Feb 15, 2010

18 Will 110 cc CB Twister make a big mark?

Will Honda India (HMSI) crack the commuter code with the 110 cc CB Twister?

Despite a plethora of models available in the above 100 cc segments, the bulk of the 2 wheeler buying consumer still refuses to budge from their 100 cc fixation. It’s the 100 cc Splendor and Passion duo which makes Hero Honda the world’s (and India’s) largest two wheeler maker. Even Bajaj has come back again strongly (after a rather bad 2009) with its 100 cc Discover DTS-Si.

I would say, the CB Twister has a better chance of scoring with the Hero Honda "Passion" crowd..

For a bike enthusiast, the realization that this 100 cc fixation is here to stay for a long time, is a bitter pill to swallow. But the writing definitely is on the wall that having a 100 cc model which the “desi” consumer fancies, can do wonders to the sales numbers.

The latest manufacturer to jump into the 100 cc bandwagon is Honda (HMSI) with its 110 cc CB Twister. The bike was officially launched in December 2009 and was scheduled to go sale in February 2010. That means that the CB Twister would be in a HMSI showroom near you very soon.
Honda CB Twister

What does it take for the CB Twister to entice 100 cc customers?

Forget the extra 10 cc’s, the U.S.P of the CB Twister is actually its styling. HMSI used to be criticized heavily for its ultra conservative approach at styling (result: the Unicorn and the Shine). A few might say that the styling on the CB Twister a bit overdone for a 110 cc motorcycle, but the styling of the CB Twister does take Honda to a new level in India.

The CB Twister looks eye catching in the photos. But would it catch the fancy of someone who would have otherwise gone for the Hero Honda "Splendor" or the Bajaj "Discover"? Well.. I would say, the CB Twister has a better chance of scoring with the Hero Honda Passion crowd instead. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Hero Honda Passion (Pro) gets an upgrade pretty soon.

Honda CB Twister Price:

    KICK START, DRUM, ALLOY: Rs. 41,850(Ex-showroom Delhi) Rs. 43,953(On-road Delhi)

    SELF START, DRUM, ALLOY: Rs. 44,850(Ex-showroom Delhi) Rs. 47,045(On-road Delhi)

    SELF START, DISK, ALLOY: Rs. 47,850(Ex-showroom Delhi) Rs. 50,137(On-road Delhi)

Honda CB Twister Tech Specs:

    Engine Type - 4 stroke, Air cooled, Single cylinder
    Displacement - 109cc
    Net Power - 9bhp@8000rpm
    Torque - 9 N-m@6000rpm
    Filter - Paper Filter - Viscous
    Transmission - 4-speed Constant Mesh
    Gear Shift Pattern - 1 Down-3 Up
    Starting - Self/ Kick

    Kerb Weight - 108
    Length (mm) - 1972
    Width (mm) - 742
    Height (mm) - 1075
    Wheelbase(mm) - 1262
    Ground Clearance(mm) - 180
    Fuel Tank Capacity(Litre) - 8

    Chassis - Diamond type
    Front Suspension - Telescopic Hydraulic Fork
    Rear Suspension - Spring loaded Hydraulic shock absorber with rectangular box type swing arm
    Tyre Type - Tubeless, : Front & Rear
    Front Tyre - 70/100-17 40p
    Rear Tyre - 80/100-17 53p
    Front Brake - Disc 240mm
    Rear Brake - Drum 110mm

    Ignition - Digital CDI
    Battery - 12V,3.0 AH Maintenance Free
    Headlamp - Halogen 12V 35/35 W

Honda CB Twister: Color Options [Click for a larger image]

Pearl Siena Red Pearl Nightster Black Pearl Fuji Blue
Pearl Amber Yellow Candy Sonic Green

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Sajal said...

Definitely is eye-candy for a 110cc bike and definitely an overkill at the same time. Look at the extra weight arround (5-6kg) all these stuff has added on the engine which, even though is producing 9bhp (equivalent to a 125cc engine) but is doing that @ 8K rpm... which is kinda stressed.

Anonymous said...

the engine looks so puny. it looks funny actually
- Sahil

Anonymous said...

the bike looks good in photos but in real life it looks very plasticy. i have seen it in the delhi auto expo

payeng said...

Test Comment

Sid said...

The colors on the bike are really nice. They might serve as the first bike a dad could get his son. The mentality of pulsars being too dangerous is still lurking out there. So they can settle for this less powerful but good looking one instead.

Vipin said...


if a father finds the Pulsar 150,180,220 intimidating, then he can gift his young son the Pulsar 135LS. the new Pulsar is Light and Sporty enough. the CB Twister is all adorned with ugly plastic

Anonymous said...

pulsar 135 sucks....honda is gr8!!!

sandeep said...

CB twister.... the baap of all biking

i own it ..........

& the ride is breath taking........!!!

Anonymous said...

honda twister is the sexiest bike as compare to bajaj's bike.

Anonymous said...

which is better to buy honda twister or hero honda splendor kindly suggest guys

Anonymous said...

if u r looking 4 a fuel efficient & low maintainance bike- surely go 4 twister.

milege is 50 in city.
lightweight bike with gud pick up.

Anonymous said...

twister is best 4 guys preferring single rides.

but not suitable 4 ladies at backsit, coz backsit is too high.
its a light-weight bike with small wheel base, hence may prove difficult 2 control.

i wl suggest splender for couple commuters.

Anonymous said...

hmm..k guys..
bt wats the current price of cb twister in b'lore! now..

jimrey said...

nice bike! im glad it has already reached the Philippines. hope i could avail one very soon.

Anonymous said...

I am sid, I am planning to buy a cb 110 twister but can I put a side car in it??to make it a tricycle??because they said it is fuel efficient and have a strong engine even though it only has a displacement of 110cc.I really like it because of its looks.

Anonymous said...

I have TS star city w/o self (first model)june 2006. Its now millage around 66 to 69 on highway. I decided to sell this and to buy honda CBT. Is it right decisions for me for single ride perday 45 km?

raman said...

Hello Everyone,

I need to travel a lot in city roads(60-70kms daily)....
My height is nearly 6 feet....
I am looking for some good commuter bikes under 125cc segment....
Really confused between Splendor series and Twister....
Could anyone help me out with this problem?


Anonymous said...


a test ride would make it clear. go and get the test rides

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