Apr 9, 2007

6 2007 TVS Apache II on its way..??

Yes, that is what Autocar India has to say in its April 2007 issue; page 131.

A reader of Autocar India from Chennai has reported that he had spotted a bike with similar styling to the TVS Apache but probably a bit longer in length. Although its not a lenghty article, I would prefer not to disclose the full article here.
Autocar India April 2007 Issue

>>The new Apache II probably is a bit longer than the present Apache

>>Result of the opinion poll suggests that it was mainly the small looks of the TVS Apache which turned people off

Moreover the report can't be taken to be concrete as it has been sent by a reader and there are also no pictures/photos of the above mentioned bike. Nevertheless a new improved Apache was expected from TVS and the sooner TVS launches it, the better.

The distinctive looks of the present Apache helped TVS improve the sales of its 150 C.C offering. But according to me, the sales would have been even better had the present Apache been a little bit longer in length. TVS had maneuverability in traffic when they designed the Apache, which resulted in a smaller wheelbase than the competition (read Pulsar, unicorn, CBZ Xtreme). But as the result of the opinion poll (which was put up on my blog a few weeks earlier) suggests, it was mainly the small looks of the TVS Apache which turned people off.

Opinion Poll Result

"So till we come across any official announcements or get to see some spy pics, all we can do is speculate..."

Now if TVS has really decided to launch a New APACHE II, it would be better to give it longer legs. It would also be interesting to note whether TVS can offer the same kind of goodies like Digital Speedo and LED tail lights (if not back-lit and self cancelling switches) like the new Pulsars. It will also be interesting to note whether TVS has something special for the 2007 Apache II. Like a bigger/more powerful engine, Fuel injection, rear monoshocks, upside down forks.... Aaah..!! only if dreams were horses..!!

Now is TVS Motor really going to launch a new 2007 Apache II..?? If the answer is yes, then it would be better if the New Bike has a better engine and a better gearbox along with the longer look.

So till we come across any official announcements or get to see some spy pics, all we can do is speculate.

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Utpal Das said...

Also, according to a post on another blog, its a 160cc. But no confirmation

Payeng said...

Yes axactly.. no confirmation.

There are many speculations doing the rounds.. some say its 160 C.C, some say its 165 C.C, others say its 180 C.C. There is even a speculation that TVS might launch a 200/225/250 C.C Apache..

In the end, like you said; "No Confirmation"

sunspot said...

umm..unrelated, but any news on the to-be-launched from Royal Enfield. Patience wears thin for men at my age and I'm almost tempted to go out & buy myself a nice gleaming pulsar!

of course, I was kidding, but any other meaty dough on the beauties in REML stables?

I hope the ceasing of prodn of the Bullet 500 is due to the impending launch of AVL 500 in June!

Payeng said...

Hi Sunspot..

Of late I haven't come across any news about the new bikes from Royal Enfield.

By the way can anyone post any links about the ceasing of prodn of the Bullet 500..?? I don't really have a clue on that.

sunspot said...

Hi Payeng

no news release from REML. But couple of things

- Bullet 500 is no longer listed in the website
- Discussion boards (in REML website) moan the stopping of prodn

An aside - couple of guys from Madras Bulls (the Bullet owners club in Chennai) have tried the 500cc AVL Tbird in their loong rides, it seems!

Could you mention more from the Feb issue of Bikes India..could'nt get a copy

will update you on the cast iron 500cc in case I do get any link/I actually manage the planned visit to a dealer!

Payeng said...

Sunspot, that will be great if you could keep us updated..

Meanwhile I'll try to dig out whatever I can..

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