May 7, 2007

6 Bajaj Pulsar 180 DTSi in Indonesia

After Colombia and Mexico, now comes a report of the Bajaj Pulsar in Indonesia

For the last few months I was contemplating to write a post about the Bajaj Pulsar in Indonesia. But since this blog already had a lot of posts on Bajaj, I thought of postponing the post to a later date. I had infact been gathering information about the foray of Bajaj in Indonesia for the past 4-5 months.

Recently I came across a thread in "Overdrive Forum" about the Pulsar becoming very popular in Indonesia. I think the time has come for me to write about it now.

"Bajaj is concentrating in providing Sales, Service and Spares before expanding its network in Indonesia.."

Yes, Bajaj has started to sell its Pulsar DTSi 180 C.C model in Indonesia. The Pulsar 180 is exported to Indonesia in CKD (Completely Knocked Down) form. It is then assembled there. Bajaj started its Indonesian operations in November 2006. The picture posted below is the that of its Indonesian Corporate Website.

Right now Bajaj is concentrating in "3S", i.e providing "Sales, Service and Spares" before expanding its network in Indonesia...

The Pulsar 180 is available in two variants there.

  • With Round Headlamp and Spoke Wheels priced at Rp 15,000,000 (Equivalent to Indian Rs. 68,500) and

  • The same UGIII version available in India at Rp 16,500,000 (Equivalent to Indian Rs. 75,300)

In my previous posts I had posted about the Indonesian TV Commercial for the Pulsar 180, and Pictures of the Pulsar 200 and 220 being modified using software progams by a few Indonesians. This shows the interest the Pulsar has generated in Indonesia.

A few Indonesian links where the Pulsar 180 is being discussed are

The language used in the content of the above links is in Indonesian. To translate it to English, the following online translation service can be used.. The translation to English isn't perfect but one can still roughly make out whatever is posted in Indonesian.

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sunspot said...

Entirely unrelated (sorry about that!), but Machismo 500 AVL is to be launched in 2-3 weeks latest. Brochure can be had from the dealers mid week.
Life is beautiful!

PS: Nobody wants to answer the question whether Tbird 500 is to follow

Payeng said...

Hey Sunspot,

can you give any link to the above mentioned news..??

luthfie said...

Another links in Indonesia (Club of Pulsar Rider):

sunspot said...

This is the discussion in Overdrive:

and this is in xbhp:

I finally made it to the dealer near my place. Sales assistant wasnt sure about integrated engine cum gearbox, but at least promised to send me the brochure mid this week

Will def update you in case I see something interesting!


Anonymous said...

luthfie said...

Another links in Indonesia (Club of Pulsar Rider):

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