Apr 21, 2007

3 New TVS Apache 160 is called "RTR" Apache 160

The new 160 C.C TVS Apache is called "RTR" Apache 160

Rearset has posted more pics of the soon to be launched TVS Apache 160. There are a few cosmetic changes as well in addition to the "Petal Shaped" Front Disc and Digital Speedo. This includes..

  • Split Grab Rails like the CBZ Xtreme and the Pulsar 200
  • New design Rear View Mirrors
  • New Rear "LED" Tail Lamp
  • New Stickers with the letters "RTR Apache"

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sunspot said...

Hi Payeng

By way of an update on the Bullet 500 AVL!

Caveat: Seems to be another heard on the street types with nothing to substantiate!

Akash said...

Hi payeng!
Not available lately. Nice to hear a New Apache. It looks awesome. P200 beater.
One thing can u ask rearset that, if he can post such close picks of the new Apache then y not the pic of the whole bike. Y is he keepin it as suspense? Bringing one pic after another. Tell him if he has the pic of the whole bike then plz do post it. He has put watermarks on the pics, which have lead to bad looking pics. Plz bring all the photos and post it in your blog without his watermarks.

Thank u in advance.

Payeng said...

Thanks for keeping me updated Sunspot.. will keep a watch on Royal Enfield.

Hi Akash,

Nice to find read your comments again on my blog..

Rearset probably want's people to come back again and again to his blog.. maybe that's why he is posting pics in installments..

He probably is upset that his earlier pics were downloaded and put up in blogs like mine.. that's why he has put watermarks all over the pics now.. I can't really do much about it Akash.. it's his pics after all..

BTW the suspense over the COMPLETE looks of the 160 C.C Apache is over.. By today evening, I will post the full photo of the Apache 160 C.C which has come out in May issues of Auto Magazines..

But don't keep too much hopes, the looks of the Apache is still almost same as the 150 C.C Apache

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