Feb 19, 2008

29 Size of the Yamaha R15

I get to see and touch the Yamaha R15.. and it looks like it a "Compact" Package.

Last Sunday I happened to walk into the recently inaugurated "Yamaha Bike Station" at MGF Mall in Saket, New Delhi. The "Yamaha Bike Station" in New Delhi is the first among similar such exclusive Yamaha showrooms coming up in the country (la Bajaj Probiking Showrooms).

"I am 5 ft 5 inches in height..

One of the criticisms that the TVS Apache RTR 160 has faced from "desi bikers" is that it is a bit small..

Looks like the YZF-R15 is also going to be a bit.. Err "Small"..!!

The showroom had the imports viz. the YZF-R1and the MT-01. A few Yamaha India models like the Gladiator were also there. Also kept on display among these models was the YZF-R15..!! During the Auto Expo, I could only see and take photos of the R15 from a distance. But now I could see and touch the YZF-R15 from close quarters.

I was cursing myself for not carrying my Nikon D40, but thanks to Nilu (a friend of mine and regular visitor to "The Bike Chronicles of India") and his mobile phone, I did manage to click a few pictures of me and the YZF-R15. Posted below is my photo along with the R15.

Payeng with the Yamaha R15

Payeng with the Yamaha YZF-R15

Even though the bike was at stand still, the purposeful full body fairing and the R1 and R6 inspired looks of the Yamaha R15 does give you that impression that this will be one fast bike. Maybe also because of our prior knowledge that this 150 cc bike has some cool stuff like a "Water Cooled" engine, "Fuel Injection" and has "4 Valves" in its single cylinder, both Nilu and I could feel the wind on our face even at "0" Kmph. I also tried to push the R15 around a little bit and I felt that the weight of the bike would be around 125-130 Kgs.

Let me tell you that I am a 5 ft 5 inch guy (couple of inches shorter than the average Indian).. and as you can see from the pics posted above that the YZF-R15 seems to be the perfect sized bike for me.. much like the TVS Apache RTR 160.

One of the criticisms that the TVS Apache RTR 160 has faced from "desi bikers" is that it is a bit small in size, thereby putting off a few prospective buyers in the process. So looks like the YZF-R15 is also a bit.. Err "Small"..!! I wasn't allowed to sit on the R15 though.

Nilu rides a Pulsar 200 and I ride the Pulsar 220. So the size difference between our bikes and the Yamaha YZF-R15 was quite apparent to both of us. Even the Hero Honda Karizma has dimensions similar to the Pulsar 200/220.

The tech specs of the Yamaha YZF-R15 is still not out. But Yamaha Officials have gone on record to state that the Yamaha R15 would be the fastest bike in India and would beat bigger bikes like the Karizma and the Pulsar 220 DTS-Fi. If in case the Yamaha R15 does manage to beat the Karizma and the Pulsar 220 in performance figures, I am sure the debate then would be.. "Do you want a Fast but a bit Small and light Bike or a Slower but Bulky/Heavy Bike..??”.

Wheelbase Comparision:*

  • Yamaha YZF-R15: 1290 mm

  • Yamaha Gladiator Graffiti/Type-SS/RS: 1300 mm

  • TVS Apache RTR 160: 1300 mm

  • Bajaj Pulsar 150/180: 1320 mm

  • Bajaj Pulsar 200/220: 1350 mm

  • Hero Honda Karizma: 1355 mm

[*Specs taken from the respective websites of the above mentioned models.]


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Gary said...

Hi Payeng,

Thats why I didn't go for Yamaha R15 which is VIXION in here at Jakarta-Indonesia. It is a small bike with only 14HP. I am a 181cm tall. The bike not fit me at all. :D

Payeng said...

Hi Gary,

Yes, from the Pics that you had mailed me, I could see that you are a Big Guy.. the next Post in "The Bike Chronicles of India" will be about you and your Pulsar 200 DTSi.

The R15 definitely shares quite a few parts from the Vixion but Yamaha India have made the R15 a bit longer and heavier than the Yamaha Vixion..

Also probably the engine of the R15 will be more powerful than the 14-15 bhp engine of the Vixion (But not sure how much).

But still I did feel that the R15 was compact compared to the Karizma/Pulsar 200/Pulsar 220.

ashes_dad_1991 said...

man whenever i feel that i have got the perfect thing......

i am not going to say anything more just that i am +6feet.

what do you think payeng,what should i do?

road-yo said...

This thing will rock, regardless of size. Just check out the increasing nos of XCDs on our roads to see what I mean.

Sajal Chakraborty said...

Payeng Dude!!!

I've a question.........

In the image you have posted, why are you looking serious as if you are "Vijya Dina Nath Chauhaan" from Agnipath!!!

Waise what say, a 150cc bike capable of competing with ZMA and P220/200 running on the murky Gurgaon Road!!!! ;-).
I say "Size does matter"

bambang said...

"both Nilu and I could feel the wind on our face even at 0 Kmph"


(5 minutes later...)
maybe with this bike yamaha is also targeting the southeast asian market, you know moped (err.. step-through) is very popular there and the R15 small size makes it easy for moped riders to adapt

Gary said...

Hi ashes,

Its better you take a test ride first before decide to buy it. Just to make sure you feel comfortable.

Payeng, lets hope Yamaha India release a different variant from Yamaha Indonesia.

But it is sad that Yamaha Indonesia release Vixion with issues. Such as engine noise and vibration.

I am waiting the post Payeng. :D...Thanks.

Payeng said...

@ Everyone,

I agree with Gary when he says that its better to take Test Ride of the bike before deciding to buy it..

The R15 looks perfect for my size (5 ft 5 inch).. can't wait to take its test ride.


XCD is in a different segment altogether.. lets see if Yamaha can create is able to create a "Niche" for itself with the R15

@ Sajal..

Maybe I was a bit dissappointed with its (R15's Size).. that's why the Long Face.


Anil Kumar said...

Hello Mr. Payeng ,I have been following your blog for over an year now and I am a big fan of my yours and recently when I turned 18 my Dad bought me a Gladiator Dlx and I have a query,will the Gladiator dlx and type J.A.be put out of production as soon as the rs and ss are launched?Will pop into your blog everyday hoping that you will answer my query.Thank you.

ashes_dad_1991 said...

@gary and payeng

it's not about the comfort.i feel comfortable even on the GLAMOUR(1280mm wheelbase).i am sure that YZF-R15 is going to be one of the fatest bikes in India.(not to forget it's killer looks)

but it's about the size.just add 7 inches to payeng and see that image.

now you understand what i am saying.

i have to buy my very first bike and i want it be excellent.no space for regrets.

anyways should go to that showroom and check it out.(are they giving any test rides?)

Payeng said...


I am afraid that the Gladiator DLX and the Type J.A "might" be discontinued.. But you do not need to worry too much since the engine will be basically the same.

@ Ashes,

You can see the R15 at the "Yamaha Bike Station" but I don't think that Test Rides are being provided (at least right now)..

Yes to imagine someone of 6ft height along with the R15, just add 7 inches to me in the Picture..


Anonymous said...

It's sad to know that performance bikes launched in India are always a lot more compact than required.I don't know how much long should guys like me(5 11'')wait for a perfect looking performance bike.

Anonymous said...

C'mon.If all bikes are getting more and more compact,guys like me(around 179cms)will have no exciting bikes to ride.We all know that compactness aids in handling etc etc,but not as compact as RTR or R15(the dimensions say it all).My request to bike makers is that please don't bring bikes to size zero(hate XCD for the same)

Anonymous said...

What can I say? this is the babe which has pulled sporty spirits in most of all (even in those 'sane' riders like me) from begining of this year. Many are dreaming about the spceifications those were discussed. Hope dreams turn to facts. need to wait till June although..hhuhhh. God ! pour another patience dose in me.

Anonymous said...

may be its time you should dress your hair.

Trini said...

Hey Payeng, U ALWAYS r the first to break bike related news online!! keep it up!!
Im not surprised that the R15 is "compact". It's kind of OK wen compared to the RX100 and RD350!! perhaps Yamaha considered the size of the average indian and tailored their bike around it..

GAGAN said...

been to that mall sometime back...and that showroom was under construction...i guess its time for another visit....now did i hear someone underestimating a 150 ? :)....u know..its always the rider...and the "murky" gurgaon roads and the aggressive traffic actually call for better riding ....a better machine is bonus :)

GAGAN said...

and BTW..nice shot for a phone cam....:)

Sajal Chakraborty said...

Gagan Dude!!

It's not about underestimating a 150......it's about a 150 capable of doing things that, for now can be done by 200/220/225 cc machine.

Just imagine the Raw Insanity this 150cc babe would cause if you compare the weight:output ratio. A better machine is always a bonus no doubt, but senarios change when you consider this bonus agains a traffic which dosen't have a traffic sense at all.

If I can be hit by a Scorpio while I was @30, then you can imagine the sweet traffic sense of this place, and I guess it was the sheer wait and balance of 200 that saved things from getting nasty, then imagine the kind of impact that would be cause in the same scenario if you have a 150 doing a speed capable by a 220 or 200.

A bonus is always a bonus when considered under the right circumstances (personal thoughts...and no hard feelings!!)

Anonymous said...

sir this is basanth from bangalore..... i am one of recent admirers of ur blogspot......
after goin through ur blogspot i came to know tat u own a P220 which u mentioned in some articles..... at first even i thought of goin in for P220 but over d net it is put up tat P220 is facing a hell lot of problems like overheating of rear disc, ECU fuse gettin burnt,oil leakage, poor quality of electrical wiring n many more could u plz confirm these issues as u urself own one

Payeng said...

Hi Basanth,

One "Rectifier Coil" and one "Crank Position Sensor".. had been replaced on my Pulsar 220 so far.. the warranty has taken care of the issues so far..

Yes, the rear discs do lack some bite and of late they have started to make some funny noises..

But the 220 is the best Pulsar from Bajaj Auto so far and I am loving it very much.

Anonymous said...

hey payeng u rock dude.
this is kumar from hyderabad
you publish the news which even the showroom people are unaware of. thats too cool
however,can u pls pls pls let me know the release dates (atleast approximate) of APACHE FI and YAMAHA R15

Payeng said...

Hi Kumar,

I can't really comment on the launch date of the Apache RTR 160 Efi, but the Yamaha YZF-R15 should be available by June-July 2008.

Anonymous said...

thank u bro.
can i know the approximate cost of R15

Anonymous said...

however as i can see from the pictures, the bike is ready for delivery.But why still a delay of 4-5 months.

Payeng said...

The R15 should approximately be around Rs.90,000.. but we will have to wait till the Official announcement is made.

About the 4-5 months delay: There might be a few factors..

>> Dealer Development: Most of the present dealerships of Yamaha India
is less than impressive. They have to be made ready for such a bike.

>> New Technologies: Specially trained service engineers would be required to attend to the Water Cooled, Fuel Injected R15

Moreover, we do not know about any internal constraints of Yamaha India..

Wicked said...

only reason, i won't buy this bike is because it feels like a big compromise. catch a glimpse of r125 and u will know wat i am talkin about. r125 looks so much more radical.

yea der is more to bike den looks but come on it feels like yamaha is again on the compromising front for us indians.

yea again, i am 6'2" and have a quite above average built so according to how payeng said it would look like i am riding a mouse.

Anonymous said...

thank u bro.
can i know the approximate cost of R15

road-yo said...

This thing will rock, regardless of size. Just check out the increasing nos of XCDs on our roads to see what I mean.

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