Jun 27, 2007

6 New Bajaj Pulsar DTS-Fi 220, TV Advertisement..!!

New TV Advertisement of the new Bajaj Pular 220 DTS-Fi

Thanks to Suraj, for pointing out this link on YouTube. The TV Advertisement of the new Bajaj Pulsar 220 DTS-Fi was captured by a mobile video camera and was uploaded on YouTube. Take a look at the video posted below. The sountrack in the video plays "Hamara Bajaj" in its latest avatar..!!


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Jagjit said...

Great ad. I just can't cursing myself for buying a P200 now. Could have waited a little longer and got hands on this one.

Anyone out there, who wants to buy a P200???

Payeng said...


I suggest you take a test ride of the P220 whenever you get the chance and maybe then decide if you want to get one or hold on to your 200..

Moreover the price difference between the 220 and 200 is about 16-17K which according to me is a little bit too much

Jagjit said...

I have tried the P220, the acceleration is good. A little better than 180 but not too good and falls in the 200 category. But the top speed is good. I could not take it to its top speed.
My 200 does 122 kmph, which doesn't satisfy the beast in me.

16-17k of difference can be justified since its got:

1. Rear disc brakes
2. A bigger aerodynamic fairing
3. Projected headlamps
4. Fuel Injection
5. 20cc more capacity
6. Foldable rear view mirrors.
7. Longer gear ratios
8. Stronger front forks
9. A feeling that you have the best production bike in the country

It would be so embarrassing for me to ride neck to neck with a P220, when he twists the throttle and leaves me biting the dust.

Guys, please tell me if I can mod my P200 to beat the P220 performance wise. I want a top speed of more than 135kmph.

Anuranjan said...

Well...intersting how people reach to the video!:P...this is a low resolution version and was shot by a proper digicam. Many thanks to Bajaj and also xbhp (the invitees), the biggest online biking community- believe it!
More details on probking: http://pulsar220launch.blogspot.com/2007/06/pro-biking-in-delhi-begins.html

Anonymous said...

gr888 add ,,
i am totaly flatered ,
sp , when will u get ur hands on p220...........
regard ,

L said...

You are right Jagjit ! you should curse yourself. I bought the 220 and it is awesome. The feeling of accelerating past anyone and everyone is too too good. Do consider upgrading , it is worth it !!

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