Sep 11, 2007

13 Bajaj XCD 125 cc generates public interest, Bajaj to cease Discover 112 and 125 cc models

Internet search indicates that the 125 cc has caught the fancy of the Public... Bajaj to cease Discover 110/125 cc models

The 125 cc is the Next big thing...!!

No, I am not merely repeating what most of the industry experts are saying about the future of Indian Two Wheeler Industry. I am actually saying this with more conviction since I have myself seen some tangible proof of it..!!

Rajiv Bajaj on 125 cc Bajaj XCD

Mr. Rajiv Bajaj on 125 cc Bajaj XCD

Pic: From Rearset's Blog

Why am I saying so..??

I keep a regular tab of the number of daily page views of TBCI (The Bike Chronicles of India) by an online service called "Statcounter". This month has been a raise in the number of page views thanks to the new releases by TVS Motors and Bajaj Auto. The daily average has been around 6,000-7,000 page views. But on 10’th September 2007 (yesterday), the number of page views of TBCI shot to an unprecedented high of 17,012..!! Even today (a day after) the number of page views has been more than regular days (at 20:27 hrs).

TBCI Page View Stats

Page View Stats of the Bike Chronicles of India

It goes to show how Bajaj Auto has been successful in creating hype over the 125 cc XCD

This sudden spike was due to maximum traffic coming from Google Search, majority of which were searching for the new launch of the 125 cc Bajaj XCD with the DTS-Si engine.

Till now I was of the opinion that majority of the search in the internet was limited to the premium segment (150 cc of above) models only. Now this incident has shown that the consumer is definitely getting interested in the 125 cc segment and searching about it on the internet too.

Bajaj XCD has generated more public interest than the TVS Flame (at least so far):

Also it shows that the TV Commercial/Teaser of the 125 cc Bajaj XCD has been a success since it has generated the interest among the consumer. Even the launch of the 125 CC Flame from TVS hasn’t generated such spikes in the number of page views of TBCI.

But this may well be the reason because unlike the Bajaj XCD, there hasn’t been any TV Commercial of the Flame so far. That means not many must have been informed about the TVS Flame so far. It goes to show how Bajaj Auto has been successful in creating hype over the 125 cc XCD.

Nevertheless the unprecedented spike in the number of page views of TBCI also goes to show that the common public is starting to take more interest in the 125 cc segment.

Bajaj Auto to discontinue the Discover 112 and the Discover DTSi 125:

Following with the launch of the XCD comes the news that Bajaj Auto is ceasing the production of the Discover 112 and the Discover DTSi 125. The Discover hadn’t been selling that well. As admitted by Mr. Rajiv Bajaj himself, Bajaj Auto was selling less than 5,000 Discover 112 per month (read about it here..). This leaves only the Discover DTSi 135 as the production model holding the Discover brand name. Read about it here..

With the decision to discontinue the 112 and 125 cc models of the Discover, Bajaj Auto has made it clear that it will target the entry level 125 cc segment with its XCD, priced attractively at Rs. 41-42K (Ex-Showroom Pune) which is close to the price tag of the 100 cc Hero Honda Splendor.

The Discover DTS-i 135 must have been successful for Bajaj since they are planning to continue with this particular model. At least in Bangalore City I have witnessed quite a few Discover DTS-I 135 cc models pottering around.


    Don't be fooled by the above photo of the Bajaj XCD in thinkng that the XCD is dimunitive in size. Mr. Rajiv Bajaj actually happens to be quite a tall and well built guy. Shown below is a screen shot which clearly shows his tall stature.

Rajiv Bajaj at an Award Function

Mr. Rajiv Bajaj at an Award Function

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Rakesh said...

Nice blog on 2 wheelers, as im not very much interested in 2 wheelres, so can't comment anything.

Payeng said...


Thanks for appreciating.

Lost In Venus said...

hi payeng, just a thought - though the exceed looks stunngly dragonish in the side view and has an agressive price but still some how it isnt as stunning as flame, the absence of disc is an added agony for bikers, and whether its dts-si or ccvti as long the test drive gives you a kick in the head it really dosent matter how much people aren iterested in which compny's product. i recall an incident few years back, when LG was the first choice of the customers to enquire about consumer brands, but still people bought other brand than LG, what do you say?

Payeng said...

Hi Lost in Venus (interesting name..),

I agree the TVS Flame has taken away the thunder from the Bajaj XCD with its radical styling. Absensce of a Front Disc brake in the XCD will also be missed by bike enthusiasts.

But only the management guys at Bajaj can justify the reason for this. Maybe they felt that customers looking for a motorcycle for a price range of around Rs.41,000 expects a self starter more than a Front Disc Brake..

Actually this was exactly the case with a friend of mine who was looking for a 100 cc bike with self starter.

My friend was looking for bike which...

>> Gave him the Maximum Mileage.

>> Looked Decent

>> Was resonably priced.

>> Needed a Self Starter

>> A Light bike which was easy to handle in traffic.

>> Didn't care about Disc Brakes

I suggested to him the 100 cc TVS Star City (the only 100 cc bike with self starter) but he had an aversion towards the TVS Brand.

Ultimately he bought a 100 cc Bajaj Platina (he didn't even consider the 125 cc bikes available).

Maybe the Bajaj XCD is targetted exactly for customers like my friend.

Only time will tell how the XCD performs in real life and in the long run and whether it is able to create a strong brand for itself.

Its my life said...

Hey Payeng....
First accept my congrats for creating this amazing Blog.
I encountered with this blog recently as I decided to buy a bike in 125cc Segment.
TVS Flame is front runner because of its styling and Impressive tech specification [1320mm wheelbase!!]

I need a bike which has got good balance of mileage and performance and looks different from the pack.

But I cant wait till Nov when Flame is supposed to be launched.
Can I look for other options like Glamour or Honda Shine??
Please advice.

Payeng said...

If you are looking for a good balance of mileage and performance you should probably look at the Yamaha Gladiator or the Bajaj Discover 135 DTSi.

Rest of the 125 cc bikes although give decent fuel economy aren't that hot on performance.

Looks are an entirely subjective matter.. It's upto you to decide on the looks.

Glamour and Shine are capable machines with a reliable and efficient engine but both of them are not that great on top end performance.

Anonymous said...

on which site i got the total details about this bike??????

Mohit said...

Please avoid anything BAJAJ as the company is notorious for phasing out products every year. Like Apple. People have lost a lot of money.

Payeng said...

@ Mohit,


Cool down dude... it's not the end of the world.

Anonymous said...

Dear Peyang,

Great blog. Discovered it today and spent an hour browsing. While at work! But thanks to this concentrated reading, noticed a trend. You seem to have an inexplicable affinity for the Bajaj brand and seem to peddle their products, recommend them even when they're not being referred to in the topic concerned, and highlight more faults than actually present in other bikes. Makes me wonder, is it genuine love towards the brand or was the new Pulsar 220 'gifted'? No hard feelings. It is your blog and you are entitled to gain something out of it.. by hook or by crook.

Cheers and all the best.

And you can go ahead and avoid publishing this [knowing how all posts must go through the moderator], but hope you know that I know.. am onto you :D

Payeng said...


My Pulsar 220 has been bought by my hard earned money.. Period.

This is my blog and the opinions aired are entirely mine... Just like anyone I too have my right of opinion.

I admit that Bajaj is my Current Favourite among the Indian Two Wheeler Brands.. and this admiration will surely spill over in my posts more so because diplomacy is a virtue that I am yet trying to master..

But I always make sure to mention the Positive Points of models from other brands..

By the way, thank you very much for your honest views on my blog.. I appreciate it. Would have appreciated more had you left your identity.

Payeng said...


Thanks for appreciating.

Rakesh said...

Nice blog on 2 wheelers, as im not very much interested in 2 wheelres, so can't comment anything.

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