Nov 23, 2007

0 Honda (HMSI) to unveil 125 cc Scooter, 125/150 cc Motorcycle at Jan 2008 Auto Expo

Honda (HMSI) will showcase a 125 cc Scooter and two Motorcycles (125/150 cc) at Jan 2008 Auto Expo.. Still no news of the 250 cc Honda CBX Twister..

Honda Motorcycles and Scooters India (HMSI) will soon launch one 125 cc scooter and two new motorcycles (one 125 cc and another 150 cc ). According to Economic Times, HMSI will exhibit all these products in the upcoming Auto Expo in January 2008 and then subsequently launch them nationwide.

Just a few months back Honda had made public its plans to launch a 100 cc motorcycle for India. But this year (2007) has seen a steady decline in sales in the 100 cc segment and the subsequent increase in sales in the 125 cc and above cc segment. With no further news of the 100 cc motorcycle, has Honda shelved it's 100 cc ambitions..??

But then there has been no announcements either from Honda (HMSI) on whether they plan to introduce the "250 cc Honda CBX Twister" in India. Auto Magazines have been responsible for raising the expectations of bike lovers all over the country.. Magazines had published pics and speculative articles of the "250 cc Honda CBX Twister" and the "Yamaha Fazer 250" for two years now.

But it Looks like that probably once again our "desi" performance seeking bikers will be left sulking and might have to wait for sometime more.. Maybe Auto Expo 2010..??

Honda CBX 250

Now who the hell told you that the 250 cc Honda CBX Twister and the 250 cc Yamaha Fazer might make it to India in a hurry..?? I didn't.

Nevertheless, I do have a gut feeling that Honda "might" give Hero Honda something to sell which might be priced just over 1 lakh.. But then, its just a gut feeling.

Lets see, Jan 2008 isn't that far now..

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