Apr 17, 2013

3 Honda's Splendor Killer, "Dream Neo" launched

Honda's ambitions dream.. the Dream Neo launched, has the Splendor in its sights

Honda has bitten the bullet and decided to match its prices with the competition

Internationally (nationally as well) Honda is obsessed with two key words, "Joy" and "Dream". As Honda's long joint venture with Hero is about to expire, Honda made very clearly stated that it wants to become the number one in terms of 2 wheeler sales in India. And for that to happen, Honda has to overtake Hero's Splendor motorcycle in terms of sales.

To achieve this Dream in India and as a part of its grand plan, Honda Scooters and Motorcycles India Ltd. has launched its Dream Neo motorcycle today.

Honda Dream Neo [Photo: AutocarIndia]

The Dream Neo is based on the same 110 cc engine that does duty on the CB Twister and Dream Yuga. But there is with a major difference with respect to the earlier launches (CB Twister and Dream Yuga). Honda has bitten the bullet and decided to match it's pricing with the Hero Splendor..!!

The Spoke Wheel variant of the Hero Splendor+ retails at Delhi ex-showroom of Rs. 42,950 and the prices of the Honda Neo starts at Rs. 43,150 (the top-end variant is priced at Rs 47,240, ex-showroom Delhi). Honda want's to kill the Splendor? You bet it does..!!

Honda has incorporated it's latest Honda Eco Technology (HET). This technology incorporates improved combustion, a cleaner spark thanks to a Nickel-plated spark plug and optimised inlet ports. HET also uses lower tension piston rings, improved oil seals and lighter engine components to reduce friction. Honda claims this engine delivers 74kpl under test conditions.

The Dream Neo comes in 3 variants:

1. Self/Drum/Alloy with tubeless tyre
2. Kick/Drum/Alloy with tubeless tyre
3. Kick/Drum/Spoke with tuff-up tube


Black and Red Stripe,
Black with Violet Stripes,
Force Silver Metallic,
Monsoon Grey Metallic,
Midnight Blue Metallic and
Alpha Red Metallic

Honda Dream Neo, Specifications:


Type: Air Cooled, 4 stroke , SI Engine
Displacement: 109cc
Bore x Stroke: 50.0 mm X 55.6 mm
Compression Ratio: 9.9 : 1
Net Power: 6.15 KW (8.25 bhp) @ 7500rpm
Torque: 8.63 Nm @ 5500 rpm
Fuel System: Carburettor
Starting System: Self/Kick
Air Filter: Viscous air filter
Transmission: 4 Speed constant mesh
Gear Shift Pattern: All back (N-1-2-3-4)
Clutch Type: Multiplate, Wet Clutch


Kerb Weight: 105 kgs
Length: 2009 mm
Width: 737 mm
Height: 1074 mm
Wheel Base: 1258 mm
Ground Clearance: 179 mm
Fuel Tank Capacity: 8.0 L


Frame Type: Diamond type
Suspension Front: Telescopic Suspension
Suspension Rear: 5 step spring loaded suspension
Tyre Front: 80/100 - 18
Tyre Rear: 80/100 - 18
Front Brake: Drum Brake – 130 mm Dia
Rear Brake: Drum Brake – 130 mm Dia


Ignition: Fully Transisterised
Battery: 12V 3 Ah (MF)
Head Lamp: 12V 35/35W

Would will Honda be successful in dethroning the King (Splendor) of the masses?

Although the 110 cc engine sourced from the Twister is a gem and a smooth and efficient operator and Honda has made sure to price the Dream Neo at par with the Splendor, I don't think it will exactly be a walk in the park for HMSI to kill a product/brand that was been loved/relied upon for nearly 2 decades.

But then even the best market research can never predict the future accurately..

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rms olympic said...

well dont think a serious threat to passion & discover...maybe slight threat to splendour....but i dont think honda will ever become no.1 in india...1st cb trigger & now this...keep DREAMING honda....!!!

Sajal said...

funny what time, competition and the hunger to stay in the market could do - Honda is trying to Kill the product, which provided the company it's foot hold in the country. More so I see that Honda the company opted for a different engine altogether than the one doing the job on the Splendor, which has it's genes coming directly from the original designs of Mr. Honda the Legend.

Time.. funny Time!!

Roshan said...

correction : '...As Honda's long joint venture with Honda is nearly over" second line, It should be rather HERO's long joint venture instead.

Honda is already in number two position interms of two-wheeler sales in India. Couple of commuters like these and they will hit that top stage. Who ever thought that Honda will upstage Bajaj one day. Honda might also bring 400 & 500 cc bikes to India to spice it up.

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