Oct 14, 2007

6 Indians have Unadventurous taste.. Yamaha plans an "Automatic" Motorcycle

Yamaha India has plans for an Automatic Ungeared Motorcycle for India..

    "Indian bike buyers’ staid, unadventurous taste, especially in the 100cc-plus segment has been the reason for the poor response for some of the Yamaha bikes."

That's what Hindu Business Line says about the failure of earlier models of Yamaha India. The above lines has been taken from the article which featured the launch of the 106 cc Yamaha Alba in India.

The report also says,
    The Alba is the most plain looking bike that Yamaha has made in India.

Its not a good idea to blame Indians and criticize our taste in motorcycles..

So the futuristic looks of the Original Libero (with the funny looking headlamp) and the 125 cc Fazer (with insect like google eyed headlamps) didn't go down with "desi" bikers too well.

Yamaha Fazer 125 cc

The Google eyed 125 cc Yamaha Fazer.
Who would ever want to ride a bike that looks like an insect..??

So the 106 cc Libero became the Libero G5 and the 125 cc Fazer was reborn as the Gladiator which basically were the old models albeit with new stickers and with a new headlamp.

After so many flops it must be very clear that the last thing Yamaha Motors India needs is another commuter motorcycle

But inspite of selling the so called "plain and Boring" looking motorcycles, the sales of Yamaha motorcycles doesn't seem to have picked up. In fact in Bangalore I have probably seen just 1 or at most 2 Yamaha Alba on road so far.

So probably its not a good idea to blame Indians and criticize our taste in motorcycles.

So what's next from Yamaha motors..??

Hold your breadth.. according to IndiaTimes, "(YMI) Yamaha Motors India will launch a new range of automatic geared bikes next year.."

Tomotaka Ishikawa, MD, Yamaha Motors India says,

    "We are planning some unique products for India. Others (two-wheeler companies) will not be anywhere close to it. They will portray our global leadership in bikes and our commitment to the Indian market.

    We will not launch a commuter bike, but deliver top-notch motoring experience to customers. These new-age bikes may have a premium price but the customers will have awesome experience owning them."

That is ok Mr. Ishikawa, after so many flops it must be very clear that the last thing Yamaha Motors India needs is another commuter motorcycle.

But an "Automatic" Geared Motorcycle from Yamaha Motors..?? Any "desi" biker interested..??

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Kedar Parikh, said...

Yamaha India cant call their shitty designs as futuristic deigns and talking about automatic geared bike ??? forget desi biker but wont catch any biker's fantasy. It would be so boring.

Even the R1 headligts look unconventional and resemble and alien creature straight out of a sci-fi movie. But its cool where as the libero and fazer headlights were ridiculous and looked funny on a small 100-125 cc bike


Cé$âr said...

So it's official then - Yamaha India has officially lost it. :p

sathya said...

hey payengy brother,

dont hurt yamaha fans i have been reading ur blogs for long time,

i own a yamaha bike and i luv it,

please be certain before commenting on their bikes, are u sure yamaha gladiator and fazer are both same

no thery are not fazer was different engine and gladiator was differnet in all other aspects too

Payeng said...

Dear Sathya,

I myself own a Yamaha RX100..

Anonymous said...

Finally, the last nail in the coffin.

A pissed off Yamaha Fan!@#$

Anonymous said...

The bikes that are sold in India by Indian and foreign manufacturers are just like motored bicycles...he he he! They have the power just above that of a household water pump! But we can't afford 1000CC bikes since they cost almost double of 12000 to 15000$ which is the real price. So on-road price in India is approx 23000 to 25000$..that is 12 to 15 lakhs! I can get Audi A4 model in Germany or US for that price! Hats off to Govt of India to their import Policy...their kids roam on super bikes and other plush vehicles while common Man stares with envy...that's it!

Proud owner of a Honda unicorn, which actually has good dynamics and engine, buts it's power, part's quality and fit, finish are just shit!

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