Dec 5, 2006

12 150 C.C Test Ride Series: "New" Bajaj Pulsar 150 DTSi

"This is the Fourth in the Series about my Report on Test Rides (that I took in Bangalore on 20'th November 2006) of the latest 150 C.C motorcycles"

The Bike: Bajaj Pulsar 150 DTSi (143 C.C, 13.9 bhp, 12.76 Mn Torque, Front Disc Brakes, Electric start, Alloywheels, Digital Speedometer, L.E.D Tail Lamp, Self Cancelling Turn Indicators, Backlit Switches.... Phew..!!)

Showroom: Khivraj Motors, Indiranagar Bangalore

+Styling (the best among other 150 C.C bikes)
+Goodies which the competiton does not provide (Digital Speedo...)
+Guaranteed "Chick Magnet"

-Did not get a test ride..
-No "Monoshock"..??

The Show room had the typical Bajaj Showroom look to it.. bright, neat and tidy. But like the Hero Honda Showroom.. here also it was difficult for me to make out who was the customer and who were the showroom guys... Finally I got hold of someone from the showroom and asked him if the New Pulsar 150 DTSi was available in the showroom... To my delight he said "Yes..". But there was just one model of the new 150 C.C DTSi and that was booked by someone.. Which meant that I wasn't be able to take any test drive.. Sad... Also there was no brochure of the New 150 DTSi available.. So I couldn't get the exact details of the tech specs of the bike... but the showroom guy told me that it was the same old 150 DTSi engine... But now in the official website of Bajaj, the power of the new Pulsar 150 DTSi is mentioned as 13.9 bhp (a slight increase from the earlier 13.5 bhp)

[Update (12-12-2006): According to Overdrive and Bike India Magazines, the cubic capacity of the Pulsar 150 has also been increased from previous 143 C.C to 149.01 C.C]

Price: The price quoted to me was a shocker to me.. Till now I had always observed that Bajaj products were usually priced very aggressively relative to its competition.. which meant the pricing of Bajaj products to be a couple of thousands below the competition. But this time the Pulsar 150 has been priced at Rs.Rs. 65,539 (On Road Bangalore), which is more than its nearest competitor Hero Honda CBZ Xtreme's price of Rs. 63,977 (On Road Price Bangalore)..!! Bold very bold of Bajaj..!!

The Pulsar twins (150 & 180) are the "Best Looking" motorcycles in India today... no doubt about it... If there was any competition in the form of the brilliantly designed TVS Apache, the addition of additional goodies in the Pulsars have made sure that there isn't any threat to it. Its the bike which would turn most number of heads.. (both male and female)!!

Goodies that have been included in the Pulsars and which the competition dosen't have are... a Digital speedometer, Tail lights which have LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) in them and not conventional filament bulbs, Self Cancelling Turn indicators... Switches which are backlit in the dark. All these additions have ensured that no other bike can even come close to the pulsar in a beauty contest..

Apart from the goodies, the new Pulsar has redesigned side and tail panels... these have been borrowed from the yet to be released Pulsar 220... the bike also has the "Phantom" headlamp (encased in black plastic) of the new Pulsar 180.. the bike just looks awesome and agressive, even when when its just parked on its stand... I am extremely Impressed by its looks..!!

Test Ride: Opps..!! Sorry, wasn't able to get one..

Conclusion: From my test ride of the CBZ Xtreme, its clear that the Pulsar 150 DTSi has its work cut out against the most powerful and stable handling 150 C.C ... Moreover the Pulsar no longer has the price advantage over the CBZ. Its infact the costliest than any other 150 C.C models including the CBZ Xtreme.. (at least in Bangalore).

Wish I had taken a test ride of the Pulsar 150.. Will do that soon anyway...

Bajaj rules the 150 C.C Plus segment in India with a massive market share of over 60%... and most of these is due to the 150 C.C Pulsar DTSi.. it will be interesting to note whether Bajaj will retain its marketshare...


  • Styling (the best among other 150 C.C bikes)

  • Goodies which the competiton does not provide (Digital Speedo, LED Tail lights, Switches that glow at night and Self Cancelling Turn Indicators

  • Guaranteed "Chick Magnet"


  • Did not get a test ride..

  • No "Monoshock"..?? [It'll look great with those 17" wheels..!!]

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Akash said...

I'm from Bhubaneswar and both the CBZ Xtreme and Pulsar cost the same here.

CBZ Xtreme is a very good bike, but styling is not of everyones taste.
Pulsar's styling is superb but high end power isnt that good.Still lacks gear problems.

Akash said...

Hey Payeng, I hav done the test ride of the new pulsar. Want me to post my Test ride reviews here or would u do it urself after having the test ride.
Do tell me...

Payeng said...

Hey Akash...

I will be glad to publish your article on my blog...

You are most welcome to post ur review/experience on my blog...

Mail ur review/experience to ""

...and don't forget to inculde a pic of urs too... I'll give due credit to the Guest Article on my blog...

Waiting for ur mail...

Vikas said...

Hi friends,
1st December 06 I purchased new Pulsar 150 with all the new look. I agree with all the above things except price. My onroad Price in Satara Maharashtra is 60238. I like the bike very much but how to improve its performance, fuel consumption. If you know, pl post your views

Payeng said...

Hi Vikas,

Congrats on your new bike.. the price os different in different parts of India. the price quoted above was the onroad price in Bangalore City..

On keeping your bike in top condition I have just one advice to you: Please DO NOT go for any modifications on your bike..

your bike has been tuned by the manufacturer to give optimum balance between Performance and Fuel Efficiency.. Please do not upset this by carrying out any modifications...

I appreciate for your comments Vikas.. Happy times with your bike..

Amir said...

Payeng, excellent reviews and you know what i have taken the test rides for all and i feel exactly same what you have written so i am happy to get my views echoed it gives me confidence. The only thing i miss is your test ride for DTSi....and review on it...i have my mind 80% made for it...would you give it another shot to get a test ride for it and review....very good job u have done nevertheless

Payeng said...

Hey Amir, its great to know that my views echo with yours.. but I am pretty tied up these days due to academic work..

I would test ride the P150 as soon as possible.. in the meantime you are welcome to submit your own views/experience of your test ride of the Pulsar 150 DTSi..

Just mail it to me along with your details at my mail id: ""

I'll give you all credit for your work..

Thank you

pravin said...

Hey Payeng,

I am new to Bangalore and trying to settle down.

I am coming from SHanghai, where I was working for last 3 years.

Bangalore was a shocker for me for the traffic and roads but triying to find the good points in the city to make me be here. I am starting to find some very interesting characteristics with this city...most importantly the liveliness and activism.

ANyways, first thing that has struck me is to buy a bike since buying a car seems crazy with the traffic.

Just yesterday when I took up this topic with my boos to my surprise he offered to buy his PULSAR 150CC..phantom series...He bought it on 1st JAN its less than 4 months old.

DO you thing its a good idea to go for the bike used for 4 months.

Most importantly what should be the price I should be paying and yes things I should look for before getting it to me.

Any suggestions...guys..


Sandeep said...

buddy Pulsar 150cc costs around 59600 rs on road in chandigarh.. so u can buy from here.. well its quite expensive in bangalore.. at dat price pulsar 200 can be bought !!!!!!

malik said...

can anybody tell me where to get xcd125 motorcycle's digital meter?

asish said...

hi friends;
i am asish,new at bangalore;i do have a pulsar 150cc(non dtsi) model in my home town;i want to buy a bike now in bangalore,to make a change i think for cbzxtreme but now i got confused another pulsar 150cc or i should go for hero honda hunk.plz give suggestion to me.

asish said...

hi friends;
i am asish,new at bangalore;i do have a pulsar 150cc(non dtsi) model in my home town;i want to buy a bike now in bangalore,to make a change i think for cbzxtreme but now i got confused another pulsar 150cc or i should go for hero honda hunk.plz give suggestion to me.

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