Feb 25, 2007

10 The CBZ-Xtreme is growing on Me

The CBZ-Xtreme, whose looks I hated so much at its launch.. finally seems to be growing on me"

The looks CBZ Xtreme is finally seems to be growing on me. Yes, honest. When the Xtreme was launched, I was very disappointed at the treatment Hero Honda had given to it in styling. In fact there were many guys across many biking forums and blogs who echoed similar feelings of “Xtreme” disappointed about the design of the CBZ Xtreme.

"I saw more CBZ Xtreme on the streets of my hometown than the New (UG3) Bajaj Pulsar..."

The reason of disappointment was the fact that the new bike carried the name “CBZ” on its tank. The “Classic/Original” 156.6 C.C Hero Honda CBZ that was launched by Hero Honda in the late nineties remains one of the most handsome bikes in India even till date. The styling of the new CBZ Xtreme was a disappointment for CBZ enthusiasts like me.

The CBZ was discontinued by Hero Honda after a few years because the Bajaj Pulsar had captured the 150 C.C market with its Pulsar (which was more fuel efficient, cheaper to buy and had a better engine compared to the “Original” CBZ).

The CBZ still had a strong brand recall among bike lovers in India. Bike enthusiasts were therefore quite excited to hear about the “New” CBZ that was about to be launched. But when the New CBZ-Xtreme was launched, they (including me) were quite disappointed at the styling of the new Xtreme. The new bike did not have the seductive clean lines of the “Original” CBZ. Especially the Headlamp stuck out like a sore thumb with its odd looking integrated turning indicators.

"Moreover the CBZ Xtreme did seem to have a road presence..

It looks a bit bigger than the other 150 C.C bikes..."

Hero Honda still deserves praise that they have addressed the earlier weak points of the “Original” CBZ. A completely new 150 C.C engine sourced from its technical partner, Honda has been used. The engine is basically the 150 C.C Honda Unicorn tuned for better performance. The fuel efficiency of the new bike is around the same as that of its earlier nemesis, the Bajaj Pulsar. The engine is also a little bit more powerful than the New Pulsar on paper and happens to be the most powerful 150 C.C bike in India. The power figures are not only impressive on paper but it also gets translated on the road with ease.

In my test ride of the CBZ Xtreme, I was all praise for the way the bike pulled in every gear, the way it handled turns, the sitting position and the stability. The CBZ Xtreme felt like a mini Karizma. But I still could not digest its quirky design. But when I went to Assam on my vacation last January, I saw more CBZ Xtreme on the streets of my hometown than the New (UG3) Bajaj Pulsar. Yes, Honest..!! Moreover the CBZ Xtreme did seem to have a road presence. It looks a bit bigger than the other 150 C.C bikes. Even my friend from Hyderabad has confirmed that he saw quite as number of Xtremes in Hyderabad.

So does that mean that I like the CBZ Xtreme now..??

Well, I am still all praise for its handling and its strong engine. But the hangover of the beautiful lines my handsome “Original” CBZ still remains. Maybe I’ll wait for the next version of the Xtreme and hope that Hero Honda gets it right.

If you happen to like the Styling of the CBZ Xtreme, then the Xtreme should certainly be a 150 C.C option for you.

Pics of the CBZ-Xtreme sourced from here..

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Maltesh said...

Well, Satadal.
U didnt start liking the looks, just got used to it. Lol.

It happens naturally. You can change it, but after some time u start liking it (Cos there's no option)

But I still hate the tail. May console myself with the tank, but the tail...

Anonymous said...

i would agree to you abt all the things except the fact that u see more cbz extreme than the new pulsar.Come to roads of bangalore,u see much more pulsar's here than the cbz extreme.In fact there is no comparison.

kamal anjelo said...

thats true...nowadays i see many CBZ Xtremes on the roads of hyd.and i like the red Xtreme :)

Payeng said...

Anonymous, I said that in MY HOME TOWN (back in Assam) I saw more CBZ-Xtremes than the new Pulsar 150 DTSI..

It does not mean that it is the same situation all over India.. I have observed that each region has its own taste unique to itself

Thanks for letting us know about the situation in Bangalore

Anonymous said...

I agree with u regarding the engine performance , handling and riding position. But the design is not so good. The main thing i did not like is the design of front headlight and indicators. Kind of confusing!!

You might have seen more CBZ's in ur hometown but here in Bangalore the new PULSAR U3G Rocks!! CBZ's are very less in number here when compared to U3G


Payeng said...

Assamese people have different taste I guess..

I also got to see a lot of LML ADRENO and LML ENERGY back in Assam when they were being produced

It's probably because that the SIZE of the LML ADRENO/ENERGY and CBZ Xtreme which makes it so popular in Assam

Maybe Assamese people like bikes which look BIG

Anyway I still cannot call the CBZ Xtreme "Good Looking"... Probably because I myself stayed in Bangalore for 2 years..!!

Anonymous said...

i am from kerala and here the pulsar ug3 can be seen hell lot more than cbz xtreme on roads..

abhijeet said...

honestly speaking cbz xtreme is a good bike. New pulsar 200cc has only some minor modifications in headllight, speedometer ,tailamp.
Xtreme is new avataar of cbz.It is also full loaded with technology.After all it has a HONDA at its heart.But it lags behind in terme of price.
Guys just wait for few months and yoyu will see "XTREME" at the top of a chart.

Cé$âr said...

MINOR MODIFICATIONS? PULSAR?? Abhijeet, since the Pulsar has been released and subsequently modified there have never been only MINOR modifications. Be it alloy wheels or standard electric start or dtsi/exhaustec they change the face of the bike before modifying and raise the bar for other companies.

In fact it is because of Pulsar only that HH, and TVS are upgrading their models - else you would still be left with the First Version CBZ!

The Pulsar 200 cc has a lot more than the cosmetic mods u speak of. Go check the specs. It has a modified chassis, better handling, different tyres, an oil cooled engine and a higher capacity. HOW the &$^% can a cbz extreme compare to all that?? All teh extreme has is a modified unicorn engine and a good chassis. Boy, get your facts right.

Saurabh said...

Truth said by Cé$år
Pulsar 200 cannot be compared with X-Treme.
Although its a matter of fact that X-Treme is a good bike but P200 is only compared by Karizma.

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