review is his Point of View of his experiences so far..

I think we are lucky to get his views and actually it has been a privilege to read the first hand report from one of India's first owners of the Pulsar 220..

Payeng said...

Hi Suraj..

Get the Test Ride of the P200 and if possible let us know about ur experience..

I will be glad to publish it..

Maltesh said...

Thats a nice review, ask him to keep u updated, and another review after say 1000 or 2000 Kms.

Ask him to let u know when he reaches the top end of the bike.

Payeng said...

Sure Maltesh..

Will do it.

Anonymous said...

hi payeng
i had gone yesterday to kivhraj i dint get a test ride the guys at show room said that they are waiting for the rtos approval and even the on road price is not calculated but he said roughly that its 72000buks i had seen the black and red it was so awsome man the build quality was very good compared to other pulsars and he said the test ride starts from the coming week i will let you know if i get a test ride

Payeng said...

Hi Suraj..

Are you saying that the Pulsar 220 has arrived in Bangalore..??

Anonymous said...

yes payeng go to kivrajmotors kasturaba road its their the bikes are on display but no test rides he said the test rides start from this week end thats what the sales person said i am waiting to get a test ride hey its not 220 its 200

Payeng said...

Got It.. Pulsar 200 not Pulsar 220 is on display in Bangalore..

I wish I could come down there.. But I have my last trimester of my MBA going on.. Can;t afford to lose classes..

neel said...

hey puneet..
i need to know one thing... there is a doubt regarding the price mentioned on some of the blogs... i.e. 83,500 sumthing for the P220...

is it on road price or ex-showroom ???? if its exshow price.. then the on-road would be around 92 K... which was the original expected price...

plz clarify what the on-road price is for P220..


Payeng said...


The price for the first batch of 20 odd Pulsar 220 was priced at around Rs.83,500 (on road Pune)

It is rumoured that Bajaj might go for a price change when the bike is finally launched in the whole country..

Since Hero Honda has not released the Karizma with Fuel Injection.. The Pulsar 220 will virtually have no competition.. This might effect the final pricing when the bike is finally launched..

Lets hope that the Pulsar 220 isn't priced too high.. A price of 85K on road is the perfect price according to me

Suraj said...

hi payeng
i had gone to kivraj again the test ride starts from next week and the on road price of 200 in banglore is 73600 i asked the the sales guy to call me when the test ride starts and he also said that the 220 will come in one month thats good news bro

Payeng said...

Hi Suraj..

Thats great news.. especially the price of the P 200.. at Rs.73,600 the difference between the P 200 and the P 180 will roughy translate into Rs.6,000 odd rupees.. Cool

I hope you get the test rides soon.. and hope you will keep us informed too.. Keep us posted with the happenings @ Bangalore

And hey, You finally got your name posted in the comment instead of as Anonymous..


ameya said...

Hey i heard tht the 43 bikes tht were sold in pune were the prototypes.... i also heard tht the bike is still being modified....

neways my question to any of the current 220 owners is :
was there an sort of deal betwn u guys the the company tht they wont be responsible for any kinda engine failures in the prototypes??

lemme kno

Anonymous said...

hey man everthing on your bike "just rocks" does'nt it??......lol....you call this a review??....lol

Aloke Anand said...

hey frienz its 4 sure tat 220 would be standin on top for this year but i hav doubts about bajaj doing its regular updates on 220 like it did for 150 & 180 cc bikes. as of now pulsar 220 seems to be completely filed with every thin but i m afraid of buying it now ,,cos...

Bajaj pulsar 220cc may be released sooner with a 'BLACK EDITION' i.e black engine and few more on designing which is not there in its first release .as like bajaj did on 150 & 180cc .

So i need reps on these comments

Payeng said...

Hi Aloke Anand,

You can safely assume that Bajaj will definitely updrade its bikes at regular intervals..

If you want to wait for the next upgrade.. then you might be even further tempted to wait for the NEXT one.. Its a temptation which you need to decide for yourself..

Anyway there are TOO MUCH BLACK on Indian bikes nowadays with alomost every second manufacturer going for it.. in fact I find Silver Colored Engine more exclusive now..!!

Its after all your call mate.

Best of Luck

Prashanth said...

How many days it takes fr de Delivery of de Vehicle P220 after booking???

Prashanth said...

How many days it takes fr de Delivery of de Vehicle P220 after booking???

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