Apr 19, 2007

13 Bajaj Pulsar 200 DTSI with Monoshock..??

New Pulsar 200..?? Read full post for complete details..!!

"First it was Colombia, then Mexico and now Indonesia. The Pulsar seems to make an impression everywhere it goes.."

Last year in November, a post was made on "The Bike Chronicles of India" which carried a few "Computer Generated Pics" of the Pulsar 220 DTSFi. These were done by an Indonesian guy called Aziz. At that time the sale of the Bajaj Pulsar 180 DTSI hadn't even started in Indonesia.

Now about 5 months after the Pulsar 180 DTSI has started selling in Indonesia, I came across another set of beautifully (computer) modified pics of the Pulsar 200 DTSI. These were again found on an Indonesian Motorcycle Blog called "Kafemotor". The Pics posted above and below were found on "Kafemotor" blog.

First it was Colombia, then Mexico and now Indonesia. The Pulsar seems to make an impression everywhere it goes. Boy..!! Prior to the year 2000, I could have never imagined that something like this could have happened to a Made in India product..!!

By the way, a monoshock like the one in the first pic would be very much welcome on the Pulsar.

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kishor said...

It seems to be good. Could be more better if the sub-frame and side pannels are not taken from yamaha fazer 250.

Utpal Das said...

Hi Payeng,
The pics although are computer generated, it gives an inpression that the Pulsar can be modified by very minimal hassle. Of couse as alayman, I wont know much, but it seems except for the 3rd pic resembling Yamaha Bulldog, the other two ARE managable.
What do you say?
Can the guys at BAJAJ make a note of it and give us Indians customized bikes, may be at a premium price?

nilu said...

please do not suggest these pics to bajaj, or i'll regret booking my p200 now!!!!!:-)
the first pic is really awesome though!!

Payeng said...

@Nilu.... :-)

Judging by the way the competition (TVS) is shaping up and also going by the Bajaj Philosophy of constantly upgrading its products... a monoshock does seem to be a probability maybe next year.

Till then enjoy your P200

first_synn said...

Merely Photoshopping a picture is no big deal. Any competent artist can do it. But doing this on an actual CAD/CAM system for a production model is vastly different.

Do not expect a monoshock on ANY variations of the pulsar platform. Although a monoshock system(link less) costs just about the same as a twin shocker to manufacture, the process of re-engineering a platform takes considerable physical and monetary effort. I, for one, am still not happy with Bajaj's retrofit-job of 17 inchers on to bikes that were designed with 18 inchers in mind.

But yes, a monoshock system is but, a certainty in the "rumored" higher capacity models the are working on.

My first comment here. Nice blog, btw.. have come a long way since the initial days.. keep up the good work. Lord knows, we need more sensible people on the internet.. **Hint** **Hint** :-D

Payeng said...

Hi Synn..,

Great to find your comment on my blog..

I get your Hint.. :-)

Actually the move from 18 inchers to 17 is a boon to small guy (5 ft 5) like me.. :-)

Even though the Unicorn has a monoshock, a normal guy can't almost make out the difference with a casual glance.. because of the 18 inch wheel filling up the space...

On the other hand if a monoshock is fitted on the Pulsar along with the present 17 inch wheels, it will just look great with the gap between the wheels and the seat being accentuated.

first_synn said...

Yes, yes.. 'm a fan of 17 inch wheels too.. They offer much less unsprung weight and that's one of the reasons that they are more or less the standard worldwide.

But the problem with them being retrofitted on the pulsar (which was originally designed with 18 inchers in mind) is that the riding posture, weight distribution, ground clearance etc are now not as optimal as they ought to be. Now i haven't ridden the UG3 ones(since i am out of the country) but i assume they are better in this regard. Although, my friend Delta is still not real happy about the ground clearance of his 180UG3 :-P

But of course, a 17 inch wheel will look miles better with a monoshock rear end. In fact, that was the first thought that came to my mind as i saw the new Apache 160: that this bike will look so much hotter with a 17 inch rear and a monoshock.

Yes, i saw the NEW Apache, it looks mighty good, and you will see it too, if you look where i looked.. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Monoshock? don´t be idiot, its PHOTOSHOP! noob.

poshan said...

whn will it come in nepal\

pawan said...

i want to know when will Pulsar 200 monoshock bike be launched ?or this is just fake talks that pulsar is launching it's 200 cc version in new looks and with monoshock?cejenn_rose@yahoo.com

gobeeeeeeeeeee said...

i dont know. me seeking the same bike..........

Anonymous said...

pulsar 200cc is the most beatiful bike in the world

gobeeeeeeeeeee said...

i dont know. me seeking the same bike..........

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