Nov 26, 2007

23 Review of the 150 cc Hero Honda Hunk [Road Test/Test Ride]

Test Ride/Road Review of the 150 cc Hero Honda Hunk..!!

Overdrive magazine had once carried the test ride of the Pulsar 200 DTSi with the title "Trial and Error".. Well then, what would you call the latest 150 cc from Hero Honda..??

The origin of the engine of the Hunk is from the "CBZ Xtreme", which in turn was another iteration of the "Achiever", the genesis of which can be traced back to the Honda "Unicorn".

In its latest December 2007 issue, Overdrive doesn't call the Hero Honda Hunk as "Trial and Error" like it did for the Pulsar 200 DTSi. But after going through the test drive report of the Hunk in the same magazine, both of us (I and Overdrive Magazine) agree that the latest "Hunk is the worthy successor to the Original Hero Honda CBZ"


+ Smooth Engine (till 6000 rpm)
+ Styling
+ Comfortable Riding Position


- Lack of LED Tail Lamps, Rear Grab Rail, Digital meters
- Vibrations at High RPM
- Slightly hard gearbox

The Original "CBZ" from Hero Honda was the bike that introduced sleek and sexy styling for Indian bikes and that was way back in 1999. It is sad that Hero Honda lost the plot completely after that and it has taken them 8 years (!!) to match the styling standards set by its own CBZ.

The choice of the name as "Hunk" for a bike still doesn't go down well with me. But just a casual glance at the bike is sufficient to convince you that the philosophy behind the design has been to impart a macho look to it.

The original CBZ was the trendsetter in styling for Indian bikes, a plot which Hero Honda sadly lost with the conservatively styled 150 cc "Achiever" and the subsequent over the top/ awkward styling of the 150 cc CBZ Xtreme. With the "Hunk", Hero Honda seems to have finally redeemed itself.


The rear mudguard sticks out a little bit more than required.

A matt black finished rear view mirror would actually have looked more "Hunky".

The "Hunk" has sculpted and muscular looks which immensely benefits from the huge plastic tank extensions. Unlike the plain jane and amateurish slashes of the CBZ Xtreme, the "Hunk" has a sculpted tank and equally well finished side panels and tail piece. The sore point in the entirely styling is the rear mudguard, which sticks a little bit more than required. The headlamp could have been better and the same goes for the rear tail lamps. Also missing from the "Hunk" are Split Rear Grab Rails and LED tails lamps and Digital Speedometers found on other 150 cc bikes. The Rear View Mirrors with its glossy back finish looks like it has been taken from the "Pleasure" scooter. A matt black finished mirror would actually have looked more "Hunky".

Overall, the bike indeed looks quite handsome. It will be difficult for anyone to not give it a second glance.

    Styling: Very Good (Thank God finally..!!)

Engine & Gearbox:

Honda engines are known worldwide for its butter smooth performance. Hero Honda has benefited immensely from its association with Honda and most of its engines show similar smooth performance as well. Press the thumb starter and the "Hunk" immediately settles into an ultra smooth idle.. the bike pulls cleanly through the gears. The engine builds up revs quite enthusiastically with the twist of the right hand. Excellent..!! The Hunk has the highest power rating on paper among rest of the 150cc bikes of India. The on road performance of the Hunk is also quite satisfying.

If you are looking for a Stylish and Comfortable 150 cc bike and need Performance as well, prepared to sacrifice a few goodies..

then look no further than the Hero Honda "Hunk"..

I got the chance to test ride the "Hunk" alone and without any showroom guy at the pillion seat. After a few initial runs, I decided to give the "Hunk" the stick. The pick up along with the engine smoothness remains impressive till around 6000 RPM.. but as the engine RPM's raise higher, vibrations make their presence felt. In fact after 7000 rpm and around 8000 rpm the vibrations indeed becomes very pronounced and violent.

The gears are positive on the "Hunk" but you have to really put in some effort and need to give a firm shove to make the shifts. The vibration at high rpm and the somewhat hard gearshift takes the fun out of the ride experience a little bit.

    Engine: Smooth and responsive till around 6000 rpm

    Gearbox: Needs a firm shove to slot into gears

Ride Quality, Handling:

The "Hunk" features Gas Filled Shock Absorbers for the rear suspension, which is a first for any Hero Honda bike. The Gas shock absorbers definitely improve the ride quality and offer better damping than the rear suspension of the CBZ Xtreme. But it is still not as plush as the rear suspension of the Pulsars. The "slightly" stiff rear suspension rewards you with very good handling characteristics. The handling is well sorted and taking the corners on the "Hunk" is a joy.

    Ride Quality: Good

    Handling: Very Good

Hero Honda Hunk

[1] Front foot peg have to be raised to make way for the Kick Lever [2] The Metal Brace for the rear mudguard

A few noteworthy points:

    Riding Position: The riding position on the Hero Honda "Hunk" is not as sporty as the Bajaj Pulsar or the TVS Apache RTR. The rider sits straight and comfortable with the high set handlebars.

    Front Foot pegs: To compliment the high handlebars the front foot pegs aren't that rear-set. The front foot pegs are pushed "just" a little bit behind. Which definitely gives that little bit of sporty riding position. But it also means that the right front foot peg has to be raised every time to kick start the bike (a la Original CBZ).

    Metal Brace for the rear mudguard: The prevent the rear mud-guard from rattling (a problem seen in the initial Pulsar UGIII versions), Hero Honda has provided the rear mudguard with a metal brace.

    Scooped Seat for the Rider: The rider now sits a bit lower on the "Hunk" compared to the CBZ xtreme, thanks to the slightly scooped "bucket" seat for the rider. Shorter riders (like myself) will definitely appreciate this feature.

Colors: The Hunk comes in the following colors

  • Solid Black
  • Metallic black
  • Red
  • Silver
  • Blue

Price: The "Hunk" is available in two versions..

  • Self Start: Around Rs. 65K (On Road Bangalore)
  • Kick start: Around Rs.63K (On Road Bangalore)

Fuel Efficiency: Can't really comment on this due to obvious reasons.. but one can expect a figure of around 50 Kmpl.

Verdict: The "Hunk" lacks the Split Rear Grab Rails and the LED tail lamps of the CBZ Xtreme and the Digital speedometer found in the Bajaj Pulsar and TVS Apache RTR. Also the vibrations at high rpm and that notchy gearbox takes the fun factor a little bit out of the equation.

But the "Hunk" is definitely better than the CBZ Xtreme in every respect. Also it is about Rs.700 - Rs.800 cheaper than the CBZ Xtreme as well. Also as speculated by a few, the Hunk doesn't feel small in any respects and still has the big bike feel like the CBZ Xtreme.

Personally I won't ride anything named as "Hunk" (Thank God that I have options). Wonder why Hero Honda didn't name it the "CBZ"(just "CBZ" not "CBZ Xtreme")..?? But if you are looking for a comfortable 150 cc bike and need performance as well, don't like the looks of the CBZ Xtreme, then look no further than the Hero Honda "Hunk".

Also I don't get it why Hero Honda still continues the production of the Achiever and the CBZ Xtreme.. did someone say Trial and Error..!!..??

Hero Honda Hunk, Technical Specification


  • Engine: Air Cooled, 4 Stroke, Single Cylinder
  • Engine Displacement: 149.2 cc
  • Max Power: 14.4 Ps @ 8500 RPM
  • Max Torque: 12.80 Nm @ 6500 RPM
  • Bore X Stroke: 57.3 X 57.8 mm

  • Carburettor: CV Type
  • Ignition: AMI- Advanced Microprocessor Ignition System
  • Gearbox: 5 Speed Constant Mesh


  • Type: Tubular, Diamond Type
  • Front Suspension: Telescopic
  • Rear Suspension: REctangular Swingarm, 5 step Gas Reservoir Suspension (GRS)
  • Front Brake: 240 mm dia Disc Brake
  • Rear Brake: 130 mm Drum Brake


  • Front Rim: 1.85 X 18, Alloy
  • Rear Rim: 2.15 X 18, Alloy
  • Front Tyre: 2.75 X 18
  • Rear Tyre: 100/90 X 18

Physical Dimensions

  • Length: 2080 mm
  • Width: 765 mm
  • Height: 1095 mm
  • Wheelbase: 1325 mm
  • Saddle Height: 795 mm
  • Ground Clearance: 145 mm
  • Keb Weight: 143 Kg (Kick)/146 Kg (Self)


  • Battery: 12V- 7Ah
  • Headlight: 12V 35/35W - Halogen
  • Tail Light: 12V - 5W
  • Stop Light: 12V - 21W
  • Turn Signal Light: 12V - 10W X 4 Nos. Clear Lens Multi Refector Type

Tank Capacity:

  • 12.4 Lts, Usuable Reserve 2.2 Lts.

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    Anonymous said...

    So u say people to go for a hunk or not..............

    Anonymous said...

    I am planning to book for a bike this week...... I have planned to go for hunk.......... i want to know how is the road grip ,performance and handling in top speed do u have any idea abt that can u suggest me..........

    Payeng said...

    Its a Personal Opinion,

    Had the vibrations been absent after 6000 rpm, the HUNK would been the perfect 150 cc bike..

    But.. there are many other options to choose from.. So it ultimately depends on your personal opinion.

    Payeng said...

    The road grip ,performance and handling in top speed of the Hunk is quite good..

    But according to me the TVS Apache RTR 160 has better Road Grip, Better Performance and Better Handling compared to the Hunk. And that too for the same price range.

    also the Sitting position of the Apache RTR is very sporty and more oriented towards performance.. the Hunk has a more commuter friendly straight riding position.

    Sajal Chakraborty said...

    My elder brother said that Hunk looks like a Bull(certainly bull is not his favorite animal). Guess Hunk has already got it's impression right ........ a muscular bull as the tv commercial endorses

    Johnny Gaddar said...

    I might look into the hulk, the riding position is perfect for my bad back.

    nilu said...

    i had seen a few "hunks" on the road in delhi..and boy, does the rear mudguard stick out!!

    its a real sore-eye..i mean it extends way too much.

    personally, i like the RTR better, both in terms of performance and looks.

    sandeepbagchi said...

    Hero Honda Hunk ..
    its trying to capture the 150cc segment market.
    Bajaj Pulsar 150 DTSi
    TVS Apache RTR 160
    TVS Apache RTR 160 EFi
    Honda Unicorn
    HH CBZ Xtreme
    HH Achiever

    i feel HH has got it all wrong.
    looks muscular but rear end of the bike looks sore to eyes.
    Instrumentation -- why no digital.
    Why LED tail from Xtreme not used.
    Power same as Xtreme almost similar stats are present from Pulsar 150 DTSi.
    Apache RTR 160 has more goodies and better power too.

    will this product be successful
    why Pulsars Success and sales can lead to sales of this bike as we see loads of Pulsars on the road.
    So people might buy this.
    but again pulsar looks too cool and people still go fida on the looks of Pulsar and big bike feel.

    But lot more was desired and expected from leaders of desi bike makers.

    Slight touch up for CBZ Xtreme and launching Hunk in 180-200 cc would have made lots of difference.
    As for 150 cc
    People could have choosed from Pulsar,Unicorn,Apache and Xtreme.

    Hunk might end up eating sales of CBZ Xtreme without much affecting others.

    But if Hunk would have been in 180-200cc Segment then it would have eaten away the sales of P180 and P200.
    Bajaj enjoys the monopoly in that segment.
    Instead of attracting new customers away from Bajaj/TVS/Honda this product might attract prospective HH customers and few number of Bajaj or TVS or Honda customers.

    i feel disappointed.
    Bike might be good but not good in terms of strategy

    Payeng said...

    I agree Sandeep when you say that Hero Honda should have pushed ahead in the 180/200 cc segment instead of trying to play catch up with Bajaj and TVS in the 150 cc segment. Its actually sad to see an earlier pioneer trying to play catch up.

    But there are a few problems with Hero Honda trying to push the envelope above the 150 cc segment:

    # Volumes generated in the 180/200/220 cc segment is still very small.. unless there are sufficient volumes, its risky to venture into this segment. Even TVS hasn't dared to break into this segment.

    Moreover instead of 2 models in the 150 cc segment, Hero Honda now has 3 (Achiever/CBZ Xtreme/Hunk), so the combined sales for its 150 cc will be more. :-)

    (And come to think of it that a few nut heads actually criticize Bajaj for doing 30cc/50cc increments for its models).

    # Hero Honda is badly hamstrung due to its lack of R&D capability (Which I actually believe is non-existent. It has to depend on its partner Honda for every new release. Just the fact that the HUNK isn't just another CBZ Xtreme with NEW STICKERS is actually praiseworthy.

    Like Sajal said, Hero Honda might have actually got the positioning of the Hunk right in the form of the BULL in the TV Ads.. which means that it is all about the NEW looks and not much difference in performance compared to the Xtreme.

    Yes Nilu, even for me the RTR scores over the Hunk..

    I actually took test rides of the Hunk, Apache RTR and the Pulsar 150 back to back on the same day..

    The next post on will be on this Comparision.

    Twin Spark said...

    Per me, Hunk = Splendor NXG head lamp + Honda Shine's fairing + Karizma's side panel (with GRS label of course) + Glamour's Tail lamp + CBZ Xtreme's mechanicals with some improvements.

    So in "Overdrive" style, if this is not trial and error, then what is?

    Payeng said...


    lets not be too critical.. after all this (the Hunk) isn't just another sticker job.

    The Hunk actually comes across as a nice package.. but probably 1-2 years too late

    nilu said...

    yup, HH has just the unicorn engine to fiddle around with. So, we cant expect anything out of the ordinary from Xtreme or Achiever. Just another body/sticker job.

    Sandeep is right in saying that the Hunk will cannibalise the sales of its own Xtreme/Achiever.

    Payeng, you are right in stressing the R&D factor.Till date HH is earning its bread made from Honda dough. But if Honda decide to part ways, i dunno where HH will stand.

    Its time HH earned accolades on its own.
    I'd really like to see some bike from HH's OWN stable. That would earn HH tremendous respect, from me atleast.

    SIDDHARTHA said...

    it can't be compared to APACHE RTR 160 as it has no LED lights and NO DIGI-METER and the stance is not as the APACHE RTR has as footpegs are not rearset...technically also HUNK MAKES 0-60 IN 5 SEC whereas the APACHE RTR makes it in just 4.8 sec ...disc brakes of hunk is normal around 240mm but THE APACHE RTR 160 roto petal 270mm (killer looks )disc brakes ...max speed that can be reached with hunk is 112 kmph to 114kmph whereas APACHE RTR HAS 180 kmph top speed ...and u can see in this video that i have reached 124kmph on APACHE RTR 160cc

    Anonymous said...

    Dude, I found your review completely biased and itseems you are very weak at observing bikes. And i think you concentrate only on looks. An i am cent percent sure on this.

    There is nothing much technical in your review. please if you own a RTR/Pulsar stop writing reviews on other bikes.

    I do not own any bike, I am a Freelance Researcher on Bikes.

    Get your facts right.

    Payeng said...

    "Freelance Researcher"


    Ok, I believe you..

    Please post your own review.. and mail it to ""

    If I like it, I might publish it.

    Please no not forget to mention your name, address, phone number along with Pics of your test ride.

    I do not entertain anonymous reviews.

    varun said...

    is its rear mudguard detachable?

    Anonymous said...

    Dear Spayeng...
    I've read ur reviews many times and hats off to your job because you provide bike lovers with a complete and fair reviews..
    I'm frm. Nepal and wanna get an advice from you. Soon I'm going to buy an Indian bike and I'm closely considering between P180 DTSi and HH Hunk.
    My 1st preference goes to Hunk because I'm using HH bike for 4 years and I think it can be relied upon. On the other hand my friends(bajaj owners) themselves say that HH bikes are best to buy than Bajaj as their resale value is not so good,it has several problems with the digi-meters and it inherits the same gear problems.
    So considering mileage,power, reliability, performance, price and style which one do you think is the best bike to buy here? ( P180 costs Rs.168,00 and HH Hunk costs Rs.154,900 in Nepali market, Nrs. 1.60-Irs. 1)(Indian bikes are priced high here :D)
    Please advice me...

    Payeng said...

    The Fuel Meter of the Digi Speedo of the Pulsar isn't accurate..

    I can't comment on the Resale Value..

    But If I had a choice, I would have gone for the Pulsar 180 simply because it has got more power..

    About reliability: Hero Honda bikes have a reputation of being quite reliable.. but I think Bajaj Bikes (Especially the Current ones) lag behind in reliability too much.

    Anonymous said...

    Hey dere Payeng how u doin?? I'm just in dilemma of gettin a new bike & for dat I've chosen da TVS Apache RTR 160 & HH Hunk!! As per U, which wud b a worthy choice?? Give me a comment, all rite!!!!

    Knight Rider said...

    The vibrations above 6000rpm are really troublesome espicially if u drive for more than an hour and obviously u would like to rev up more on highways. at higherspeeds the back seat vibrates as well after sitting longer when u get down ur bums still vibrate.

    vibrations are very important factor for the long distance comfort. I have had CBZ for over 2 years disposed it for this very reason.
    Suzuki has a balanced engine and has very low vibrations and is much smoother. gears are soft too.

    mandeep said...

    i frends..

    soon i m going to have my “First bike”

    n after reading this review i had dreams of getting this..

    well as for u all..the regular bike users….plz suggest me do i go for HUNK….

    tell me ….as its the case of having the “first bike” ..

    for me …looks> comfortability> Mileage>Handling..

    waiting for ur valuabele suggestions…


    Rahul said...

    Dear Friends ,
    Rahul here 4m Goa, i hav a silver color Hunk. Til now covered 5700 kms, bought bike on 28 april 2009. Reading above comments i felt like tellin ne one who plans to buy dis bike is, GOOOOOOO 4 it. I have been riding dis bike single as well as pillion , and til now i havent got much vibrations, and weneva u cross speed of 80 kmph u shud c . D bike engine sound completely changes and it becomes more smooth and whateva little vibrations were der during speeds of 70-79 kmph completely dissapear. During d last 3-4 months since i got my bike its been raining heavily in Goa. Before doing my 1st servicing i had some starting problems as wel as bike used to stop wen race was less, now after 3rd servicing everything fine. Guys first take a test ride of ur friends Hunk and dan c d performance of d bike, and ride and c above 80 kmph especially to c its smoothness. Neways happy and safe ridin


    i want to purchase a bike in 150cc segment but i am so confuse in apache rtr160 and hero honda new hunk (launching in oct 2010) with digital speedometer and tubless tyre and rear disc brake plz any one suggest me

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