Jun 28, 2007

5 Yamaha "V-ixion".. is this the 150 C.C from Yamaha for India..??

Photos of the Indonesian 150 C.C Yamaha V-ixion

A few days back there was a news article that Yamaha India plans to launch a 150 C.C, 4-stroke model producing around 14 bhp by 2008.

Will the new 150 C.C model from Yamaha for India be the "V-ixion" that is available in Indonesia..?? Have a look at the pics of the V-ixion taken from Yamaha Indonesia Website.

Will Yamaha launch the V-ixion in India..?? I hope that it does.

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jaideep said...

hi this is jaideep
one thing which is must to say about u is that u work is realy great i checked out ur stuf for the first time and was realy impresed. one advice as a reader plz try to put on a bit better quality of pictures of bikes it is realy important. try to specify the bikes from there pics. thanks

Payeng said...

Thanks Jaideep for those encouraging words of yours..

I present I don't have a good camera.. so I have to manage with whatever little I have got. But I will definitely get a professional Digital SLR Camera very soon.

Thanks again..

TJ_Oen said...

Hi, I'm from Indonesia. You can see some better pictures on:

Kedar Parikh, said...

Looks like you were right....
V-ixion would be the bike, if the rumors are to be believed.

The specs are good but i hope it comes with full body fairing and slightly more power.

andri said...

hi i'm from indonesia..
if you want a nice journey with vixion... come to my site... still under develop though....

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