Sep 1, 2007

13 Bajaj Pulsar 180 UG III: Owner's Review [With Wallpaper]

Rahul Devnath, a Pulsar DTS-i 180 UG III owner from Bangalore writes about the ownership experience of his bike

Hi guys,

I’m Rahul Devnath from Bangalore. It seems that both of the bigger Pulsar siblings (Pulsar 220 and Pulsar 220) has overshadowed the P180, the previous performance king from Bajaj’s stable. But P180, at least for now still has a niche for itself, me being a proud owner of one.

Rahul's intro:

Age: 20 yrs,
Occupation: 2nd Yr B.A Journalism from Garden City College Bangalore

Address- K.R Puram, Bangalore

Rahul Devnath with his Pulsar 180 UG III

Having previously owned a Hero Honda Splendour and Bajaj Pulsar 150 (non-dtsi), my next bike choice favoured a performance bike from Bajaj itself, not that after I clocked 45,000 Kms on my P150 I was very satisfied, but then I had my own needs.

But you may ask, why 180 and not the new 200 with the added goodies, given that the price factor is negotiable? Well for one, the Pulsar 200 had an oil cooler, which means added weight. Cost and maintenance, still the performance is not a leap on 180 CC. And then there are the problems related to the beta models, where reliability is spared for good.

Coming to the point, I bought my P180 (UG3) in July, almost less than two months, i have already clocked more than 2300 Kms on it, pushed it to 112 Kmph, covered a maximum distance of more than 190 Kms in one day, and the verdict is I’m impressed!

Unarguably the king in 150<200


Bajaj has worked intelligently, and you know where your money is being put to use. Although quiet satisfied with the UG2 P180, the newer upgrade has ironed out the little nits’ grits, minus the gearbox. The major upgrades includes:-

  • New front fairing – Smart move, noting much different, but why didn’t they thought of before?

  • Digital Speedo – good, although refresh rate is low, and fuel indicator is a waste. Still supports the Pulsar’s sportier stance.

  • L.E.D tail lamps, much brighter, and sporty


Having limited chances of checking out the bikes performances, so far it has performed fairly well. Acceleration is good with a 0~60 of around 5.13 seconds. Top speed, haven’t taken it more than 112 Kmph, but surely it can do more. Mileage for normal unleaded fuel varies between 38~46 depending on driving condition, that is an average, considering 70% city and 30% higway driving.

Awesome Pic of Rahul's Pulsar 180 UGIII shot at night
[Can be used as Wallpaper]


Good Looks, Awesome Performance, Rock Stable at even over 100Kmph


Mileage could had been better, but then it’s a performance bike not a commuter bike, Black Paint quality on the engine not up to the mark, Engine heat is more compared to previous versions, gearbox still leaves a lot to be desired


If you want more cc then 150, and plan to ride, mostly in city look no further, UG3 is the best of all Pulsars.. till date.

Thanks a lot to Satadal Payeng, for giving me the opportunity to write this review.

[I would like to thank Rahul for sending in this review of his. Thank you very much Rahul]

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biker said...

nice pic of the p180 shot at night.

good review

SilverKnight said...

hi i m about to buy ma first bike within next 2 days.. but m not able to decide amongst pulsar 150 and 180.. coz the cost diff is quite less. plz help on this and plz tell the exact millage of 150 n 180.. +any other points you want to which might help me.. thankz

Payeng said...

Hi Silver Knight,

giving the exact figure of isn't possible.. the mileage that a bike returs depends on a lot of factors.. like

>> Driving (Individual)Style

>> How well the bike is maintained

>> Weight of the rider

>> Tyre Pressure etc..

Like Rahul has mentioned in the review of his Pulsar 180, you can expect an approximate mileage of around 40 Km/l from the Pulsar 180.

The Pulsar 150 on the other hand will reward you with mileage of around 50 Km/l (depending on all the above mentioned factors)

If you want good performance and ready to sacrifice around 10 Km/l (compared to the mileage of the Pulsar 150) then go for the Pulsar 180... if you do not want to sacrifice mileage then go for the Pulsar 150.

SilverKnight said...

thankz payeng.for reminding us of all the factors on which the bikes avg. depends... well as i said this is going to be ma first bike... i have riden many bikes belonging to my friends.. but truly speaking i don have a "style of driving" as of yet.. secondlyi m 5'9'' and 57kg... and finalyand most importantly... even after knowing the avg diff in the 2 biles.. i just wanna know that is 180 worth enough to sacrifice the 10kmpl over 150 is there a marked diff in there performance..which can make a person choose 180 over 150... coz 10kmpl is something ... but nothing if there is atleast a considrable diff in the bikes preformance.. plz reply.. coz i ll be picking a bike by tomoro..
thankz again

Payeng said...


Of course... there is a marked difference between the Pulsar 150 and 180.
The difference becomes more pronounced at high speeds and on the Highway..

The "Style" of riding that I mentioned was that whether you like to like "fast" or "sedate".
Take comprehensive test rides of both the bikes before you make your purchase..

Let me know of your decision..

Best of Luck

Anonymous said...

hi my name is jaison i am planning to get a 180 pulsar n would like to know what u think of your pulsar 180 now?
is the performance of the bike
still the same as when u had bought it? have u had any maintainence issues please reply soon!!

Ankit kashyap said...

hi this is ankit
iam going to buy a bike within this week...
but iam confused b/w pulsar 180 and apache rtr 160...
can any one plz help me out... that which bike would be best for iam few pounds extra and my height is 5.11"....

Payeng said...

At 5ft 11", you will be more comfortable with the Pulsar 180.

Also look at the Pulsar 200 (at just a couple of thousands more.. it's great value)

sandy said...

hi i am a pround owner of p180 so as rahul said it is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MG said...

Hi guys,
My bike Pulsar 180 is 3 months old and Iam getting the low fuel indicator light coming on, at the time of starting the bike inspite of having sufficient fuel in the tank. The indicator goes off by itself after about 5 minutes of riding and the indication comes back to normal. Have any of you experienced a similar problem and what did you do to resolve the issue?

Anonymous said...

my story is same as u. I have booked p180 UG 4 blue. using a p-non-dtsi 150 now. 200 is stopped, which is why i dint take it.


biker said...

nice pic of the p180 shot at night.

good review

jayanta said...


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