Mar 23, 2007

3 New Unicorn "Official Pics" + Limited Edition Unicorn

Official Pictures of the New Honda Unicorn.. a Limited Edition version will also be available

New Honda UnicornNew Unicorn

Old Honda UnicornOld Unicorn

The alloys have improved the staid looks of the Unicorn. Honda could have done well without the Chrome on the Headlamp and the side panels.

The Black Theme, (started by the Bajaj Pulsar 180) seems to be the latest flavour these days. The TVS Apache, Yamaha Gladiator Type J.A, Hero Honda CBZ Xtreme, Hero Honda Karizma and now the Honda Unicorn have all gone for that "Black Treatment".

Changing the wheel size from the present 18" to 17" could have accentuated the gap between the rear tyre and the seat and could have provided the bike with a racier look.

The riding postion is the same as the older Unicorn. Pushing the footpegs a little back would have given the bike a little bit more sportier stance compared to the present "upright" commuter friendly riding position.

A Limited Edition version of the New Unicorn dressed up in Honda Repsol Colors has also been released.. 2,500 of these Limited Edition Unicorns will be rolled out in May 2007.

Limited Edition New Unicorn


New Unicorn: Rs 58,150 (ex-showroom Delhi)
New Unicorn (Limited Edition): 59,425 (ex-showroom Delhi)

Current sources suggest that there has been no changes in the engine. This is a disappointment because without any engine upgrade, the cosmetic changes doesn't really offer much of a value. There are already better looking bikes available in the market.

Pics from: Overdrive.Com Forum


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Anonymous said...

great scoop dude!!! i ALWAYS FIND NEW BIKE PICS HERE........

i alwayz thought that the uncorn had the best engine in the market and also the best ride quality...

now its lookin' good!!
but the rear looks a little high.they should have sleekened it a little bit.side panels are awesome.the chrome on the front is looking awkward..but overall good effort by honda.a good bike with good looks..

Sankoobaba said...

I liked this look of unicorn better than the simple looks of the 1st version and the stickered look of the next version.
I dont know how many have noticed this but the side panel does look quite similar to CBZ-extreme.
thats all...good work ...dude!
here is my blog.

death said...

lah kok mirip tenan karo megapro yo rek?
gur bedo sok mburine ae..

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