Jun 23, 2007

12 Yamaha plans to launch its 150 C.C by 2008

Yamaha might launch a 150 cc in 2008..!! And it might be a model which is available in Indonesia..!!

According to Economic Times, Yamaha Motors has finally made comments on it's plans of launching a 150 C.C Motorcycle. The new 150 C.C Yamaha would probably be showcased in the upcoming Auto Expo 2008 in New Delhi and launched by mid 2008.

According to the Economic Times the 150 C.C engine would have 4 valves and should produce around 14 bhp. Also the bike is expected to have sporty looks similar in line of the Yamaha R1.

150 CC Yamaha V-ixion

The above specification might just be similar to a Yamaha product that has been recently launched in Indonesia called the V-ixion. The Yamaha V-ixion is a 150 C.C motorycle. My hunch is that the 150 C.C model planned for India might be based on the same V-ixion model available in Indonesia.

Technical Specification of the 150 C.C Yamaha Vixion...


  • 149.7 C.C, 4 Stroke

  • Liquid Cooled

  • Single Cylinder

  • 4 Valves

  • Power: 11.10 kw (14.88 HP or 15.09 PS) / 8,500 rpm

  • Torque: 13.10 nm (1.34 Kgf.m)/ 7,500 rpm

  • Compression Ratio: 10.4 : 1


  • 5 SPEED


  • Wheelbase 1,282 mm

  • Weight 114 Kg


  • Delta Frame

  • Rear: Monoshock

  • Front: Telescopic Shock Absorbers


  • Front: 245 MM Single Disc Brake

  • Rear: 130 MM Drum Brake


  • Front: 2.75 – 17

  • Rear: 90/90 – 17

  • Kick & Electric Starter

  • Tank Capacity: 12 Ltr

"The legendary Yamaha RX100 used to develop its maximum power at 8500 rpm and its Maximum Torque at 7500 rpm which is exactly the same rpm at which the V-ixion develops its Maximum Power and Torque resectively..!!"

So far so good but the pricing seems to be a bit high to what Indians are used to in this 150 C.C segment. Economic times have quoted a figure of Rs 80,000-90,000 for this new 150 C.C Yamaha. Even the price of the V-ixion is Rp. 18,900,000 In Indonesian currency. Which is about Rs. 85,000 (In Indian Currency)..!!

So we can see that so far there is a stong suggestion that India might get the V-ixion as its 150 C.C offering from Yamaha.

From the specs of the V-ixion it is obvious that it is inclined more towards performance. Engines with 4 valves per cylinder generally of rev happy nature and produce maximum power at a high RPM range compared the usual 2 valves per cylinder engines. The liquid-cooled engine would help to keep the engine cool at high temperatures. The Monoshock and the delta frame would just go to enhance the sporty handling of the motorcycle.

Guess what..?? The legendary Yamaha RX100 used to develop its maximum power at 8500 rpm and its Maximum Torque at 7500 rpm; which is exactly the same rpm at which the V-ixion develops its Maximum Power and Torque resectively..!! Also with just 114 Kg kerb weight and with around 15.09 PS of power, the V-ixion has the potential of being the performance king among the 150 C.C's and might also pose some serious questions at the Pulsar 180.

But if Yamaha does really have the V-ixion in its mind for India, then I would like to see a few changes in it.

  • Wider Rear Tyre instead of its 90/90 rear

  • A bit more muscular styling

  • Maybe a fairing with Digital Speedometers

  • And yes, a lesser price

Till now virtually every bike enthusiast in the country has been complaning on why Yamaha does not have any 150 C.C in its Indian arsenal. Now would you guys be interested in the V-ixion if Yamaha decides to bring it in India..??

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Anonymous said...

I am a tru yamaha fan i had driven rx100 in my teen age then bought libero and gladiator and eagerly waiting for the VIXION to piss of these cbz's pulsar and all dirt bikes here comes the real hero

- arun sathya

Payeng said...

you know what..??

I still ride the RX100..!!

Akshun said...

a bit more muscular styling??? Payengdid you see the tank?? its better than pulsars and exhausts also look good.
Yeh the fairing should be all new...a classic round one will piss people off.
What yamaha should realize that a lot of people have high hopes from it and it should not disappoint or it might lose its fan base

first_synn said...

NO words.. read my posts on OD and XBHp.. :-D

GO!!!!!!!!! Yamaha!

first_synn said...

Hey payeng,

Seems like i DO have some words:

Do check out THIS .


Anonymous said...

How correct is this information?
We have been hearing the same story since past year.

sandeepbagchi said...

looks neat.

but few things are required for this bike.
a bigger tank
12 L is not enough.
considering 35kmpl range will be only 420km.

again fatter tubless is welcome.
i guess thts where Pulsar killed Uni in sales.

ah! classic instrumentation is welcome. i like dials more than digital gizmos.
(they can have option for that)
(high end cars do have that option)

oops i have a 150.
but will go for yamaha if they launch one.
better if they launch few more cubic centimeters

Anonymous said...

Have you guys noticed that this yamaha uses fuel injection? This will surely increase fuel eficiency. It can go 50km/ltr. In Indonesia this bike is a true hit, 8000 people are in line to have it.

Anonymous said...

4 past few years yamaha comes 2 dark in market & not even introduce a new byke 4 youth..& ifeel very bad on that even am a big fan of YAMAHA..i used 2 bykes of yamaha ..its enticer & rxz..& im very satisfied with those bykes..if they introduce a new thunder ..definitly i wont go 4 other bykes..& i hope the company will meet our demands..

ranveer said...

nice bikes most beautiful bike in 150cc segment

satyam said...

I 've pulsar 150.before this, i had Yamaha YBX.I always dreamt of Yamaha 150 cc.now finally it came but my impatience was a waste..the first thing i see is its front look which is a "crap" totally waste of elements.graphic not good even not that bad.biker position...???

Amrit said...

I am good fan of Yamaha Bikes, now I have Libero Lx before this I used to ride YBX bike, I came to know that Yamaha also going to Lunched 150cc bike so I viewed the bikes in web. The front looking of this bikes is not good, so in my opinion it should be make good looking with visor and soooooooooooooo on.


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