Aug 10, 2007

11 New 125 C.C Bajaj "Exceed" with "DTS-Si" Engine launched

Bajaj Auto launches its Splendor Killer.. The 125 C.C "Exceed" with new "DTS-Si" technology

The new 125cc engine with DTS-Si technology will give a mileage of 109 kilometers per liter under ideal test conditions, says the Pune-based company

>> There is a buzz around that this is the particular bike with which Bajaj Auto will try to break the monopoly of Hero Honda on the 100 cc market

>> So far Bajaj has left no stone unturned and has tried every trick in the book to take away the crown from Hero Honda

>> One thing which might already be in favor of the “Exceed” is the current trend of decline in sales of the 100 cc bikes

That's what Bajaj has to say about its new 125 C.C motorcycle at the launch its "Engine". “Exceed”, that’s the name of the next 125 CC offering from Bajaj on which the new 125 cc engine will sit on. On 9'th August 2007, Bajaj Auto launched an all new 125 cc engine, which it has christened with the "DTS-Si" technology. The acronym stands for “Digital Twin Spark – Swirl Induction”. This in very simple terms means that along with having Two Spark Plugs for the single cylinder engine (similar to the Discover, the Pulsar and the Avenger engines), the new engine will incorporate a new feature called “Swirl Induction”.

Bajaj Chief, Rajiv Bajaj during the launch of the 125 C.C "DTS-Si" Engine

The new engine has been developed completely by the Bajaj R&D. By “Swirl Induction”, the combustion inside the cylinder is further improved by generating high turbulence for the fuel-air mixture. According to Bajaj this very technology would revolutionize the Indian Two wheeler industry with the most fuel efficient bike in India.

Here is what Amit Nandi, General Manager (Marketing) had to say,

"Bajaj will offer customers a value proposition much superior to the currently overpriced and underperforming 100cc products with the launch of an all new bike with the DTS-Si engine next month. 100cc customers will upgrade to this 125cc bike that gives superior mileage and superior power"

In order to outsell Hero Honda 100 cc bikes, the new 125 cc "Exceed" also will have to match the Reliability of Hero Honda 100 cc bikes

There is a buzz around that this is the particular bike with which Bajaj Auto will try to break the stranglehold which Hero Honda has on the Indian two wheeler market thanks to its 100 cc bikes.

80 percent of bike sales of Hero Honda come from its 100 cc bikes. Hero Honda enjoys around 47 percent of the Indian Two Wheeler market. So if Bajaj wants to regain its number one crown, it has to find a way to outsell the 100 bikes from Hero Honda. This is exactly what the new 125 cc platform from Bajaj has been designed to achieve.

So far Bajaj has left no stone unturned and has tried every trick in the book (or maybe some not found in any book) to take away the crown of the number one bike maker of India from Hero Honda. Just recall how Bajaj has tried to attack the Splendor and its 100 cc cousins with its own 100 cc models namely the Boxer, Caliber, CT100, Platina, Discover (not to mention the iterations among these various Bajaj models). In spite of all the aggressive moves by Bajaj, the 100 cc bikes from Hero Honda still manages to outsell the competition by quite a comfortable margin.

Only time will tell if Bajaj will be able to pull this off. But in order to become number one again the “Exceed” has to achieve three things for Bajaj

  • Deliver consistent mileage which should at least equal to what Hero Honda 100 cc bikes deliver

  • Cost no more than the Hero Honda Splendor

  • Match the reliability of Hero Honda 100 cc bikes

Bajaj has already made claims of 109 Km/l for the new “Exceed” under “Ideal Conditions”. In real life conditions this figure certainly won’t be possible to achieve. Bajaj had also claimed 77 Km/l under ideal conditions for the Pulsar 150 once. We all know that the Pulsar 150 delivers around 50 Km/l in real life conditions. Accordingly if we subtract 30 km/l for the real life mileage for the “Exceed”, then it should give around 75-79 Km/l..!!

Print Ad of the Pulsar claiming 77 KM/l (under ideal test conditions of course)

Even if the 125 cc Exceed is able to deliver around 75 Km/l in real life situations and is priced close to the Hero Honda Splendor, Bajaj would have just have to match the reliability of the 100 cc engine from Honda. One of the reasons why the Hero Honda 100 cc bikes have sold more than any other bike in India is because of the bullet proof reliability of the Honda engine along with the consistent high mileage.

The new 125 cc DTS-Si engine is rumoured to develop 9.5 bhp along with 10.85 Nm of torque. These figures are well above any India 100 cc motorcycle available right now.

One thing which might already be in favor of the “Exceed” is the current trend of decline in sales of the 100 cc bikes. Recently the 100 cc segment saw a decline by 16 percent while the 125 cc and higher capacity segment saw an increase in 21 percent in its sales. Although auto analysts have attributed the recent decline in 100 sales due to rising interest sales according to me it’s just s matter of time before Indians graduate towards 125 cc bikes.

Maybe a new 125 cc bike might kick start this new trend but for that to happen, that particular bike has to “EXCEED” the expectations of the normal customer looking for a 100 cc bike.

Enough of Speculation and Hype..!!
Over to you Bajaj..!!

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Anonymous said...

Ideal test conditions are a sham used only to fool consumers.
Manufacturers should come out in the open and claim only what they are able to deliver. there should be a law against over claiming.

Glifford said...

Did you attend the press conference? What is the source of your pics and text?

Payeng said...

Source of the Pics and Text have been povided at the end of the post

Anonymous said...

Watch a video of DTS Si from Bajaj

Glifford said...


Like the effort you put in the blog!

Esp. the comparative reviews!

Nice work!

Payeng said...

Thanks a lot Glifford bro..!!

Ashutosh said...

I attended the press conference. The Bajaj guys were looked and sounded extremely confident about Exceed's ability to dent Hero Honda's stranglehold on the 100cc market. It will be priced at ard 40-41K and will be loaded with most of the features that are available on other Bajaj's bikes - alloy wheels, digital speedo, electric start.

BTW, reg the ad, although the concept is good, the rider seems positioned unnaturally, which makes the whole thing look a bit jarring.

suraj said...

hi payeng i was searching the net for details of exceed this is what i found the pic of the bike here is the link

Panduranga said...

Hey suraj, good break thru.. From the pics seen i feel BAL has got a winning combination of Bajaj styling and the much talked about DTS-Si engine.. If this bike lives upto its expectations then HH better be ready for a mighty blow in their share of 100cc segment bikes..
N hey payeng nice work mate.. M a great fan of automobiles specially bikes.. N this blog has been increasin my knowledge about newer bikes and their pros n cons.. Great going..

Payeng said...

Thanks Suraj for the links..

Thanks Panduranga for your encouragement

Payeng said...

Thanks Suraj for the links..

Thanks Panduranga for your encouragement

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