Aug 10, 2007

6 John Abraham and Yamaha part ways

Yamaha and John Abraham has parted ways..

Continuing with Yamaha India..

According to EconomicTimes:

John Abraham and Yamaha have recently parted ways, though its remains unclear who dumped whom.

“John has told Yamaha that he wouldn’t renew the contract for the brand promotion as the company doesn’t have the right product to match the actor’s macho personality,” according to a source close to Mr Abraham.

Oouch..!! That should hurt..!!

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nilu said...

thats absolutely right...for a guy who rides a hayabusa, a 125cc gladiator simply isnt in his league

maybe yamaha SHOULD give some serious thinking into this and offer not only the R1 amd MT , but some 500 cc siblings as well

Payeng said...

Actually Nilu, John had sold off his Hayabusa long back since Yamaha had already gifted him an R1

John even had a minor crash with his R1 once..

But I think John has made the right decision.. Yamaha simply can't sell their 125 cc wares by christening them as "Type J.A (John Abraham)"

nilu said...

ok...didnt know that..lucky guy! thanx for the info update.

and ya, the "type J.A." on the bikes is so cheesy!

Shruti said...

hope you are doing fine...
Hmm, i have to catch it from beginning..
will surely do in weekend..

Take care

Sathya said...

what John thinks himself as the god of bikes he is just a scum, Yamaha is gr8 brand it does not need these cheap actors to sell their bikes, it is the best of the best of my Yamaha

nilu said...

chill dude...john may not be a "god of bikes", but he sure is passionate about bikes...

and NOBODY here is denying that yamaha is a great brand, mind you.
Just that yamaha isnt bringing products, that suit its image and fan following, to India . Thats about it.

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