Apr 27, 2007

18 2007 New Honda Unicorn, Grand Prix Edition [Wallpaper, Tech Specs]

Pics of the 2007 Honda Unicorn + Pics of the Grand Prix Limited Edition + 2007 Honda Unicorn Wallpaper+ Technical Specifications

2007 Honda Unicorn Grand Prix Edition
New 2007 Honda Unicorn Grand Prix [Limited Edition]

2007 Honda Unicorn
New 2007 Honda Unicorn

Saw a 2007 Unicorn on the road today. Alloys have refreshed the looks. It looks much better than the spoked version. A 100/80 size rear tyre (same as that of the Pulsar 150) enhanches the looks further.

Wish Honda had pushed the footrests a bit backward and gone for a sporty position. The new Unicorn still retains the Commuter"ish" riding position. A 17'th inch at the rear would instead of the current 18 inch would have done wonders to the looks of the Unicorn which already has a monoshock. The smaller 17 inch would have accentuated the gap between the rear wheel and the seat.

2007 Honda Unicorn Wallpaper
New 2007 Honda Unicorn Wallpaper [1024 x 768]

Technical Specifications of the New 2007 Honda Unicorn

There has been NO changes to the engine of the Unicorn


  • Kerb Weight: 146 Kgs
  • Length: 2095 mm
  • Width: 750 mm
  • Height: 1100 mm
  • Wheelbase: 1340 mm
  • Seat Height (mm): 790
  • Ground Clearance (mm):168

  • Fuel Tank Capacity (Full ): 13 litres
  • Reserve Tank Capacity: 1.3 litres


  • Frame: Diamond Frame
  • Front Suspension: Telescopic
  • Rear Suspension: Mono-suspension

  • Front Tyre: 2.75 x 18
  • Rear Tyre: 100 / 90 - 18
  • Front Brake Type: 240 mm Disc
  • Rear Brake Type: 130 mm Drum

Engine & Transmission

  • Engine Type: Single Cylinder 4 Stroke, Air Cooled OHC
  • Displacement: 149.1 cc
  • Bore × Stroke: 57.3 mm × 57.8 mm
  • Net Power: 13.3 bhp @ 8000 rpm (9.9 KW)
  • Torque: 1.3 Kg-m @ 5500 rpm (12.8 Nm)
  • Air Filter: Paper Type
  • Carburetor: CV Type
  • Starting System: Self Start
  • Transmission: Constant Mesh, 5 Speed gear
  • Gear Shift Pattern: 1 Down - 4 Up

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Utpal said...

Stickers, Stickers and simply more Stickers.

Whether its Honda or its sister, Upgrades or New just means New Stickers. Period

Payeng said...

At least the Alloys are a welcome feature on the Unicorn

Anonymous said...

dont u get anything from rearset for last two day are u a proxy for me, very bad for this guy rearset all the guys take his pictres and stories and copy paste them and say as blogs

very indian attitude are u a northie,mumbai or bihar worst people,

Payeng said...


>> I would appreciate if you could leave at least your Name along with your Comments..

>> You can find my name on my blog.. and thats the real me. I am not afraid to reveal my identity. I am not a proxy.

>> If I find anything interesting, I'll surely post here.. be it from "rearset" or for that matter anywhere else..

>> I at least give credit to the source and also make it a point to direct a link to it.

Isn't that what the unwritten code of blogging specifies..?? What more do you expect..??

>> Dude, you can do much better than just blaming the region I come from.. Wake up Dude..!! Its the 21'st Century..!!

I have studied in Regional Engg. Colleges (B.E in one and MBA in another) from where students from all states of India come to study..

Respect for all is what I have learnt.

Utpal Das said...

Forget it man, dont waste your enrgy and time.
What 'Anonymous' has done is typically Indian.
Complaining anonymously.
We all appreciate your work.
Keep it up!!!

Dont let 1 sore reader spoil your enthu

Akshun said...

Blooody loser...leav eit Payeng...u shouldnt even waste your time trying to respod to such people...someone who doesnt even have guts to write their name...

ignore these ppl and please ...i love your blog...no matter how many pics you source....you have a style of ur own...thesse kinda ppl wont understand....rock on

Akshun said...

...and i think the new unicorn is a good job....but digital speedo wouldve made it a complete bike.....

Payeng said...

Utpal & Akshun,

Thanks a lot for your support.. it means a lot to me..

Guys like you keeps me going

But let us not berate that anonymous guy.

Sathya said...

Hey payneg nice work man,

but i am also following ur blog for quiet some time, u have many posts from rearset, so it may haave pushed some one to post an comment like that

Payeng said...

Hi Sathya,

Please let me clarify that I Do Not have many Posts from rearset..I have made my own posts.. I have just used a few photos from rearset's blog a few times..

Anyway I am in touch with rearset via e-mail. And he dosen't have any problem with me posting pics downloaded from his blog

Anonymous said...

Some people seriously need to grow up like the guy on top. Bheja gah kiya? Northies? Who's northies, whats wrong with mumbai or bihar or any other state. Lets talk about unicorn.

I'm think of getting one, but which is better Bajaj Pulsar, Apache, Unicorn or Karizma?

Payeng said...

I have deleted two comments from above..

Reason: Unacceptable behavior.and language

Guys Please remember,

>> This is not a Forum for anyone to get into verbal duels

>> This blog is my personal space in the web.. a healthy discussion is always welcome..

>> But I am not going to tolerate any Childish stuff.

I am activating COMMENT MODERATION from now on.

vans said...

New Unicorn .....just rocks with its changed looks...and coming to digital meter....not recommended.coz,digital by means for only indoor use. not for out in sun and rain.Anyway if something goes wrong with digital complete meter to be changed.In case of ordinary mono metres just replace the defect part of meter.....whroom

Konrad said...

whats the speedometer console on the le grand prix edition of the unicorn lik? digital? any one gt pics?

sachin_mahajan@rediffmail.com said...

Hi, awesome site!! keep it up... I am a bike enthusiast as love my honda unicorn...
I have been to almost all the meccas and shrines in india to get a few design problems rectified. Although I am very happy with the engine transmission etc etc here are a few things I would like to change ... any help or suggestion is more than welcome
The front shocks ae useless and the rear shock is just too hard for our indian roads. Wish to deploy a front shcoker with a few more inches of play and a little softer rear shock.. any idea how can I make that happen.
I would like to get a turbo (air pump) installed for increasing the picup when required...

Any help or anydorection will be more than appreciated..

Anonymous said...

hi hi very poor.....

Payeng said...

Hi Sathya,

Please let me clarify that I Do Not have many Posts from rearset..I have made my own posts.. I have just used a few photos from rearset's blog a few times..

Anyway I am in touch with rearset via e-mail. And he dosen't have any problem with me posting pics downloaded from his blog

ashutosh s said...

I own Unicorn from past 6years (Orange color).
No problem till date.
Working awesome :)

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