Oct 29, 2006

6 Hero Honda CBZ Xtreme Pics, First Impressions

The November issue of one of India's most popular Auto Magazine, Autocar India carried a "First Ride" report on the new Hero Honda CBZ Xtreme.

My Analysis of the Autocar India report:

  • Looks: Black Alloy looks good. Fuel tank has of the hint of the 133 C.C Ambition, Knee recess are functional and should accommodate the tallest of riders. Tail lamps are top notch. Best angle to view- Rear three quarters. Autocar India do add that the Headlamp does look Bland, Odd and the front indicators appear Gawky.

  • Build Quality: High Standard, typically Hero Honda.

Hero Honda CBZ Xtreme rear

  • Engine & Performance: Extremely smooth engine, with ultra slick one down and four up gearshift. Feels among, if not the fastest accelerating 150 C.C in the country. Hero Honda claimed top speed of 110 kph felt possible easily.

  • Ride, Handling, Comfort: Seat feels nice. Ride quality seems to be firm to assist enthusiastic riding. Handling seems to be O.K

    Hero Honda CBZ Xtreme front

  • Fuel Economy: No fuel economy tests was conducted during the "First Ride"
Final Verdict (of Autocar India): Refined and well turned out bike. Leaves Autocar impressed. Should have been priced slightly lower.
Price: Rs. 54,500-56,500 (Ex-showroom, Delhi)


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Gurminder (go0ri) said...

Nice Job man! Yours is the most comprehensive review of cbzxtreme I got.

Payeng said...

Thanks Gurminder..

But actually the review has been done by Autocar Magazine.. Nov issue..

I have just summarized the report..
Glad that you have found it usefull

Thanks again for the comments..

Anonymous said...

Please post the price list in chennai for CBZ extreme

Raja said...

CBZ EXTREME-Extremely gr8

nandu said...

realy xtreme

nandu said...

realy xtreme

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