Jul 12, 2007

14 My next bike.. the Bajaj Pulsar DTS-Fi "The Beast" 220 ..!!

Finally... I ride the Pulsar DTS-Fi 220..!! Guess what..?? Tomorrow I am booking it..!!

Yes, finally I get to lay my hands on the most talked about bike in the country.. the "Fuel Injected" Bajaj Pulsar DTS-Fi 220..!!

The "Beast" and I.. (don't miss the grin on my face)

The grin on my face in the above picture should summarize the entire story. If I was earlier "Impressed" by my test rides of the Pulsar DTSi 200 or the TVS Apache RTR 160, then this time I was definitely "Blown Away" by the Pulsar DTS-Fi 220.

"Tomorrow I am taking half day off from work, visiting the Khivraj Bajaj Showroom in Bangalore.. and Booking a Red Pulsar DTS-Fi 220 for myself

The Pulsar 220 you see in the above picture belongs to Aditya Bhelke. Aditya is basically from Pune and right now working in Bangalore. His Red Pulsar 220 belongs to one of the first batches which was sold in Pune (his bike even has the Maharastra registration till now). I happened to know Adtiya from his blog. Check out his blog.. it is all about the ownership experience of his Pulsar 220. The blog is quite honest and informative. Pulsar 220 owners can become a part of Aditya's Blog too..

I met Aditya today evening. He was very warm and gracious enough to give me and my friend Siva a brief ride on his Glittering Red Pulsar 220.

It wasn't a full test ride. So please excuse me for I'll spare the details. But I want to tell you that.. "Tomorrow I am taking half day off from work, visiting the Khivraj Bajaj Showroom in Bangalore.. and Booking (yes folks, bookings for the 220 have started in Bangalore) a Red Pulsar DTS-Fi 220 for myself without further ado..!!"

    Update: 12:00 hrs, 14,th July, 2007

    Went to Khivraj Motors, Kasturba Road (Bangalore) yesterday to book the "Beast". To my disappointment they were not taking booking orders yet for the 220. Two Pulsar 220 (a red and another in blue) were on display in the showroom though. The manager said they "might" take orders from Monday.. he also said that the waiting period for the Pulsar 220 might be 5-6 months..!!

My Friend Siva with Aditya (the owner of the Pulsar 220)

To tell the truth, I was almost about to book a Pulsar DTSi 200. But just to make sure, I wanted to take the Pulsar 220 for a ride before I signed off the papers. And boy..!! Am I glad that I did not go ahead and book the Pulsar DTSi 200..!!

Don't get me wrong, the Pulsar 200 is a very good bike and indeed very good value for money. But the Pulsar DTS-Fi 220 is altogether from an entirely new Planet. Having tried my friends Karizma, I can safely say that the Karizma can at best be compared to the Pulsar 200. The Pulsar DTS-Fi 220 is definitely in a higher league. Hail the New King of Indian Roads..!!

Aditya Bhelke, the owner of the Pulsar 220

Ok, so I have decided to book a Pulsar DTS-Fi 220. But..

  • Compared to the 200 (about 74K on road in Bangalore) , isn't the 220 (about 91K on road in Bangalore) over priced by around Rs.17,000..??

    • Ans: I don't care..!!

  • Doesn't the 220 look odd with the "Front Heavy" fairing..??

    • Ans: I don't care..!!

  • Isn't the 220 difficult to differentiate from the 200 from behind..?? Where is the exclusivity..??

    • Ans: I don't care..!!

  • Didn't the Khivraj Guy tell me that waiting period of the 220 will be around "Six Months..!!"

    • Ans: I don't care

When I reached back home, I realized that I never quizzed Aditya about the fuel efficiency of his Pulsar DTS-Fi 220..!! (in fact I am glad that I did not care to ask for the "fuel efficiency")
  • What about Fuel Efficiency..??

    • I don't care..!!

Do you want to know why I don't care..??
Ans: Because I am in love..!!

I asked my friend Siva about how did he find the Pulsar DTS-Fi 220..

He just told me.. "The Beast"..!!

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Aditya Bhelke said...

Hey Payeng. It was great meeting you dude!


sandeepbagchi said...

ha ha ha

sums up pretty nicely.

i have one query.
what do you think of giants riding the pulsie 220.
ah! leave it.

me too buying it.

becoz me and u share same love.
and me too aspiring to ride a 220 dtsfi.

any please try to get someinfo if P220 will be launched in P180 LE colors.

hope i aint bugging you.
bcoz i want to buy P220 in LE colors.

Warm Regards

Payeng said...

Hi Aditya.. the feeling is mutual.

@ Sandeep Bagchi

>> I am 5 ft 5 (thank God that I am not less than that..)

>> My friend Siva is 5 ft 10

>> I believe Aditya is all round 5 ft 10 too...

All of us were quite comfortable with the P220..

6 ft plus dudes might proabably find it a bit squeeze... but then when you are in "Love" everything else becomes secondary.. doesn't it..??


Great decision Satadal Bro! At first I too was thinking why you are buying Pulsar 200 rather than Pulsar 220. But at last you have taken the decision! But one thing why RED? You could have booked BLACK! You see the BLACK one in the ad! It looks simply brilliant. I think you should opt for BLACK. It looks much more masculine!

Payeng said...

Thanks Anirban..,

Let me check out the other colors.. and then I'll finally decide..

nilu said...

its a wise decision....now the karizmas will be just tiny flecks on your rearview mirrors!!!!

Shruti said...

So, finally you got your hands on right bike..

Take care

Payeng said...


I am not getting this bike to beat any other "desi" bike.. actually I don't mind driving behind a Karizma (or any other bike for that matter)..

I just want this P220 and an open stretch of road.

@ Shruti..

I hope that this is the right bike for me.. thanks

aman said...

man if u don't find blue very flashy then go for this color but black is too common in pulsar lineage, and booking have started in here (punjab) and ex showroom price is just 81,000 but i doubt that it would become a common sight on road.
ok i have a question- howz the accelration?

Payeng said...

The acceleration is the Best among four stroke bikes I have ever ridden in this country.. Period..!!

Thanks for the suggestion Aman..

So far, I have seen the P220 in Blue and Red.. let me check the other two colors viz. Black and Silver and then I'll decide on which color to go for..

nilu said...

thats exactly what i meant!!!...find an open road, let her open up and the karizmas will automatically shift to the rear view mirrors!!!!!

not to mention the sense of freedom on the bike....

Anonymous said...

This blog is way too partial to Bajaj. Not fair mate even though its your personal blog.

Aditya Bhelke said...

Hey Payeng. It was great meeting you dude!


Shruti said...

So, finally you got your hands on right bike..

Take care

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