Nov 12, 2006

21 New Yamaha Gladiator "Type J.A" 125 c.c with Alloys (Pics/Images)

Yamaha Gladiator Type J.A Yamaha seems to be waking up from its slumber.. finally..!! No, they still have some more ground to cover to be able to match their earlier classics namely the RD350 and the RX100.. but recent developments suggest that Yamaha India is keen to go for the kill now.

Need proof..?? Well the 100 c.c Alloy wheeled G5 posted previously on my blog and the above photo of the new 125 c.c Gladiator "Type J.A".. Which is essentially the older "Gladiator" (which was the earlier bug-eyed "Fazer" 125) but now with alloy wheels and black colored engine covers, exhaust pipe, footrests and chain covers. The Engine has the same 125 c.c displacement as the earlier Gladiator and there is no news so far if there has been any engine up-gradations or improvements.

The "Gladiator Type J.A Concept" (Photo shown above) was showcased in the Auto Expo (January 2006) in New Delhi.. The present version remains true to the concept displayed there.. The difference between the concept shown at the auto expo and the one that has been launched are:

  • Clear Glass headlamp instead of the darkened headlamp (probably added for "effect" more than functionality)
  • Conventional Telescopic front shocks instead of the upside down front forks and
  • The missing Engine Cover in the launched "Type J.A"
Yamaha Gladiator 125 c.c

Compared to the earlier "Spoked" Gladiator, the "Type J.A" quite a looker. The "Gladiator" always had handsome lines and contours. With the addition of the alloy wheels it becomes obvious that the Gladiator had always deserved them in the first place. The black engine theme is reminiscent of the Bajaj Pulsar 180 "Fear the Black" engine and certainly imparts the bike with macho looks.

Yamaha Gladiator with Alloys
Now only if there is no increase in the price (at least not a substantial increase) of the Gladiator "Type J.A"... bikers all over the country will agree with what Yamaha wants every biker to believe.. i.e. "LIFE ROCKS..!!"

P.S: The "Type J.A" would still have looked fine without John Abraham in the first pic.


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Akash said...

This JA edition is super shit..
Why doesnt Yamaha people understand that people in India are having great expextations from Yamaha to launch its foreign models in India.
Yamaha showed Indian dreams by showing the Gladiator 150 concept which created hype among youngsters.
They told they will be launching Gladiator in India.
But yamaha did the same thing again by launching Fazer styled Gladiator which is a major letdown
That why Yamaha isnt getting a market share in india.

I myself had thought that Yamaha India is getting serious. but NO!
Y would a person buy a JA edition having the same old thing in a new cover.

Yamaha should really launch the Gladiator 150 which could capture a large 150cc market share.

balaji said...

This is Disgusting it is like discouraging the people who thinks to buy Gladiator and I think there is no other bike in market which we can trust.
About all other brands (Bajaj Discover, TVS Victor GLX & Honda Shine) are crap things no good design and they are shit out of the market. And if we follow your article it is nothing helpfull at all. And what you mentioned here like same old fazer with new doom thats what happening in all other bikes. Victor GLX same old assembled engine and everything in TVS bikes are assembled parts from dozens of vendors nothing in TVS bikes are made by TVS except the tyres & the screws thats it.
And Hero honda using the failure Quantum core engine which is used in TVS CENTRA the Utter flop model in TVS. And About discover evrtyhing is fine but it is not solid bike as Yamaha and no proper ergonomics with the design if you fill the full tank petrol thats it bike will be like water suply lorry giving jerks and the bike would be lighter than the fully loaded petrol tank and no road grip.
And last but least Honda Shine it is the world's best moter company and they insulted our country with foolish model Honda Shine and has very bad ratings and the poor service and Honda dint even giving number plates with the bike and you have to pay extra money to buy the number plate for Honda Shine.

And if you compare all the above mentioned thinsg Yamaha Gladiator is for more better and according to you people have to buy only 150cc bikes where in common people in INDIA cannot afford. Please give the valuable & real suggestions which would help for the people who wants to purchase bike first time in their life. Give the genuine reviews dont spread the false impressions. And I am not at all favour of Yamaha or fan of Yamaha just a normal person who desperately waiting for a chance to buy good vehicle first time in my life.

And forgive me if this hruts you and my intention is not to hrut anybody. But I am not getting teh good reviews from anybody everybody posting the false and not the real things about the bikes.

Payeng said...

Hi Akash and Balaji..

Just a few points

FIRST: Cool down dudes..

SECOND:The above post is NOT a Bike review.. its just my personal thoughts which came across my mind when I saw the Pics of the Alloy Wheeled Yamaha Gladiator...

THIRD: I have posted review of the Test Rides of just the 150 C.C bikes in India so far... and I have tried to be as FAIR in my evaluation as possible (but I do admit I am a Bajaj Fan..!!)

FOURTH: I am keeping this Blog as a hobby/interest and it is not my profession..

FIFTH: I'll surely try to cover all the 2 wheeler segments in India... (please understand it's just been 3 odd months since I have started blogging)

SIXTH: Please understand this is a BLOG ( and my personal space) not an INTERNET FORUM.. so please tone down ur comments..
Love and Respect please... (even for the bikes)

LAST: Thanks for ur comments dudes... keep it comming

Keep in touch...

Mahesh said...

I am from chennai like to buy a new yamaha gladiator Type J.A(Black) with aloy model.

I need your views about mileage and

Payeng said...

Mahesh.. I cant really comment on the mileage of the Gladiator 125 c.c..

But I am sure the mileage of the Gladiator will around what the other 125 C.C's give..

Auto magazines put the mileage figures of 125 c.c's around 55 km/l

If possible get the mileage figure verified from someone who owns a similar bike.. IF POSSIBLE LET US KNOW ABT IT TOO..

Best of Luck Buddy

Nitin said...

Hi Mahesh
I own gladiator black.regarding millage, its around 55km/L.but if you drive maximum time at around 70-80km/hr then it goes down to 48-50km/L.

ashwani said...

hey hi payeng ...... dude i like u man dont get scared i m normal boy i like u in the sense u replies to the comments of the people above . from my side great job dude i even like ur comments on the bike u have given to gladiator JA . but still the auto expo gladiator is cool . anyways dude keep it up and ya plz plz let me know if u have any idea abt the 150cc segment bikes to be introduced by yamaha in 2007. byee take care

Payeng said...

Hi Ashwani..

I like you too man.. :-)

Now you don't get scared.. Ha Ha

Thanks for your appreciation man.. Your comments are the driving force for me.

Its being speculated that Yamaha is preparing a 150 or 165 C.C bike for launch.. but its just that i.e. speculation. Nothing Official has been released so far..

But I sincerely hope that Yamaha dishes out something exciting for us..


Anonymous said...

hey payeng this is ashwani .hey i have couple of queries
1 dude my friend got a new cbz extreme i just want to know ur views on the bike .
2 even i want a bike dude and i dont waNT pulsar dude so just suggest me some other 150cc bike and dude do u have any idea when is yamaha gonna launch 150cc gladiator the one shown in auto expo 2006 july

Payeng said...

Hi Ashwani,

Yamaha coming out with a 150 c.c bike is all speculation.. nothing concrete has been announced so far.. My advice to you would be that better choose from the present lot of 150 c.c's available

If you have decided not to go for the Pulsar, then the other options are:

>> Honda Unicorn: If you want a 150 c.c commuter bike.

>> TVS Apache: If you want a Good Looking Bike with decent performance

>> CBZ Xtreme: Want Power/Performance and stable handling

Take a test drive of all the above models and then make your choice..

Fuel Efficiency of all the 150 C.C bikes hover around 50 Km/l..

Anonymous said...

hey payeng this is ashwani again ..... dude did u see the new unicorn that sporty one .....if yes just tell me ur views in detail man imean wat u like nd dislike abt the bike and any news abt yamaha just let me know byee thanks man and take care

Payeng said...

Hi Ashwani,

I have made one more post on the New Unicorn.. u can check it..

No news from Yamaha bro.. hope they launch something exciting soon
(there are Rumours of a 165 c.c Yamaha.. Oficially not confirmed)

Anonymous said...

i planning to buy yamaha glatiator type JA with alloy wheels.
i need comments on the bike power
control and fuel efficiency

Payeng said...

The Power and Control of the Gladiator is among the best in the 125 cc...

I can't comment on the fuel efficiency of the Gladiator.. since I don't own one.. but I think it should comfortably be around 50-55 Km/l..

Very soon I am going to post a comparision of all the 125 cc bikes available in India.. on my blog.

Keep posted.

Subhankar said...

Hi Payeng...I am Subhankar from Calcutta. I just wanted to know that is Type JA and Gladiator Black the same??? And in that above pic the alloys look different than the actual black Gladiator.

Payeng said...

Hi Subhankar,

The pic posted above was the First Gladiator Type JA when it was first launched.. at that time the type JA has silver alloys..

Right now the Type JA comes with Black Alloys..

Apart from the Type JA, there are two more models of the Gladiator..

The Gladiator Graffiti (With Silver Alloys) and

Gladiator DLX (with options of Spoke and Silver Alloys)

Subhankar said...

Thanks a lot for the reply man. Another thing is, here in Calcutta the onroad price they are asking for the black with black alloys is Rs.56000 and Rs.54000 for a silver alloy model. Are the prices OK? Or its more compared to what it is in your city?

debashish said...

hi i am debashish from rajasthan and i have purchase yamaha gladiator J.A. 125cc and i like it very much the main thing is it pickup and nice look and the most thing which i like is the longest bike and nice height,actually my height is 6 ft so i prefered it the most. It is very smooth in running and the hidrolic shockers are too good, and i am getting the mileage of 65 kmpl without first service

Anonymous said...

where will get these alloys

debashish said...

hi i am debashish from rajasthan and i have purchase yamaha gladiator J.A. 125cc and i like it very much the main thing is it pickup and nice look and the most thing which i like is the longest bike and nice height,actually my height is 6 ft so i prefered it the most. It is very smooth in running and the hidrolic shockers are too good, and i am getting the mileage of 65 kmpl without first service

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am Biswajit Biswas from west bengal. I purchased yahama gladiator 125 cc type john bike in 2007. It is a nice and smooth riding bike. I think next time gladiator should be 150 bike.

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