May 15, 2013

13 Suzuki to Launch the Inazuma 250 in India soon

Any body interested..??

"Yunhi Nahin Bike Design Karte"

Each and every Suzuki two wheeler that I have ever ridden had already left me mesmerized with the smoothness of its engine and gearbox. The Fiero (150 cc), Heat/Zeus (125 cc) and the GS150R all had engines that felt as smooth as a baby's bottom. Despite the brilliance of the engine and gearbox, none of the mentioned motorcycles failed to keep the salesmen at the Suzuki showrooms busy.

If there was anything that could be more vapid than the The 125 cc Slingshot or the 110 cc Hayate, it was their TV Commercials. Suzuki had to pick up their socks in India.

Just yesterday photo of an Inazuma 250 snapped in Goa appeared on Facebook. It had the mandatory (for India) Saree Guard fixed on it. So yes, looks like we'll have one more TV Advert with Sallu probably mouthing "Yunhi Nahin .... (whatever)" on the idiot box and most probably getting a glimpse of the Inazuma in Dabaangg 3 (should be out right?) as well.

The tech specs of the Suzuki Inazuma makes an impressive read: Liquid Cooled, 250 cc, Twin Cylinder, Fuel injected engine. I am sure that it's twin cylinder unit will be far smoother and better to ride than the single cylinder unit of the Honda CBRR250R.

Despite all this, I have to say that the Suzuki Inazuma is one of the most uninspiring motorcycles to have surfaced in recent times. At least from what it appears from the photos. Some might argue that true beauty is skin deep or more appropriately in case of a motorcycle, how the motorcycle rides. But then.. if you have a flagship (which the Inazuma would be considered as in a developing country like India), needless to say it has to be dead desirable..!!

Best of luck Suzuki India but I got to say this, "Yunhi Nahin Bike Design Karte".

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Anonymous said...

hi, SP :)

This is Alex0080 from Indonesia.

Suzuki Inazuma 250 has already been release in indonesia for quite some time now, Many Riders Felt Inazuma 250 Handling and Stability felt similar with Pulsar Series (heavy but stable).

Also many riders Frown upon Inazuma 250 due to the Fact that the Bike was Design, Developed, and Manufactured by Suzuki of China (PRC)

sandeepbagchi said...

Let it arrive, let the pricing be known if and when it arrives.
I see big pillion seats :-). Would be comfortable option for husband & wife riding together.
Priced reasonably who knows it might be a good alternative.

But let it arrive first.

Payeng said...

Alex.. yes I did notice that a few of my Indonesian friends did frown upon that the Inazuma was developed in China.

Sandeep, for a "Husband and Wife" we have the Hero Splendor.

Avinash said...

Hello Payeng,
Now a days you have been posting rarely.
I have been checking the site everyday almost 4 to 5 times.
Can I know why you haven't been posting often lately.
your post are really good and informative.
hope you would increase frequency of posts.

Payeng said...

Hi Avinash,

Thanks for following my posts. Actually I have joined a business venture of a friend of mine 6 months back.. have been very busy setting up the business.

Moreover, I have a son of a year and half and my family takes up the rest of my time.

Still, will definitely try to post more frequently.. thanks

Anonymous said...

I had the same question of avinash. Thanks Payeng.

Anonymous said...

@payeng "most probably getting a glimpse of the Inazuma in Dabaangg 3 (should be out right?) as well." ur wrong u can see the glimpse of it in his upcoming film titled mental...
coming caption bike yuhni nahi banataey suits pulsar my friend 2013 p-150 still poor gear box,cluth,false nuetrals and vibrations are there..

Avinash said...

Thank you very much.
Is seems there is a new 180ns to be launched soon
any news about it would be great.
hoping to see more posts

Shaiju B said...

Yet another uninspiring bike from Suzuki. Cant believe this is the same company which produces Hayabusa and GSX series bikes.

Can't SUZUKI do what Yamaha and Honda is doing here. Why not a smaller version of GSX 600 just like R15 or CBR250? Too sad!

Payeng said...


Complaining about imaginary "Pulsar 2013" false neutrals in a post about "Suzuki".. seems like you are smoking something interesting from 2001.


am sure that too will happen one day (mini GSX) but probably a bit too late

ज्ञानेश said...

"none of the mentioned motorcycles failed to keep the salesmen at the Suzuki showrooms busy."

I think you mean otherwise. "All" of the motorcycles failed !

Inazuma news is in the air since last few years. I reserve my comment for the bike till it's arrival.

rms olympic said...

i guess inzuma will look hotter in flesh!

Livin Pokkath said...

Suzuki India is not aggressive in marketing. That's y their salesmen aren't busy. They didn't bring the international looks-
styling into <250cc motors. The current model like GS150 R is simply comfortable ride & enduring machine. The Inazuma also seem elder sibling of GS150. And price what it makes really reasonable, like style & looks in GS and I own this.

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