Apr 2, 2007

12 Biggest Bike Brand in Colombia is Bajaj..!! [Part 2] Pics

The second part of the previous post on Bajaj being the biggest bike brand in Colombia

In the previous post, I posted a few pics along with the news source on how Bajaj has become the biggest bike brand in Colombia, beating the Japanese and the Chinese Bike Brands present there. In the second part I present to you another set of pics which shows the kind of Fan Following that the Pulsar 180 has generated in Colombia.

The Pulsar has been exported from the beginning. The above picture shows a first generation (non-DTSI) Bajaj Pulsar 180 in Colombia. Apart from Bajaj even Hero Honda has a presence in Colombia. The Original CBZ was also exported to Colombia (the bottom pic shows a Colombian advertisement for the CBZ). An anonymous blogger calling himself rearset, has written a post on his blog about how Pulsars are ubiquitous in Colombia and that he saw just one CBZ on his trip to Colombia. Unlike the Pulsar, it seems Hero Honda bikes has not enjoyed the same popularity in Colombia.

The Pictures posted below shows the kind of fan following of the Pulsar 180 enjoys in Colombia. From the photos it looks like, it will rival the Royal Enfield Fans or the Harley Davidson Fans..!! Don't just take my words.. just look at the pics posted below for yourself..!!

The Pulsar 180 has been turned into a Work of Art by its lovers

Many Pulsar Clubs (they call it Club Pulsar in Colombia) have been formed in Colombia

There has been Two National Level Meet of Pulsar Owners in Colombia..!! They call it "Encuentro Nacional Pulsar" (the second National Meet was held in October 14-15 2006)

So does the Pulsar get more respect in Colombia than in India..??

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Cé$âr said...

pulsar rocks. ppl r prejudiced towards bajaj in India bcoz of a bad history of unreliablity in the 1990's. But look at them now! They are trailblazers as far as technology in bikes in India are concerned! and as of today they are selling more than Honda Yamaha and Suzuki in India. And they dont depend on cheap econo-commuters but performance segment. That is the sign of changing times and a "new" India.

Payeng said...

I agree with ce$ar.. I wasn't very impressed with the initial batch of Pulsars in the late 90's.. that's why I had bought myself a Hero Honda CBZ (the Original CBZ)

Fast forward 2007: I am now a fan of Mr. Rajiv Bajaj.

Anonymous said...

hi agree that "Bajaj are trailblazers as far as technology in bikes in India are concerned"

But I'm still not impressed with the reliability of their engines. Being a new UG3 owner, I seriously doubt that how long my 150 ug3 engine will give a smooth performace...after running around 1000K its showing symtoms of loosing smoothness and making noise..


Anonymous said...

Hey Broz_U r really doin a Good job
I dont need to explain.And I usally visit this blog and some day b4 u really made me a fool .Ok Now
main point Picz u have posted about pulsar trade in colombia is great.I need more picz of those painted Pulsar.It really awosem.I really want help from u.Plz mail me some more picz of those painted Pulsar and Lastly it will be better if u post MOdified bikes.Becoz it a big trade in today's world.So plz do post abt Modified BIkes and send me
Some picz and i am from nepal
Thanks You And have fun
HOpe u will reply me



Payeng said...

Thanks for the appreciation "Nepali Babu"..

I got around 4 the pics of the Painted Pulsars from a Colombian "MSN Group".. I'll Post those pics to you soon..

Thanks for the idea of posting about modified bikes.. I'll surely keep that in mind in future.

Thanking you again

Satadal Payeng
(Author: "The Bike Chronicles of India"

Anonymous said...

hey if u uses msn .can i have it
i wud like to be ur good and nice fren.Even i love bikes and have a pulsar 150 so wish to chat and share things about bike

u can add mine

thank you

Payeng said...

Hi Nepali Babu..

I have sent you an e-mail
Of course we can be friends.. why not..??

Anonymous said...

can any one help me with the chart which states the bike users (also all the other 2 wheelers) worldwide. Let say the top 10 countries for the 2 wheeler users. I know China is number one, India is on number 2 and Indonesia is on the third position...

Anonymous said...

You should check out Vietnam. 3 million bikes on the road in one city alone...

Anonymous said...

Great Info..

Gr8 work


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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