Feb 15, 2007

7 Latest News from Honda and Yamaha India

News from Honda and Yamaha for Indian Bikers

Lately Bajaj has dominated the biking news in the country (see the posts on my blog for proof). Meanwhile other bike makers just dosen't seem to have an answer to the Bajaj "Blitzkrieg".

"Honda (HMSI)wants to produce 100 c.c and also looking at engine capacities around 250 c.c

Yamaha is rumoured to have either a 165 c.c or a 250 c.c model next"

Hero Honda has tried its best by launching the new CBZ Xtreme and by cosmetic changes on the new Karizma R. Suzuki also has made some cosmetic add ons like alloys and new graphics on its 125 c.c range. While there isn't any news from TVS so far.

Here is the latest from the other Japanese Biggies, Honda and Yamaha.


The Economic Times has reported that Honda Motorcycle and Scooters India (HMSI), is planning to enter the 100cc market. Considering the increase in the purchasing power of the Indian consumer, HMSI is also considering products in the big bike segment up to 250cc said Mr Aoshima of Honda.

We have read many such plans and promises before. What the biking enthusists like me want from these Biggies is to deliver rather than make comments. These Jap Biggies should learn from Bajaj by how to exceed the expectations and delight the customer. Actions speak louder than words Mr Aoshima.


It has been frustrating to see a company like Yamaha which once ruled the hearts of bikers with classics like the RD350 and the RX100, churn out commuters. Bikers in the country still associate the Yamaha brand with performance. Recently an auto magazine published the news that Yamaha might finally be launching either a 165 C.C or a 250 C.C 4-stroke bike. It's not an official news but just something reported by a magazine.

Cross my fingers and hope it is true.


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vinay said...

is there any hope to launch gladiator165cc
we are waiting for his launch.

if yamaha is not launching like this bikes i think the vlaue of yamaha will be gooooon down
i am a yamaha fan but nw they are launchin g dirty bikes damnnn

Anonymous said...

i real hope to c some 200cc+ bikes from yamaha

i am a big fan of yamaha and would be the first in line if they had a bike worth taking a look at in india
(rd-350,rxz,rx100........ not included those bikes are jst amazing)

Anonymous said...

This is not the latest news from Japan. If they are planning they will plan a bigger bike in India.
I am not supporting the above comment. I.e. "Latest news from Japanese biggies, Honda and Yamaha."

BRIJ said...

Just would like to know when honda is going to launch HONDA TWISTER 250 CC bike in india.
I am crazy about that.

Payeng said...

Hi Brij,

Neither Yamaha nor Honda ever said that they will launch the "Yamaha Fazer 250" or the "Honda Twister 250" in India

All these are just speculations.. just because they are 250 C.C models from these bike makers and are on sale in Brazil..

But Yamaha did put the "Fazer 250" on display during last 2006 Auto Expo in New Delhi.. but at the same time they also had Rossi's bike on display..!!

So all we can do is to just play the waiting game...

Anonymous said...

i've just heard that yamaha is ready
to launch a bike in 150cc or above
segment named "YZF R15". i don't know
either its true or not coz i'm pretty
new to this subject but me & all the fans of yamaha just close ur fingers & hope that this is true.

Anonymous said...

If you want to ride bigger bikes i mean, 250+ you have to live in a
country like us, urope, oz, nz, like countrys. so please go to those places to enjoy riding anywhere between 250 to 2000cc.

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