Nov 29, 2006

5 150 C.C Test Ride Series: TVS Apache

"This is the first of the forthcoming series about my Test Rides (that I took in Bangalore on 20'th November 2006) of the latest 150 C.C motorcycles"

Bike: TVS Apache (Front Disc Brakes, Self Start, 147.5 C.C, Power:13.5 bhp, Torque:12.3Nm)

Showroom: TVS Tristar, Indiranagar Bangalore

+ Attractive Design
+ Decent Engine Performance

- Gear Shifts are hard
- Confused riding position
- Small Bike feel"

"As soon as I enter the neatly arranged and well maintained showroom, I am greeted by a salesman in uniform. On telling him that I am interested in the Apache, he promptly took me towards a silver colored Apache which was on display. Before I could ask any questions the enthusiastic young guy started to recite a well prepared speech which generously praised the Apache on its looks, engine and of the awards which the Apache had recently bagged. A mileage of 50 Kmpl in the traffic of Bangalore was promised. Though I knew most of the info about the Apache, I allowed the young salesman to complete his speech."


"Impressive..!! The bike looked good, infact very good. The fit and finish of the bike was among the best bikes available in India. This was a much better attempt in design by TVS compared to their earlier Fiero and Fiero F2 (on which the Apache is based). The bike looked racy at standstill and guaranteed admiring looks from onlookers."


"Price of the TVS Apache in Bangalore was quoted at Rs.61,350 (On Road Price Bangalore. Dated:20'th Nov 2006) "

The Test Ride:

"I requested for a test ride and a gleaming red Apache was promptly arranged. I wasn’t allowed to take the bike alone for the test ride. So the young salesman accompanied me as a pillion rider. The bike settled to a smooth idling speed on being thumb started.

When I shifted to first gear I noticed that compared to the earlier Fiero and Fiero F2, which had butter smooth gear shifting, the gears of the Apache had become hard. But the shift quality was still within acceptable limits. Though I could not test the engine performance to the limit, the bike displayed decent performance during my very brief test ride. The riding position of the Apache was not that comfortable. The seat-foot peg-handlebar relationship tries to provide both a commuter friendly as well as a sporty riding position at the same time. In the end I found the riding position to be confused, something that does not come to the rider naturally. The bike also felt small say compared to other 150 C.C bikes. "

  • Likes:
    + Attractive Design
    + Decent Engine Performance

  • Dislikes:
    - Hard Shifting gears compared to older model (Fiero)
    - Confused riding position
    - Small Bike feel

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aditya said...

very nice. cant wait to see a comparison chart among all the 150cc manufacturers!

the apache design is splendid. among 150cc it is original, and striking.

Payeng said...

Stay tuned Aditya..

The rest of the reviews are coming soon..

Maltesh Ashrit said...

I love dis bike's looks..
n i bought one also...

Anonymous said...

What i dont like in bajaj n HH, is dat dey repeat deir stlying in almost all deir bikes.
n a new bike frm dem looks like a mash up of many bikes...

Payeng said...


Congrats on ur new bike buddy...

@ Anonymous..

I agree with u... thats the complaint of many guys who complain that there are just too many pulsar on the roads.. its a good thing they have an option now as the TVS Apache..

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