Mar 12, 2008

9 TVS relaunches the 125 cc Flame with Single Spark Plug

TVS relaunches the 125 cc Flame with single spark plug.. the RPM for Max Power and Max Torque changes.. Price increased by 1000 Rupees

True to its promise, TVS has relaunched the controversial 125 cc Flame in the month of March. This time TVS has used a single spark plug instead of the earlier two.

New 125 cc TVS FlameAccording to Mr. Venu Srinivasan, Chariman-MD, TVS Motors..

"The current engine has been so designed that there is no loss of advantage over the twin-spark plug engine." Source Hindu.

The Official Website for the Flame has been updated with the necessary 'minor' changes for the new Flame. Everything seems to be virtually the same with the new Flame. But I did notice that the RPM at which the new Flame now develops it Maximum Power and Maximum Torque has been changed compared to its original 2 spark plug version.

Maximum Power

2 Spark Plug Flame (Original): 10.5 BHP@8250 RPM
1 Spark Plug Flame (New): 10.5 BHP@7500 RPM

Maximum Torque

2 Spark Plug Flame (Original): 10 Nm@6250 RPM
1 Spark Plug Flame (New): 10 Nm@6000 RPM

According to my opinion this change in the RPM range for Maximum Power and Maximum Torque should actually help in boosting the Fuel Efficiency of the New Flame.. on the flipside the top end performance might just come down to a lower RPM.


Meanwhile the New Flame has been priced at Rs. 46,000 (Ex-Showroom, across the country. The Original Flame was priced at Rs.45,000 Ex-Showroom ). [Source: Economic Times]

TVS Flame Calendar

Oh yes.. a free TVS Flame Calendar which can be downloaded from the TVS Flame Website. You just have to submit your e-mail address along with a "One Liner" for the Flame to be able to download it.

TVS Flame Calendar

I know that TVS wants the Flame to be a "HOT Bike" (Maybe that's why the name 'Flame')..

But.. I think the Dates on the Calendar aren't properly legible.. No..??

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road-yo said...

What dates? Oh, ok .............

Anonymous said...

Hi !! Regarding the TVS Apache RTR 160 that is marketed in Indonesia, RTR 160 has 1 spark plug. It is conformed. I saw it in TVS Merdeka, one of TVS dealers in Jakarta.

I was amazed by the RTR feature, fantastic pick up !!! -diah-

Anonymous said...

this is a bike!! instead of the xcd

simran said...

Its hardly any difference weather the single spark or double spark plug. All that the bike has to have is a good mileage, looks and reliability, after all it a 125 cc commuter.

But what do u have to say on all that patent controversy. After all Honda invented the technology.

Payeng said...


All I hope is that the Bikers should benefit in the end with better bikes and better technology..

first_synn said...

"The current engine has been so designed that there is no loss of advantage over the twin-spark plug engine."

Good lord, this BS infuriates me.

If it has no loss of "advantage", why design the goddamn twin spark engine in the first place?

road-yo said...

first_synn, you said it, man :-)

George said...

Have you reveiwed this bike.

sahil said...

hey payeng when will u test drive flame. and also tell me is there any loss of mileage due to single spark plug over twing spark plug.

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