Feb 23, 2007

5 Pulsar 200 C.C DTSI Owner Videos (Part I)

Videos of the new Bajaj Pulsar 200 C.C DTSI shot by a proud owner from Pune

Today its not hard to imagine that one can get to read, see, hear about a new bike even before it has arrived in your city. Thanks to the internet, common people can now connect with each other and exchange information freely. A few years back something like this would have been unimaginable (imagine just one year back without "You Tube")..

"The videos have been published in this blog with prior permission from VJ_rulz.

Thanks a lot VJ_rulz"

VJ_rulz (from Pune), a member of India's leading biking forum Xbhp.Com recently bought himself the new Bajaj Pulsar 200 C.C DTSI. He also made a few videos of his new bike and posted it on the internet.

Bajaj Pulsar 200 DTSI

The videos made by VJ_rulz have been posted below and have been published in this blog with prior permission from VJ_rulz. Thanks a lot VJ_rulz.

Vid 1:The Delivery (Pulsar 200 C.C DTSI delivered at your doorstep.. The Customer is King right..??)

Vid 2:The Virgin Ride


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suraj.s said...

hi payeng
the test ride of pulsar 200 has began i am going 2 kivraj 2moro ihad gone 2day but i dint get my test ride coz i had 2 drop my sis 2 tution so iam going 2moro and i will what i felt after the test ride ok then i will post my test ride details 2moro

Payeng said...

Suraj that would be just great...

Please write a review on your test ride of the Pulsar 200 DTSI

If possible add a few pics of you and the bike

And try to be Honest in your review


suraj.s said...

ok i will give a honest review bro and pic i will try i dont have a cam but i will click in my 6600

Anonymous said...

hey i had a test ride on the pulsar200 and it was just awesome...
all probs initially related with the bike has been rectified and is the beast on road now.. the suspension is mind blowing , all other features also are.. nd wen u turn on the LED in night u feel u r ridin a super bike.
now have no doubts , just go for it if 35 is the millage u can cope with and awesome luxury!

Vivekananthan said...

Hi Payeng.

I'm a student, am looking for my first bike. Am bit bulge n 5'11.. Expecting good/descent milege, Budget is under 75k.. I would also go long rides and i wish to.. My speed will be between 60-90 kmph.. Which will be the best one for me.. I am confused to rely on Bike Makers...

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