Jul 3, 2007

9 Honda India has 100/125 C.C plans. Can we please have the CBR 150R too..??

Why can't Honda manufacture the smallest CBR, the Honda CBR 150R in India..??

The Financial Express, reports that Honda Motorcycle Scooters India (HMSI) is developing a new motorcycle in the 100 cc segment for India, which could hit the market within three years.

HMSI's President and CEO Shinji Aoyama said, “It would take about two years to develop the new bike (100 C.C) and another year for commercial production and marketing.” Aoyama said that the company would ‘probably’ launch a new 125 cc bike model to tap the young generation. "Our existing 125 cc product, Honda Shine, is not very popular with youngsters and hence we would launch a new product targeting the young population," he added.

>> "Why not a new 150 C.C motorcycle for India..??”

>> "CBR 150R is sold in Thailand, which essentially is a Step Thru dominated market..!!"

So HMSI ‘s next offering for India would be a new 100 C.C motorcycle and probably a new 125 C.C too. I just want to ask, “Why not a new 150 C.C motorcycle..??” I don’t think that the recent cosmetic treatment to the Unicorn is going to improve its sales figures by a great margin. Moreover it is not that Honda doesn’t have any other 150 C.C in its international portfolio.

One very exciting 150 C.C from Honda is the CBR 150R. It is available in Thailand for around Rupees 90,000 (Indian equivalent of approximately Thai 70,000 baht). According to me the CBR 150R is the perfect bike that Honda should consider for India.

CBR 150R in Repsol Colors

The CBR 150R has a liquid cooled, single cylinder, 150 C.C four-stroke engine which produces power equivalent to the 224 C.C Hero Honda Karizma..!! i.e. 17 bhp..!! And that too when the CBR 150R weighs just 115 Kg compared to the Karizma’s 150 Kg bulk..!! It also sports six speed gears...

It just beats me why Honda shouldn’t manufacture the baby CBR in India. Who said "Performance Oriented 150 C.C's" should be priced around Rs. 65,000 (price of the present 150 C.C bikes) in India..?? Even at Rs.90,000, I am sure the CBR 150R has what it takes to break now grounds and set new standards. What even more intriguing is that fact that the CBR 150R is sold in Thailand, which essentially is a Step Thru dominated two wheeler market..!!

Come on Honda isn’t India Shining Enough to deserve at least the CBR 150R ..??

No Digital meters..?? No Problem..!!

Unique and attractive tail lights

Techincal Specifications of the Honda CBR150R

  • Engine 4 Stroke, DOC 4 Valves, Water Cooled

  • Max Power: 17 bhp
  • Cylinder Capacity 149.4 CC.

  • Bore x Stroke 63.5 x 47.2 MM.

  • Compression Ratio 11 : 1

  • Engine Start Type Electric Start

  • Ignition CDI Direct

  • Transmission 6 Speeds

  • Clutch Type Wet, Multiple Disk

  • Dimension (W x L x H) 652 x 1,910 x 1,065 MM.

  • Wheel Base 1,286 MM.

  • Ground Clearance 172 MM.

  • Seat Height 776 MM.

  • Dry Weight 115 Kgs.

  • Suspension Front: Telescopic

  • Suspension Rear: Monoshock

  • Brake Type Front Disc Brake, Disc Plate Size 276 MM.

  • Rear Disc Brake, Disc Plate Size 220 MM.

  • Tyre Size Front 80 / 90 - 17 M/C 44P (Tubeless)

  • Rear 100 / 80 - 17 M/C 52P (Tubeless)

  • Fuel Tank Capacity 10 Litrs

  • Fuel Type Unlead Gasoline Octain 91 Up

Pics: BikePics.Com

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Anonymous said...

i just tried a Google search for "CBR 150R REVIEW" and guess what i got....? Try it out for yourself ;-)

Payeng said...

Wow..!! that was really fast..

I had published this story yesterday.. and today I find it on the first link in Google Search (when you search for "CBR 150R REVIEW")..!!

first_synn said...

Congrats, payeng.. Your page ranking must really be up there.. :-)

Anyhoo, post some pics of the '07 CBR 150 too. It really looks like a baby blade...

Payeng said...

Synn Bhai..,

Sab aap logon ki dua hai..!!

Hey Synn, if you could share some pics of the 2007 Baby CBR that would be great. BTW thanks for the inspiration (found on your blog) for this post of mine.

first_synn said...

Hey payeng,

You're welcome.. :-)

And here are the pics:

Satyen Poojary said...



Fraud link but good for pics :)

Payeng said...

Thanks Satyen and Synn for the links.

sumit said...

Any of the following 125cc bikes should be good for "ready to be launched" in India as well

2007 XL125V from Honda UK

2007 CBR125R from Honda CANADA

Gunawan MS said...

Apparently, the researched bike turned out as Honda CB Twister 110, hehehe. But the anomaly doesn't only happen in your country, it happens in my country too, and even more pathetic, considering that particular bike (CBR 150 R) is manufactured in the same region that commands zero tariffs, even if it was imported as CBU. Alas, it was never imported officially by our local Honda company, and had to go through independent importer. Fact that both India (especially) and Indonesia has a bigger market than Thailand, make this case even more puzzling, the way those Japs neglect our market as 2nd class citizen.

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