Jul 17, 2007

4 TVS Apache RTR 160 TV Ad and Official Wallpapers

Watch the Slick TV Commercial and the Official Wallpapers (downloaded from the official website) of the New TVS Apache RTR 160

I happened to stumble upon a new TV Commercial for the Apache RTR 160 on YouTube. The execution of the Ad is slick and is laced with some cool computer generated graphics. The theme of the ad is a dude practising "Newton's Law of Motion" on his Apache RTR with a pretty young thing as a pillion of course..!!

I rate it as one of the Coolest Bike Ads that I have seen so far..!! Great Job TVS..!!

Cool Ad this...!! Just scroll below to watch the video..

I rate it as one of the Coolest Bike Ads that I have seen so far..!! Great job TVS..!!

Meanwhile the website of the new TVS Apache RTR 160 is also up and functional now.. Visit it at http://www.tvsapache.com/

Also Posted below are two wallpapers of the RTR taken from the official website.

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Anonymous said...

Hey bro
Apachee 180 is going to launch
U got any info n pic about it
Do fast others r Posting it bro


Payeng said...

Thanks for the tip NB bro..

I have followed it up with a post on the Apache 180 news/rumour.

Hrishi said...

apache rtr 180 likely to come with a half fairing like the Pulsar 220 DTsFi..... But the 180cc Heart to be more POWERFUL than the Pulsar 200DTSi...Go TVS......

Unknown said...

what a nice bike and tvs motors had done a great job

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