May 28, 2007

1 Bajaj Pulsar DTS-i 180 is no longer a Probiking Model..!!

The Pulsar DTS-i 180 will now be available across all Bajaj Showrooms..

Last Saturday I had been to Khivraj Motors Indiranagar Bangalore. I got to know from the salesman there that the Pulsar DTS-i 180 is no longer a Probiking model.

The Pulsar DTS-i 180 model will now be available across all Bajaj showrooms. One more thing worth noting is the price of the Pulsar DTS-i 180. The difference between the Pulsar DTS-i 150 and 180 is just Rs. 1,785 in Bangalore..!! Show me the TVS Apache RTR 160 now..!!

Price On Road (Bangalore):

  • Pulsar DTS-i 150:Rs. 66,147

  • Pulsar DTS-i 180:Rs. 67,932

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Anonymous said...

its available with other showrooms since 1.5 months.

even if u check popular bajaj blore is showing banners of 180 dtsi infront of there showroom.


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