Mar 3, 2010

24 Suzuki GS150R Ownership Review [By Nikhil]

Nikhil Nayak from Bengaluru writes about his ownership experience with his Suzuki GS150R..

I would like to thank Nikhil for sharing the ownership experience of his Suzuki GS150R

Hi, I am Nikhil from Bengaluru. I bought my GS150 in August 09 and I’m writing this ownership review of my bike after the first 3 services.

Nikhil on his GS150R

[Nikhil's Email id:]

Looks and Design:

I guess I need not write a lot about the looks as the pictures give a better description, but would like to say a little bit about it. The design of the tank is the best part in my in my opinion. It’s bigger than most other bikes, but still manages to keep your legs comfortable around it. The seating position is upright, keeping your back and wrist comfy on long rides and a boon for long distance touring.

After test riding of the Honda Unicorn, it’s easily noticeable that the quality of switches in the Suzuki GS150 is superior and easy to operate. The only negative point could be that there’s no LED backlight in the switches (like those found on the Bajaj Pulsar’s) which if present can be a helpful feature for a first time rider.

The Digital Speedometer of the GS150 can surely get a person hooked on to it. I look at my Speedo at least once in 10sec to check which gear I’m riding in, the gear shift indicator with eco mode and power mode setting can go a long way for a person just learning to ride bikes.

The two trip meters provided in the speedometer helps a lot to calculate mileage and distance travelled.

Suzuki GS150R


+ Smooth Engine

+ Decent Mileage (52-55 Kmpl)

+ Riding Comfort


- Heavy Weight

- Slightly less initial pick up

- Poor tyre grip in wet

Engine Performance:

Since I usually ride within the city, I feel the performance is decent and comparable to other 150cc bikes. The initial pickup in first and second gears seems to be little low unless you rev the engine above 4k rpm, but once the bike gains momentum, you can accelerate better than most other bikes (I remember reading a review which said it accelerates from 30 to 70 in 3rd gear in 5.5sec, which is the same time pulsar 220 takes!!!).

I’m yet to check the top speed, but I’ve managed to touch 95 Kmph on Bengaluru roads with ease. The vibrations in the bike are almost nil (thanks to the engine balancer technology), similar to the unicorn if not better. At the same time, it also produces a sound similar engine grunt as Pulsars for those who prefer loud bikes.


Though the bike may look big and bulky, handling is not a problem at all, I mange to ride zig zag through crowded roads with ease. The bike is stable when cornering at high speeds, the only thing that worries me is the MRF zapper Y rear tyre, which has poor grip in wet conditions.

Hauling the bike can be a big challenge though, it’s pretty heavy for a 150cc bike and weighs 149kgs, and I find it almost impossible to push the bike on an upslope due to its weight.


The gears in the bike are really smooth, makes up shifting and downshifting a breeze.
The only problem you would face with gears is if you try to change from 6th gear to 1st gear continuously without releasing the clutch, but I guess it’s not a big deal anyways.

Mileage & Fuel Efficiency:

The mileage is pretty good considering the fact that it’s a 150cc bike. I manage to get 52-55 in start stop city traffic, occasionally revving to overtake other bikes and touching 80-90.

Suzuki GS150R


In conclusion to my review, if you’re looking for a 150cc bike that looks good enough to make heads turn (yes, it may sound surprising, but I find people staring at my bike all the time and quite a few have even asked about the cost, mileage etc.), has decent performance, good mileage and comfort for long rides, you could consider GS150.


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Sajal said...

I've not test ridden this bike personally but what I've gathered from different ownership experiences from across the web... this bike has had major build quality issues with different parts of the bike getting rusted way too quickly and to add that... Suzuki's reluctance to take ownership of this issue has left many fuming customers for Suzuki!! I don't know how true is this but the such occurrences have been many with this bike.

Sandeep said...

The bike too much like a copy of the Pulsar. Also it weighs 149 Kgs!!! Which is 2 kgs heavier than even the Pulsar 180. No wonder Nikhil find its hard to push his bike.

Anonymous said...

Hey Nikhil, how is the pick up at slow speed and at the 6'th gear. do you need to downshift from 6'th for better pickup?

- Akash

santhosh said...

Dear friend Nikhil

Did you face the rust problem in your bike.
From which dealer you purchased this bike, is the service ok.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Nikhil here.
The bike doesnt look much like pulsar when you see it in the flesh.(only looks so in the pics)
The pick up is good in 1st gear. and 6th gear is good above 5k rpm(below that its sluggish in 6th).

I got my bike at airport road.
Ya, the service is good there.
There was minor rusting but the service centre painted/replaced parts and its fine now.

santhosh said...

Hi Nikhil

Which part of the bike was having rust. any other parts which i have to look because am planning to purchase this bike.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the GS150 is very very heavy for a 150 cc bike

Anonymous said...

Nikhil here.
My bike had mild rusting in fuel tank. and little at the frame near headlight.
The tank was changed by SC and frame was painted.

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys,
This is Nikhil from Pune.
I own this bike from March 09. It's year now. I have completed 5 servicings.
Let me brief you on this bike in short.

1. Bike hight - Good for tall people.
2. Seating Posture of Rider and Pillion: It is no. 1 in all bikes in India (little broad statement.. :) but it's true) : if you really want to taste, ride with your mother for 100 kms and ask her about the bike comfort.... what would be the most reliable comment than this...?
3. Indicators: rear indicators are in built. That avoids the breaking of indicator rods.. same as CBZ has.. and it's a really good feature.... you will find it broken with other bikes in parking lot
4. Milage Consistency: I did not get more than 50 kmpl. But I am getting between 48-50 from speed range of 55-95 kmph... You didn't get it in any other bike.... Some people are getting 52-56 kmpl... But I would suggest to revisit the analysis again in this hot summer. Re-fuel vehicle in the Early morning for good results
5. Zero Vibrations
6. 6th gear: 5th and 6th grars are overdrive.. i.e. size of driven gear is less than driver gear.. this allows you to zap-zoop without changing gear during overtake
7. Built Quality: Good It feels really heavy in CITY , but on highway the bike weight helps to keep the vehicle stable
8. Dash Board (speedometer n all) : no. 1 in all bikes in India... That's what i feel
8. Gear Shifter: It's good it has gear shifter at front as well as at back to shift it back n forth like an ordinary bike... But it is good. Reason: with office shoos, you are not suppose to pull the lever with shoe toe... oyu'll find your shoe toe is damaged after few days... If you are riding sport style.. use your sport shoe toe to pull over...
9.Over all Looks: macho (but FZ16 is top)

1. Synchro between Gears and Chain Drive: this is a problem, my dealer said few of customers like me have same problem... They will try to give the part replacement
2. Engine Noise: Engine noise changes after extra acceleration ... it really dosn't sound good
3. Rear brake is HARD.... : I know we should apply both the brks simultaneously.. but it don't help all the time.....

Anonymous said...

HeroHonda Passion has 97 cc enine but bike dry weight is 119 kg and kerb weight is 127 kg, but it still has enough pickup. Suzuki Gs150r has 150 cc engine and its dry weight is 134 kg and kerb weight is 149 kg, so definitely pickup should be good. Its just 3 kg heavier than Unicorn.

Payeng said...


the Passion weighs 119 Kgs Kerb and NOT dry.

Anonymous said...

Dear Nikhil
I am planning to buy a bike and am stuck in choosing either the Gs 150r or the pulsar 150 ug 4.5 . So what would you suggest ?

Hemant said...

the pulsar 150 is more powerful and a proven bike. go for the Pulsar 150

suzuki GS150R is quite heavy for a 150 cc bike, if you are tall and big you should look at the GS150R.

the weight and height of the Pulsar 150 will suit most riders and the latest UG 4.5 gets sporty clip ons along with 15ps power.

venu said...

i have had a test ride of this bike yesterday, from the little experience i had with this, i felt, its slow but steady bike. would be a decent performer.

venu said...

i have had a test ride of this bike yesterday, from the little experience i had with this, i felt, its slow but steady bike. would be a decent performer.

santhosh said...

Dear friend Nikhil

Did you face the rust problem in your bike.
From which dealer you purchased this bike, is the service ok.

Anonymous said...

Dear dude..
ma simple question is better than unicorn or not?

sau007007 said...

Take the testdrive and decide yourself.
The one which fulfills your desires, go for it.

Tuna Dash said...

What is a rusting problem by the way?? And is it for all colors?

Please answer.....

Tuna Dash said...

What is Rusting problem?? Please elaborate on it.. Is it same for all colors in Suzuki GS150r?

Please answer...

Yila said...

GS150R is not really heavy, weighing only 3 kgs more than Unicorn, but feels heavier due to the Suzuki's trademark weight distribution strategy which increases the stability of the bike at high speeds and sudden braking. Short riders need to get used to it in the beginning, unlike Hondas, and then ok. Surely superior to any other 150CC in the market today.

Anonymous said...

HeroHonda Passion has 97 cc enine but passion kerb weight is 119 kg, but it still has enough pickup, right? So, gs150r pickup with 150cc engine and kerb weight of 149 kg is definitely more than adequate.

Unicorn 150cc dry weight is 130 kg, kerb weight is 146 kg. Better handling/turning due to monoshock, but pillion comfort is questionable, especially if 2 people weigh 70 kg sit on it.

Suzuki Gs150r has 150 cc engine, its dry weight is 134 kg and kerb weight is 149 kg. Better pillion comfort due to gas-charge rear shocks. Its just 3 kg heavier than Unicorn, so slightly less initial pickup but good enough. Due to engine balancer and 6th gear, it is smoother than unicorn at speeds above 75 kmph. Top-end speed is better than unicorn. But would feel heavy while parking for all pulsar, unicorn, cbz, and gs150r.

Sigit Paimun said...

I had waited gs 150 in Indonesia when I finally decided on NMP. I was unoressed with New Thunder 125 looks, But I was dissapointed since the thunder still applied a 125 cc machine, and a rear stereo shock.

Anonymous said...

i have done a test ride of this bike....and i damn well love it!! will buy soon

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