Dec 12, 2006

8 Bike india: “Bajaj Pulsar 150 DTSi is the fastest 150 in India”

The December issue of Bike India magazine (India’s only exclusive magazine about bike and bikers) carries a comparison of the latest 150 C.C motorcycles in India. The Pulsar 150 and the CBZ Xtreme emerges as the joint winners

There will be bikes and there will be reviews..

Just a few days back I had made a post on this blog on how Overdrive magazine found out in its own 150 C.C comparision that the "Pulsar" lacked the top speed of the "CBZ Xtreme". Now another magazine, Bike India has come up with its own review and states that the "Bajaj Pulsar" in fact is the fastest and has the maximum top speed among the 150 C.C class motorcycle available in India at present..!!

Bike India MagazineTwo different reviews by two different magazines…!! Which one should we believe..??

By the way Overdrive did publish in their test data sheet that the Bajaj Pulsar 150 was the fastest till the 100 kmph mark.

The bikes included in the Bike India Comparo were

Bike India Verdict :

#Joint Winners: Bajaj Pulsar 150 DTSi and Hero Honda CBZ Xtreme
#Second: Honda Unicorn
#Third: TVS Apache

  • Bajaj Pulsar 150 DTSi

  • Hero Honda CBZ Xtreme

  • Honda Unicorn

  • TVS Apache

[The Unicorn wasn’t included in Overdrive’s test]

The following comments about the CBZ Xtreme, Unicorn and the Apache were made by me in my previous posts. These comments also match with the comments that Bike India have made..

Bajaj Pulsar 150 DTSi:

  • Power figures have been upped from 13.5 bhp to 13.9 bhp. Torque is at 12.76 Nm

  • Engine capacity has been increased from earlier 143 C.C to 149 C.C

  • The Engine has become smoother than before and the Gear Box has improved too with its new 1 down 4 up pattern

Hero Honda CBZ Xtreme:

  • Engine is not that refined as the Unicorn but also has more Punch

  • Comfortable seating position

  • Execellent Handling

Honda Unicorn:

  • Smooth Engine

  • Good Handling

  • Best suited as a commuter rather than a sporty bike

TVS Apache:

  • Fresh looks

  • Engine not that refined compared to the others

  • Gearbox is also not that great

Now back to my question.. Which magazine’s review should we believe..??

As I said in the beginning.. “there will be bikes and there will be reviews”. So if you are out to make a decision on buying a 150 C.C, I suggest you take a comprehensive test ride of the bikes at the showrooms and be the judge for yourself.

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kamal anjelo said...

Thanks Payeng for the credits.

Maltesh Ashrit said...

Hi Payeng,

Well my xams r ovr now..
n now its back 2 blogging

keep in touch

NITHIN said...

i booked new 150 cc pulsar today on my choosen date.

Payeng said...

Congrats Nithin..

Anonymous said...

Pulsar rocks

Anonymous said...

Pulsar Sucks....although its very much leads on the design specs...reliablity and engine / gearbox quality sucks

Vichu said...

There is no bike for beating a PULSAR

Vichu said...

Pulsar is the powerful vehicle..

Its advantage are:

1.) Good Road Grip
2.) Good Breaking System
3.) Mainly good powerful engine... Its get heat very soon.. But it gives Rocking PERFORMANCE..
4.) Its perfect for more-than 5.6 Height guys..

Pulsar Rocks

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