Oct 18, 2007

15 150 cc Hero Honda Hunk preview; Tech Specs and Wallpapers [Pics/Photos/Images]

Preview of the 150 cc Hero Honda Hunk along with Pics/Photos and Technical Specifications

Hero Honda launched its new 150 cc motorcycle called “Hunk” yesterday. From the pics posted below, the “Hunk” appears to be a decent looking motorcycle. Actually compared to the “Styling Disaster” called the CBZ Xtreme, any decent looking motorcycle is going to look handsome.
150 cc Hero Honda Hunk
From the engine specs it can be seen that both the “Hunk” and the “CBZ Xtreme” has similar power and torque figures. The Hunk even retains the RED colored Spark Plug cover from the CBZ Xtreme..!! The “Hunk” thankfully loses the funny “Goitre” shaped turn indicators of the CBZ Xtreme (Hallelujah..!!) and has gone for the more simple and conventional shaped ones. The bulbous tank gets large plastic tank extensions which kind of reminds of the ones first seen on the Yamaha Gladiator and the yet to be launched TVS Flame. The plastic extensions also feature raised stickers which proudly display the name “HUNK” on it.

150 cc Hero Honda Hunk

But seriously Hero Honda, please show some discretion in choosing names for your future bikes.

If you find your guys don’t really have an imagination, we’ll be more than happy to do it for you

The battery and the Air Filter cover have a two tone finish of black and silver and looks quite nice compared to the unimaginative ones found on the CBZ Xtreme. The tail extensions kind of remind you of the TVS Apache. Towards the tail light, the tail extension gets a dual black treatment.

The “Hunk” follows the latest “all black” fad kick started by the Pulsar 180 DTSi. To break the monotony of the black engine covers and the alloy wheels, the “Hunk” gets silver/gray finished footrest sub frames and rear suspension springs. Even the front forks and the Gas Filled rear shock canisters get a copper/gray finish.

The rear wheel mud flap looks similar to the ones found on the Bajaj Pulsars. From the photos, the rear mud flap doesn’t quite seem to gel with the rest of the bike and seems to be jutting out a wee bit more than it should have.

Speedometer console of 150 cc Hero Honda Hunk

Cost Cutting:

Cost cutting is evident on the “Hunk”. It misses the Split Rear Grab Rails and LED rear tail light (the Hunk gets normal bulb one) which were earlier found on the CBZ Xtreme. The Hunk also doesn’t get a Digital Speedometer display like its “desi” competitors. Another sore omission is the alloy triple clamp. The hunk features a steel plate instead of an alloy triple clamp.


The Hunk has been priced at Rs. 55,000 (ex showroom New Delhi) for the kick start model and at around Rs. 57,000 (ex showroom New Delhi) for the self start model.


Compared to the CBZ Xtreme, this time the "Hunk" seems to have been designed by a professional designer. The consumers who had earlier shunned the CBZ Xtreme because of its "Xtreme" looks might now be interested in the "Hunk". But I still can’t stop laughing at the choice of the name "HUNK", not just because it sounds pretentious (which actually it does) but probably because of the following..

I don’t think "desi" bikers are too bothered with names their bikes or cars.

One good example if the car from Skoda named as the “LAURA” in India which is doing quite well.

    Me: Dude, what do you ride..??
    Dude: I RIDE A HUNK..!!

    Me: Why a HUNK dude..??
    Dude: Coz I LOVE my HUNK a lot..!!

    Me: When do you ride dude..??
    Dude: I RIDE my HUNK Day and Night..!!

    (All future “Hunk” owners please forgive me, but I had to let this out..!!)

That being said, I don’t think "desi" bikers are too bothered with names their bikes or cars. One good example if the car from Skoda named as the "LAURA" in India. Guys conversant in Hindi definitely know what that word means in colloquial Hindi (the ones who don’t are requested to find it out). But that has never come in the way of the popularity of the "LAURA" in India.

But seriously Hero Honda, please show some discretion in choosing names for your future bikes. If you find your guys don’t really have an imagination, we’ll be more than happy to do it for you.

Nevertheless ,the "Hunk" gets the "Thumbs Up" from me in terms of styling. Since the CBZ Xtreme was a good bike, the "Hunk" (which essentially has the same engine) looks quite promising.

150 cc Hero Honda Hunk, Technical Specification:


  • Engine: Air Cooled, 4 Stroke, Single Cylinder
  • Engine Displacement: 149.2 cc
  • Max Power: 14.4 Ps @ 8500 RPM
  • Max Torque: 12.80 Nm @ 6500 RPM
  • Bore X Stroke: 57.3 X 57.8 mm

  • Carburettor: CV Type
  • Ignition: AMI- Advanced Microprocessor Ignition System
  • Gearbox: 5 Speed Constant Mesh


  • Type: Tubular, Diamond Type
  • Front Suspension: Telescopic
  • Rear Suspension: REctangular Swingarm, 5 step Gas Reservoir Suspension (GRS)
  • Front Brake: 240 mm dia Disc Brake
  • Rear Brake: 130 mm Drum Brake


  • Front Rim: 1.85 X 18, Alloy
  • Rear Rim: 2.15 X 18, Alloy
  • Front Tyre: 2.75 X 18
  • Rear Tyre: 100/90 X 18

Physical Dimensions

  • Length: 2080 mm
  • Width: 765 mm
  • Height: 1095 mm
  • Wheelbase: 1325 mm
  • Saddle Height: 795 mm
  • Ground Clearance: 145 mm
  • Keb Weight: 143 Kg (Kick)/146 Kg (Self)


  • Battery: 12V- 7Ah
  • Headlight: 12V 35/35W - Halogen
  • Tail Light: 12V - 5W
  • Stop Light: 12V - 21W
  • Turn Signal Light: 12V - 10W X 4 Nos. Clear Lens Multi Refector Type

Tank Capacity:

  • 12.4 Lts, Usuable Reserve 2.2 Lts.

  • Pics: From Rearset's Blog (Published with Permission)

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    Lost In Venus said...

    Unique "Anti-Kick back" device prevents Kick back during starting - convenient, safe and effortless kick start.

    any idea how this has been incorporated into the hunk?

    Payeng said...

    Nope Venus, No idea about it..

    Thanks for reminding me that the "Hunk" incorporates this feature..

    sanal said...

    hey who told u dat xtreme is a styling disaster................it seems ur a pulsar fan...........first of all the rear of xtreme looks far better than ur skinny pulsar back..........and abt d hunk..........its even more hotter dan xtreme........

    Payeng said...


    that's entirely my opinion.. like you have your's

    shiva said...

    hey it jst looks lke apache2

    R said...

    Dear Payeng,
    I seek your suggestion.. In a few days Im going 2 buy Apache 160 RTR / New Pulser 150DTSi for my younger brother? I read your comments on all these bikes (thanks 4 yr reviews) & I feel Apache 160 RTR is for me.. so should I stick with 160 RTR or should I go for P150 DTSi or Hero Honda Hunk?
    I'm a general user who think about looks 1st as well as good mileage also so please answer me accordingly. I'll wait for your answer... I want to choose the one among these which could be the best choice comparing all aspects...
    waiting 4 yr answer...
    rakshit shah

    Payeng said...

    Hi Rakshit,

    Apache RTR 160: I like this bike a lot.. crisp pick up, nimble handling, sexy looks..

    Even though magazines claim Fuel Efficiency of 50 kmpl for the RTR.. I think suspect it will be in the range of 45 kmpl.. recently I asked a RTR owner whether he has calculated the mileage.. he said he hasn't but added that "probably" his RTR is not giving that good mileage..

    By the Way.. the Apache RTR is plauged with Vibrations.. and feels small. But still its a lot of fun.

    Pulsar 150: It got the looks, best ride quality, decent fuel efficiency (according to magazines).. power if just a bit less than the RTR or the CBZ Xtreme.. Kind of "Jack of all trades."

    Hunk: I have only seen the Hunk in flesh so far.. The bike definitely looks a lot better than the CBZ Xtreme.. Just that it lacks some goodies like digi meters and LED tail lamps...

    Virtually has the same engine and wheelbase as the CBZ Xtreme.. I had found the CBZ Xtreme a very good bike except for the looks.. according to reports Fuel Efficiency also seems to be decent for a 150 cc... Handling was good too. So probably the Hunk should be a very good package too..

    Within 2-3 days I'll take the Hunk for a test ride.. will write about it.. stay posted

    It probably makes sense to take the test ride of the Hunk before making your payment..!! (if you can live with that name of course..!!)

    R said...

    Thanks dear for your kind reply..

    However, I've to buy on 29th Nov so I have a week to decide so i'm eagerly waiting for your reply after you take test ride of HUNK..
    because after only you can suggest me in the better way that considering all aspects which one among RTR160 / P150DTSi / HUNK is the best to buy...

    I'm eagerly waing for your answer coz yr suggestion mean a lot 4 me.. & after that only I'll buy..

    Thanks again for your prompt reply..

    Take care & God bless..

    R said...

    Hi payeng,
    you dnt rep me which 1 should I buy among Apache RTR 160, Pulsar 150DTSi & the new HUNK...
    Pls rep me imd as I'll have to book it max. by tomorrow eve...

    As I told you im interested in RTR the most.. but you could be the better judge to guide me which 1 should i buy considering all the aspects.. coz its long time investment for me... frankly speaking i cnt afford change it every 2 yrs like others... so pls help me selecting the best one...

    Yea, 1 more thing, I must hv 2 tell you that I've confirmed the price with the showroom executive who is my friends also... and the RTR will cost me @ 64,600 (on road cost) if I'll go 4 that... not ny idea abt other bike options...

    now guide me accordingly... I've just 1 day to book my bike so pls dear...
    Once agn thanks in advance..

    rakshit shah
    ahmedabad, gujarat

    Payeng said...

    Hi Rakshit,

    If I were to choose among these 3 that you have listed out:

    # Bajaj Pulsar 150
    # Hero Honda Hunk
    # TVS Apache RTR 160

    I will go for a YELLOW Apache RTR 160

    Last Saturday I took test rides of the 3 bikes back to back..

    The Hunk has a comfortable riding position and remains smooth but only till around 6000 rpm..

    The RTR has the most sporty riding position and has more grunt among these three bikes.. it might have vibrations but it really feels fun to ride the RTR.

    The Pulsar 150 does everything almost well but excels in nothing particular.. Except maybe the shock absorbers, which are the most comfortable.

    Take test ride of all the three bikes.. your personal choice might be different from mine..

    Best of Luck.

    Danish said...

    Hi Payeng,
    Dexter here, remember me last time I was on here to ask you about the choice of bike for my nephew. Well he is happy with his new karizma(yellow) after all though he took his time to buy it. and I swear he love his new bike.
    Anyways after 3 1/2 months of Hunk riding I find that the bike is still having the same enthusiasm in me when I bought it. I was fearing that may be the excitement will fade away after some time, but each time I ride it I feel as if my interest is reborn.
    And I would definitely suggest that if people are not bothered about the name of the bike, like a controversially named car from skoda, which I feel is not so irrelevent to the the muscular feature of the bike, and for guys like me with a tall height and good build, this is also a best option other than Karizma or P220. as all my friends have nicknamed my bike Black Devil.

    Anonymous said...

    What about its milage....? any one can tell me...

    Anonymous said...

    Hi,i m in pakistan.i was buy hero honda cd100ss dubai scrap in pakistan and i want to make runing condition.if you have pic and manual of this bike plz plz send me i m very thankfull of you.ffaisalkhan@hotmail.com

    Anonymous said...

    faisal bhai ,you can use honda spares to make use for restoration

    sanal said...

    hey who told u dat xtreme is a styling disaster................it seems ur a pulsar fan...........first of all the rear of xtreme looks far better than ur skinny pulsar back..........and abt d hunk..........its even more hotter dan xtreme........

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