May 16, 2010

22 Royal Enfield Bullet 350 Twinspark launched in India (replaces the Bullet Standard 350)

With the Bullet 350 UCE, Royal Enfield replaces the engine of all its models in India with the UCE (Unit Construction Engine) Twinspark engine platform..

The UCE transformation of Royal Enfield models (in India) started with the Thunderbird Twinspark followed by the Classic (500cc & 350cc) models and then the Bullet Electra Twinspark.

Maybe someday I'll ride a Royal Enfield

With the Bullet 350 UCE finally making an appearance on the Royal Enfield website, the UCE transformation of Royal Enfield models in India is now complete.

Bullet 350 UCE

Bullet 350 UCE

What's changed in the Royal Enfield Bullet 350 UCE?

  • New UCE engine with integrated gearbox and hidden oil lines

  • 5 Speed geabox on the left side

Apart from the engine and gearbox change, the Bullet 350 UCE still tries to retain the traditional look of the Bullet 350 Standard. From the black paint to the front drum brakes, the new Bullet 350 UCE still looks very much like the 50 year old Bullet. The Bullet 350 UCE probably doesn't have a self start even as an option (not mentioned in its tech specs).

According to me the new UCE engine gives the Bullet 350 a clean look. Visually a few sore spots on the motorcycle do remain in the form of the oddly shaped kick lever and the extra long exhaust pipe.

Why did Royal Enfield replace all its models with the UCE (Unit Contruction Engine) Twin Spark?

Bullet Standard 350

The Original Bullet Standard 350

No matter how hard one might try to hold on to old tradition, changes are at times inevitable.

With the BS III (Bharat Stage III being applied to all Two Wheelers sold in India) pollution norms coming in, it was not possible for Royal Enfield to comply with using the 50 plus year old, cast iron Bullet engine.

With the UCE we can expect the reliabilty to get even better and with the gears put on the left side, Royal Enfield would definitely look at getting more new bikers ("non Bulleteers") in its fraternity.

Bullet purists might call it blasphemy, but then for someone like me who has been always fascinated by the Bullet brand but at the same time also had a mental stumbling block of the gears being on the unconventional side, this all new Royal Enfield lineup now looks more welcoming.

Maybe someday I'll ride a Royal Enfield.

Royal Enfield Bullet 350 UCE, Technical Specifications

Engine Single Cylinder, Four Stroke, OHV, Air Cooled, Twinspark
Displacement 346 cc
Bore x Stroke 70mm x 90mm
Maximum Power 19.8 bhp @ 5250 rpm
Maximum Torque 28 Nm @ 4000 rpm
Transmission Constant Mesh 5 speed
Ignition Digital TCI
Carburetor Micarb VM 24

Ground Clearance 140 mm
Width 810 mm
Wheel Base 1370 mm
Length 2140 mm
Height 1120 mm
Seat Height/ Saddle Height 800 mm

Front 3.25 x 19"
Rear 3.25 x 19"

Electrical System 12 V - AC/DC
Head lamp 12 V AC - 35/ 35W, Halogen
Battery 12 V - 5AH
Tail Lamp 12 V, 21/5W

Front Twin lead internal expanding drum breake
Rear Foot operated, 153 mm drum

Weight(Kerb): 180 kg (90% fuel + oil)

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Sankoobaba said...

my cousin has std bullet 350(non-uce) .. i rode it for a a few 400 metres... cant exactly comment how it felt... but its workings are bit wierd.. what with ,, a seperate lever for neutral and also u need to get compression in cylinder by kicking the starter-lever a few times.. it is definetly.. wierd... i am not much fan of the bike other than the fact that it has got lots of torgue and weight carrying capacity...i find it even more impractical than a avenger..but people love it and respect it.. and move aside due to its sound/noise..its a historic bike and the company also has biker events etc.. so good for bullet lovers..

Sunil Borkhedkar said...

Bullet.... The name defines the mean & purposefullness of the bike.. But is it the same now.. My friend had bullet a non UCE one. I remember every now n then he used to go to mechanic to repair it. Reliability is a big question mark..
Only cave man will love it. And pls dont compare the Bullet lovers with Harley lovers.

Vick said...

Harley in India is for rich boys. most of them will guy the Harley becoz they have they money and want to show off. not because pure Harley lovers

Chinmay said...

whats OTR price Mumbai and Navi-Mumbai?

Anonymous said...

nic bike

Anonymous said...

bullet standard is a awesome bike it need service maintainance but if u r bullet lover than u will choose this its a comfort ride.

Anonymous said...

Nothing to beat a Bullet !.I own a 2004 model Bullet just for the sake of owning one as I rarely ride it.
The classic beat of a Bullet have always fascinated me and I take pride in telling everyone that I own a Bullet.

Chinmay said...

whats OTR price Mumbai and Navi-Mumbai?

Anonymous said...

what was the price of royal endfield 350 standard in yaer 2007 without button start in maharashtra ? please call 9225850094.

Anonymous said...

Just now i booked new bullet standard UCE. I had a test ride also. I realy loved it. Now it doesn't require compression for kick start.

N Vengadessin said...

Yes indeed, it's blasphemy to do away with neutral lever in the new bikes brought out by Royal Enfield. For a chap who's been riding a Bullet since 1994, the absence of the separate neutral lever is a matter of pity.

Anonymous said...

I own a 2000 model Royal Enfield ( Standard ) . I really love it. I haven't ridden it for the past 2 years as I am now abroad. But I still have it in my possession. I am really proud to say I own a Bullet as there is none to beat it. Hope to keep it with me with the rest of my life... Long Live Bullet !!

Anonymous said...

Bullet Bike ta yaar di jaannnnnn ae

Anonymous said...

Hi guys I am planning to buy a new std 350 bullet with UCE engine. I am concerned about its maintenance & mileage & also would like to know about its long life capability as compared to the older one. Please guide me regarding the above issues

jatt bullet 5 gear wala said...

22 hun thik modal nikala hai bullet waleo jeonde reho jwanain mano te main tuhade banae hoye 5 gear wale nu sat sri akal balunda hain te dug dug kra chade te speed nu te har pakhon thik hai te sarre bullet 5 gear walo sat sri akal

LIJO K JOHN said...

Its aroyal bike thats touch us..

beeran said...

ayam olrady booked by Bullet 350 UCE

may n.m is beerankutty,

bala krishna said...

hey, i am planing to buy std 350 ci engine, iam not intrested to drive the uce engine and also left side gear box. so i cant go for 2nd hand vechile ,so what to do?

Anonymous said...

I have purchased a New Twinspark bullet 350 standard, but not satisfied with its performance. I really like NON UCE bullet 350 standard original as it has left side break padle and right side gearbox with kick start after maintaining pressure. The thumb of original bullet 350 standard is really impressive. I really like bullet 350 standard original.

abhishek said...

i ride my dad's bullet 350 standard 1979' model.... so i dnt think durability is a question if u can maintain it..

Anonymous said...

i want to sell my bullet standard 350 all original bike model 2009 with alloy weels 10500 km run only black colour call me 98555-57349 if intersted in 1,28,000 bugs only in punjab , bike is in showroom condition .

faizal kv said...

i am planing to buy bullet, classic 350 or standard 350 UCE which one is best

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