Dec 24, 2010

6 New 2011 Hero Honda Karizma Spotted

Photos of a new (slightly upgraded) 2011 Hero Honda Karizma posted on xBhp.Com..

Credits for Photo and Scoop: xBhp.Com2011 Hero Honda Karizma R

Don't get your expectations too high for the supposedly new Karizma R is probably another cosmetic upgrade fron Hero Honda.

What New? Well, according to the xBhp.Com member who has broken the news and clicked the photos..

[1] New colour paint (seems inspired from the ZMR)

[2] ZMR Type Turn indicators in clear lens (both front and black seeme to be like that of thee Hero Honda Karizma ZMR)

[3] Some small circular Orange reflective material attachcd to the engine guard

[4] Slightly repainted speedo meter

The engine of the Karizma has been retained exactly the same since it launch 6-7 years back. Not that it is a bad engine, but some increase in power would have been more appreciated.

Anyway, this probably would be the last cosmetic upgrade on the Karizma R before the Honda name is removed by Hero.

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hemant said...

i am feeling bad for the hero-honda sepration.they were doing well.

Haroon said...

more and more people are buying the Pulsar 220F these days. Karizma is getting outdated and new ones are not seen that much on the road these days. this useless upgrade will not help Karizma's appeal.

hero honda will suffer in the future for not investing in research and development.

Anonymous said...

Have read it somewhere

"Why to alter the perfection"

Hero Honda never bothers to upgrade engines coz they are perfect, need not upgrade them! Instead they can design and develop new 180/200 cc bike with 18-20 bhp..and yes karizma's engine is outdated. Still selling coz of its reliability..

cu_master said...

Hi, Im sure Hero honda People Will Call It "All new Karizma R"
but if they can put some 17' inch much wider tyres front and rear,re designed spedoconsole and with rear disk,Allso some LED's,, It will be a eye catcher Than P220F Or ZMR. But unfortunately H.H Will never do It.

Anonymous said...

ki hall a bai ki kar de si karizma ta bahut gabndha bike ha

palash said...

karizma r in red allloys is avialable or not

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