Sep 2, 2007

8 New Bikes from TVS: Fuel Injected Apache RTR EFI, 125 cc Flame, 110 cc Star City and Electric Powered Scooty Teenz

Shedding its conservative image, TVS Motors launches 4 new variants of two wheelers..

Looks like TVS has had enough of its conservative approach at making two wheelers. On 30'th August 2007, in a launch party branded "Dhoom 7" by TVS Motors themselves; 4 new two wheelers and 3 variants of a three wheeler vehicle were launched by TVS Motors.

The Apache RTR 160 EFI will produce 0.5 bhp more than the non-EFI model.

The 125 CC Flame and the 110 CC Star City features a new CC-VTi technology

Bajaj has decided to take legal action against the new engine technology from TVS

These 4 new two wheeler models are:

  • A Fuel Injected Apache RTR

  • A 125 cc bike called "Flame" [with a 3-valve engine with the company’s latest CC-VTi (controlled combustion variable timing intelligent) technology]

  • A 110 cc variant of the Star City and

  • An Electric powered variant of the Scooty Teenz

Apache RTR 160 "EFI" with Fuel Injection:

The new Fuel Injected Apache RTR 160 is reported to feature the same 160 cc engne of the recently released Apache RTR. Apart from sporting Electronic Fuel Injection the new variant is also expected to produce 0.5 bhp of more peak power. The carbureted Apache RTR 160 already belts out 15.2 bhp which is the highest in the 150-160 cc segment. According to TVS Motors, the new bike will also be capable of offering a higher top speed of 121 kmph.

Update (3/09/07, 14:00 hrs):

"The Apache RTR 160 EFI might also feature a REAR DISC BRAKE..!!" This is what a friend of mine who works at TVS plant in Hosur told me yesterday.


New TVS Apache RTR 160 with EFI

The pics of the new Apache RTR EFI indicates that visually the bike isn't much different from the carbureted Apache RTR 160.

The new EFI technology employs an electronic control unit combined with sensors, a fuel pump and a main injector. The EFI technology promises to offer better engine smoothness and refinement, faster throttle response, lower emissions, and better performance consistency. Although there hasn't been any comment on the expected price, an increase of around Rs.5, 000 can be expected over the carbureted version.

125 cc "Flame" [With CC-VTi Engine]

A unique design element of the Flame seems to be the front turn indicators which have been integrated along with the plastic extensions on the tank.

Looks: The Flame seems to be a very important new model from TVS. As seen from the photo, TVS has made sure to make the flame an eyecatching bike. The Flame features an all black design theme which seems to be very popular these days. The alloy wheels, Engine and Chain covers along with the alloy footrests all all finished in black. The Flame has also used the plastic engine guard and the split grap rails from the Apache RTR. The headlamp design looks to have been heavily inspired from the Apache.

125 CC TVS Flame

125 CC TVS Flame with CC-VTi Technology

A unique design element of the Flame seems to be the front turn indicators which have been integrated along with the plastic extensions on the tank. From the picture the Flame looks like a much bigger bike than what its 125 cc engine might suggest.

Engine with New CC-VTi Technology: R&D team of TVS in collaboration with AVL of Austria has developed a new technology for the 125cc engine of the new Flame. The Flame engine has a new 3-valve engine with the company’s latest CC-VTi (controlled combustion variable timing intelligent) technology. It seems the new CC-VTi technology features two different intake ports for swirl and power. The engine’s peak power is rated at a class leading 10.5 bhp at 8,250 rpm.

The new 125 cc engine has immediately attracted controversy with Bajaj Auto deciding to take legal action against TVS Motors.

According to news reports Bajaj Auto is taking legal action on TVS for copying its famous “Twin Spark Plug Design” [DTS-i] for a small capacity cylinder engines. The 125 cc engine of the Flame also seems to feature a similar "Two Spark Plug per cylinder" layout

110 cc Star City

The new StaR City features a few cosmetic changes, though the overall design of the bike remains the same. The bike also features a new 110cc engine that also sports TVS’ CVTi engine technology.

110 CC TVS Star City with CC-VTi Technology

Scooty Teenz EV:

The Scooty Teenz EV will feature an electric motor and will be capable of touching a maximum speed of 40 kmph and will have a driving range of 50 km per charge. It will house a battery that is capable of being fully charged by plugging it into a household power socket for four hours.

TVS Scooty Teenz EV, Electric Vehicle

The "Electric Powered" Scooty Teenz EV

The products are expected to be launched in a phased manner between October and November 2007. Prices will be announced prior to the launch.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Payeng,
Thanks for collecting more news on TVS' new launches.

New Flame with CC-VTi Technology definitely looks more aggressive than any other 125CC bikes available in the market.

Can u get more pics of "Flame 125cc C-VTi" ??


Payeng said...

Hi Saji,

Thanks for your mail in which you had informed me about the launch of these models..

I'll definitely try to get more pics of the 125 cc Flame. The Styling of the Flame certainly looks aggressive. The competition will certainly have it's hands full.

Exciting times for the "desi" biker.

Cé$âr said...

5 grand extra for the apache rtr fi. i.e. Rs.68000.
p-180 which is more powerful comes for less. p-200 is just 3 grand more than this.

this new RTR has a lot to prove!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Payeng,

TVS Says,
"The allegation of Bajaj Auto is ridiculous can be established by their own admission that the invention in issue, namely the application of twins spark plug, is a known technology extensively in use all over the world for several decades and therefore, in patent law, it is a known prior art."

More news here


Payeng said...

Yes, let the two giants fight it out.. no complaints from this side if its the consumer who stand to benefit.

Anonymous said...

The company plans to begin production of the Flame in November 2007 and launch the bike in December 2007 as planned. TVS, intends to go ahead with the December 2007 launch of its 125 cc bike TVS Flame.So much delay is of no use. As they will loose customers. They should launch within Deepavali festival.

if Tvs flames is not going to be launched before 5th of november its going to fail in the market for sure according to my surveys …. so i would suggest Tvs to launch it asap if not its definately going to become a drawback’

As of now many new bikes with lot of offers are launched by Bajaj,Hero honda,Yamaha. We may notice the delay of TVS fLAME 125CC ,i think they wont launch the bike. Tvs will loose the market.They will loose ideal customers

i am waiting for past 2 months for the launch of Flame. Now i feel that to take Hero Honda Bike. No use of waiting for TVS FLAME BIKE.

SIBU said...

FLAME IS NOT SO BAD..............

Johnson Chiennata Chey said...

Hi Anonymous
I wanna ask something if in india launch tvs flame in des 2007,when tvs flame launch at indonesian???

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