Sep 27, 2007

3 News from the Indian Two Wheeler World. [Sep 27, 2007]

Two Wheeler News updates: So what's cooking..??


August 2007 Issue of Bike India Magazine carried a short article along with photos of a Royal Enfield bike with Unit construction which also sports "Fuel Injection"..!! The article stated that the "Fuel Injected - Unit Construction Bullet" will be launched for the international market by the end of this year.

India Bullet Fans would probably have to wait for sometime before they can hope to get their hands on the "Fuel Injected- Unit Construction Engine" Bullet.

According to the Company’s Website:

The new engine is coded as the UCE (Unit Construction Engine). it will be the first Royal Enfield engine with an integrated gearbox mated to the engine that will have an electronic fuel injection.

The engine would be available in 350 cc and 500 cc engine displacements.

This engine is primarily being made to adhere to the strict emission norms (Euro III) that are present in the company's export markets like Europe (Germany, the UK, Switzerland), America and Australia

The September 2007 issue of Autocar India Magazine, also carries a small article along with pics of a Royal Enfield Thunderbird with Twin Spark plugs (a la Bajaj DTS-I like setup).

So what’s up Bajaj..?? Gonna sue Royal Enfield too..??

Royal Enfield CEO RL Ravichandran said:

"Despite being a twin-spark plug engine, our technology is totally opposite from that used by Bajaj Auto and TVS Motors. According to him, “Our engines have valves, while they (Bajaj Auto and TVS Motors) predominantly use overhead cams in their engines"

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Remember LML (Lohia Motors Ltd.)..?? The "desi" two wheeler company which had shut shop last year due to financial problems..?? It seems the recent growth in scooter sales have prompted this company to try its luck with scooters in India once again.

Read more about it here:

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  • New 200 cc Avenger

A new 200 cc Avenger is to replace the 180 cc Avenger. The pics and details of the new avenger are already available on the Bajaj Avenger Website.

Apart from a new 200 cc engine, the bike also features the Oil Cooler from the Pulsar 200 DTSi engine. Looks of the bike remain the same as the earlier Avenger 180. A wind shield is available as an Optional Feature though.

  • Bajaj CT100 production stopped..??

Bajaj dealers in Bangalore City have told on inquiry that Bajaj Auto have stopped the production of their entry level 100 cc bike, the CT100. Leaving the other 100 cc model, Platina as the only 100 cc model felt in Bajaj Auto’s stables… So is Bajaj preparing to quit the 100 cc segment like Bajaj auto had stated last year..??

New Bajaj Avenger 200 cc

New Bajaj Avenger 200 cc


So far Suzuki Motor Corporation have invested about Rs.350 Crores in India so far. Suzuki will invest another 150 crores rupees in India mainly to boost the manufacturing capacity. Suzuki is also aiming to expand its dealership network from 145 to 290 by entering into B and C class cities. Suzuki also plans to make India into a hub for its two wheeler exports.

Suzuki has also stated that new releases are being lined up for next year.

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In response to recent launches/announcements by rivals Bajaj Auto and TVS Motors, Honda (HMSI) and its Indian Partner Hero Honda announced that it has new launches planned for India.

Sources say that Hero Honda is likely to introduce new bikes between 130 cc and 150 cc.

Honda (HMSI) is likely to launch new bikes in the 100-cc segment based on new technology offerings, higher fuel efficiency and power. “We are planning to further increase out portfolio in the two-wheeler market and both companies (Hero Honda and HMSI) will complement each other in different two-wheeler segments. The new products will cater to different kinds of demands in the market,” Mr Takedagawa (Honda Motor Company’s Southeast Asia head and the CEO of Honda SIEL Cars India) told Economic Times.

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first_synn said...

"our engines have valves"..

I really don't think the CEO is a dumbass to fcuk up a term such as "overhead pushroad operated valves", so it must be the job of a useless PR guy who knows jack shit about internal combustion engines....

Just fire the guy, will ya?


"(Hero Honda and HMSI) will complement each other in different two-wheeler segments. The new products will cater to different kinds of demands in the market".

Translation: The yellow lawnmowers will come from this company while the red gensets from this one.

aargh.. screw you guys. really.

Anonymous said...

thanks for gettin rid of the greatest bike post or whatevr it was...thanks a lot man

Payeng said...


Actually I had never bothered to find out what was said.. thanks for pointing out bro..

maybe Mr. Ravichandran might have been misquoted..

anyway we know what he means, don't we..??


Actually that particular post "Greatest Ever Motorcycle of India" was experiencing some publishing related problems...

I am sorry but that post should be back soon.

Don't be offended by that post my friend.. everyone has the right to his opinion, don't we..??

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