Nov 18, 2007

8 "3'rd National Bajaj Pulsar 180 Owners Meet" in Colombia..!!

3'rd National Pulsar Owners meet in Bajaj Pulsar Country.. Colombia..!!

3'rd National Pulsar Meet, Colombia

Few months back, I had made a post on how Bajaj has become the biggest two wheeler brand in Colombia, overtaking the Japanese and Chinese brands in the process.

In India, the Pulsars have set the 150cc and above sales charts on fire. Thanks to the constant up gradation and continuous improvement in quality, the Pulsar still continues to rule the hearts of many bikers and the sales charts in India.

But probably Colombia is the only country in the world where there is a "National Meet" of Pulsar 180 owners..!!

This year was the 3'rd edition of the "III Nacional Encuentro Pulsar"(" 3'rd National Pulsar Meet" in Spanish) of Colombia. It was held on October 13-14, 2007 in the Colombian City of Bogota.

Pulsar Clubs in Colombia

As seen from the above photo, there are around 42 odd "Pulsar 180" clubs scattered around Colombia.

3'rd National Pulsar Meet, Colombia Poster

Around 1200 Pulsar 180 owners had congregated in the City of Bogota for the event. The two day event was filled with activities ranging from a group ride on their Pulsars to sports, music and dance events.

As can be seen from the pics, Colombia comes across as a beautiful country with beautiful roads and beautiful people.

Even the original round headlamp version of the Pulsar 180 can be found in Colombia. So that means that the Pulsar 180 has been around in Colombia for around six years now (The Pulsar was launched in the fag end of 2001 in India).

With three "Annual Pulsar Owners Meet" in six years, the Pulsar seems to be a much loved two wheeler in colombia.

3'rd National Pulsar Meet, Colombia3'rd National Pulsar Meet, Colombia3'rd National Pulsar Meet, Colombia

Not just the lads but the Pulsar seems to be a big hit with pretty Colombian lasses as well..!!

Wouldn't it be lovely to have an "International Meet of Pulsar Owners"..??

Wouldn't it be lovely to have an "International Meet of Pulsar Owners"..?? I am sure a lot of Colombians would love to visit the land where their Pulsars are built and I am sure many Indians would love to meet these beautiful people as well.

Bajaj are you reading this..?? It would be a great way to build on the "Pulsar" brand and promote the "Distinctly Ahead" tag in a distinct way.

Pulsar Modifications at the 3'rd National Pulsar Meet, Colombia

Pulsar Modifications at the 3'rd National Pulsar Meet, Colombia

Just have a look at the photos of the impressive modifications done by the Colombians on their Pulsar 180's..

The earlier generation Pulsars were far from being the perfect bike.. there were problems mainly with the clutch and gearbox.. But there has always been something special about this bike that has made many fans in India and in Colombia as well. The Pulsar probably makes its riders feel young.

The present UGIII version of the Pulsar has solved the problem of the jerky clutch which used to plauge the earlier versions. The gearbox on the latest version has improved a lot but still needs to improve further.. which would then make it an almost perfect bike.

Honda CBF150 in Colombia

By the way, Honda has also launched its CBF 150 (which is the Unicorn in India) in Colombia. Apart from these bikes, Colombians also have access to famous international bikes like the Yamaha Fazer 250 and other exotic bikes.

Inspite of having such good models, seems like the charm of the Pulsar is Universal phenomenon..!!

Orkut Pulsar Hate CommunitiesMaybe these guys should read this post.

They'll at least be proud (if not Love) of this Indian Product..

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Cé$âr said...

HEHE the 'hate pulsar' communities. no other work these fools have :) while they sit and rant Bajaj has been making its mark in the international arena not just by expanding its presence overseas but also major acquisitions... who in the WORLD would have thought 5 yrs ago that Bajaj are in a position to consider buying DUCATI and TRIUMPH and actually acquired a stake in KTM. God. Indian companies rock, man.

Sajal Chakraborty said...

I go with Cesar ... fools don't have fools written on their head ... they work hard in every respect to prove themselves (that they are fools and really pathetic to curse something that's made completely in India)

Payeng said...

I know its pathetic..

Ranjit! said...

Damn! if only there were artistic modifiers out here who'd do Mod jobs like those!!!! Is there no such thing in india as a Pulsar convention?? it'l be soooo cool!! Some one should start one.. at least in Karnataka..

nilu said...

hey, the last modded silver pulsar is looking real cool !!!and the quality of modifications looks really good

Vikram said...

I Like That Last
'Silver PULSAR..!!'

Anonymous said...

Pulsars are world known bikes and are best selling bikes under 250 cc segments. All these "hate pulsar" communities are started by inferior fools who are nothing but a bunch of jealous losers from Pulsar engima. Way to go pulsar....Distrinctly Ahead !!

nilu said...

hey, the last modded silver pulsar is looking real cool !!!and the quality of modifications looks really good

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