Nov 1, 2007

5 Storage Space on the Fuel Tank of the 125 cc TVS Flame..!!

Pics of the unique storage space on the Fuel Tank of the 125 cc TVS Flame..

The 125 cc TVS Flame (yet to be launched ) has a pretty unique feature. There is a lockable compartment located on the top of the Fuel Tank. It is the first Indian bike to have incorporated such a feature. The ignition key now functions the triple role of switching the bike on/off, locking the front forks and also locking/unlocking the compartment on the tank.

TVS Flame, Lockable Space on the Tank

As can be seen from the pics posted, the space provided is just enough to keep two cans of carbonated drinks (did you by any chance think beer..?? Never mix beer/alcohol with riding)..

Well I am not exactly sure that anyone is going to use the space for keep cool drinks (since refrigeration isn't provided).. but surely the space can come handy in storing a few knick-knacks along with the registration/insurance papers and maybe riding gloves as well.

TVS Flame, Lockable Space on the Tank

Nifty little feature I would say. But it also means that the lockable space has compromised the amount of fuel that goes in the tank. Even though the tank looks big, it can only hold a maximum of 10 litres (including 2 lts of reserve) of fuel. Which at present, probably is the least fuel that goes in any Indian bike.

But unless you plan to go on long trips, 10 litres should be enough for day-to-day city use.

125 cc TVS Flame

In these days where new stickers on existing models are hailed as "All New" offerings, the TVS Flame comes out as one of the most exciting bike to have emerged from the TVS stables. The bike is slated for a probable Nov/Dec launch.

Did someone say New Delhi Auto Expo, January 2008..??

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Abhishek said...


Sharan said...

nice innovation..

arun said...


Anonymous said...

maybe we can use the space to carry some extra fuel in case we run out!!!

Anonymous said...

I have never understood why the magazines started this "small" tank BS and now the the incessant whining about "small" fuel tanks is spreading to the internets whenever desi bikes are discussed?

Have we run out of issues?

These bikes return 50 to 60 KmpL, that's a 500 KiloMeter range.
How many people ride that distance *non-stop* without coming across decent fuel station? And even if they do, why should the manufacturer compromise the design to satisfy 0.0001% of the market?

Apart from that, this bike seems average at best. The Victor 124cc was able to generate comparable power/torque at lower RPMs. That third valve isn't helping that much, eh?

I welcome the additional storage volume, although it is too little.
This is why I stick to scooters even though I desperately want to buy a bike, if I go shopping groceries there is no practical way to carry it back home unlike scooters such as Activa, Access, Flyte etc.

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