Feb 23, 2007

14 My Choice in the 100 C.C Motorcycle Range

Given a choice, which 100 C.C motorcycle available in the country today would I choose..??

100 C.C bikes have been largely responsible for making India the second largest two wheeler market in the world after China. Still today around 80 % of total two wheeler sales in India are below 125 C.C.

So if given a chance which 100 C.C motorcycle would I choose..??

Before I proceed, let us see why does anyone buy a 100 C.C bike in India?
If you are looking for a 100 C. C bike in India then that means that

My 100 C.C Choice:

>>Has one of the most fuel efficient engines in the country..

>>The engine has been derived from the “BEST MOTORCYCLE OF THE WORLD..!!"

  • You are not in a mood to spend a lot of money on your purchase and in its running and maintenance costs

  • You want the most fuel efficient two wheeler around

  • You want a bike which is cheap to buy

  • Take you from Point A to Point B with minimum fuss

  • Reliability of the bike is an important factor too

My Choice in the 100 C.C Segment: The Hero Honda CD Deluxe.

Hero Honda CD-Deluxe

Hero Honda CD DawnIt will duly fulfill the above requirements and also probably last a lifetime. Compared to its Plain Jane cousin, the CD Dawn the CD Deluxe looks better. One can also look at the Hero Honda Splendor+ or the Hero Honda Passion+ as other options but then be prepared to shell out more money.

Price of the CD-Deluxe: Rs. 35,400 (Ex Showroom Delhi)

[But for me it makes more sense to stick to the CD Deluxe and save some amount because all the 100 C.C Hero Honda bikes virtually employ the same engine]

Hero Honda World's Number One Two Wheeler Company

Reason why I recommend the Hero Honda CD Deluxe:

  • It costs marginally less than the Bajaj Platina and TVS Star City (Without Electric Start)

  • It is one of the most fuel efficient two wheeler in the country

  • Recent test by auto magazines rate the new engine of the CD Deluxe as more responsive and fuel efficient than previous 100 C.C models of Hero Honda due to minor tweaks in the engine

  • It’s engine has been derived from the “BEST MOTORCYCLE OF THE WORLD- THE HONDA CUB” (according to the Discovery Channel)

  • Hero Honda has to be commended on maintaining high quality on its 100 C.C models

  • Hero Honda commands the maximum portion of sales of the 100 C.C segment (Has been the market leader in India and also the World number one two wheeler company for 6 years in a row only because of its 100 C.C models)

  • Bajaj, the number two in terms of overall sales of two wheelers in India also understands that it is very difficult to beat the sales of the 100 C.C Hero Honda models with its current range of 100 C.C bikes (CT100 and the Platina). Therefore they plan to quit the 100 C.C segment and counter it by offering other products which will be a segment higher in terms of engine C.C.

    I also suggest that you ask any previous Hero Honda 100 C.C bike owner about his experiences of his bike. It will only add to your confidence in the brand.

    What you might miss on the CD Deluxe are

    • Sleeker Looks
    • Alloy Wheels
    • Electric Starter

    These options are available in competing brands like the Bajaj Platina and TVS Star City provide, Albeit at a slightly higher price.

    To Download the official information brochure of the CD-Deluxe click here..

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    Karthick said...

    thank u for running a blog on indian two wheelers.reg this post cd deluxe has not been promising and hero honda was reprimanded for using materials of poor quality.also apart from honda no one seems to have 100cc bikes in their pipe line.every manufacturer is moving up in the value chain to sustain the profit.also dont forget splendour+ and passion+ lot we can discuss...

    Utpal said...

    The market share of 100cc has gradually declined to 78% from back in late nineties, when it was 90%.
    Moreover, in cities like Delhi, there are more 180+ cc bikes than 100cc. Of course I find 125cc the most in Delhi.
    I mean you wont see much 100cc bikes in the showrooms. Of course, they show their premier bikes, but you see, the focus even in the TV ads has completly shifted.
    Its probably because those who will buy 100 cc will only buy 100cc, they dont want another option. Its the 125 guy who has an option of upgrading to 150 or the 150 to 180 with a little bit more money but additional features.
    Fact is, India now have that little bit more money.
    I know not many peole live in towns in India, but than almost everyone living in town owns a bike.
    The market is definitely shifting.

    Utpal said...

    Hey Payang,
    About a week back, RE has removed the 500cc from their models in the website.
    Any good news?????

    One more thing.
    If companies like Yamaha, Suzuki are happy with the loss they are incurring because people wont buy their models, will someone tell them to make some bigger capacity bikes. I know there is "NO MARKET" for such bikes, but than they are not having any now also.

    BTW, who in one's sanity will buy a 125cc Fi Glamour for 49000. I mean are people really there who will spend 50 on a glamour rather than a Pulsar? i dont know, I am asking.

    Last thing,
    I am desperate for a 400cc 4 stroke twin bike. Please help!!!

    Payeng said...

    Utpal "Tumne mere Dil ki baat cheen li"

    I agree that there has been a shift in consumer preference lately and its visible..

    No idea about the 500 c.c bro..

    A 400 C.C in India will become a reality (Bajaj at least has plans for that) what the question remains is---

    "How long do we have to wait for it..??"

    Akash said...

    Correct Payeng!
    People have shifted their view of buying smaller bikes towards the larger capacity ones. All this becoz, u dont get those highend features on smaller bikes.
    Previously I used to see more numbers of Splendors & CT100s on road. But now everyone has upgraded to a pulsar, or Karizma. There are more number of pulsars than any other bike. Even poor people are buying pulsars due to easy availability of loans and finance.
    Are Yamaha and Suzuki people sleeping? They are just sticking to 125cc and giving makeover looks to their bikes. When will they realise that the market has become hotter than ever. People are demanding for big bikes.
    According to me, the best 100cc bike is my CRD100 from LML. Becoz of its powerful engine, and utmost flickability, it feels like a dirt bike. I do 360s, stoppies, and other stunts on it. Sorry that the bike isn't being manufactured anymore.

    DotNetBEE said...

    The only difference between the engine of CD-Deluxe and splendor is the compression ratio.
    Hero Honda CD Deluxe - 8.8:1 and in Splendor it is 9:1

    Anonymous said...

    Dear Payeng,

    Thanks much For your enlightening reviews, They are simple, to the point, and helpful. I have a question too.

    Between CD DELUXE, spendor+, splendor NXG, Passion Pro, Platina, Star City which would be your preffered Choice for a simple commuter bike.
    High Mileage, Low maintenance, And good resale value is my priority. Does CD deluxe have a good resale value still?

    I am 70 KGs, 5ft.7 inches and 39 Years old. I am influenced by your review on Cd deluxe, and am set to buy that. However, Your final word would make a difference.

    Please Advice,


    Payeng said...

    Hi Arun,

    Although this article was posted by me alomst 3 years back, the value proposition of the CD Deluxe according to me still holds..

    Alloy wheels are now available on the CD Deluxe and probably a Self Start variant of the CD Deluxe is also available in the market.

    I cannot comment on the resale price of the CD Deluxe.. but since you have set your heart on it, I would still recommend it to you.

    Best of Luck

    Anonymous said...

    Dear Payeng,

    Thanks Much for the quick response.

    I was actually in dilemma a couple of Bikes (Splendour VS CD deluxe etc). Your pictorial review on NXG is the best Online and to the point. That encouraged me to look for a CD deluxe review here. After reading the above review, I was looking forward to Buy CD deluxe. Moreover, now that you have reaffirmed my choice, I think i will go for that only.

    Once again thank you for this site, and your time.


    Anonymous said...

    Dear Payeng,

    It is me again. I need Your counsel once again.

    I went in to Buy CD-DELUXE at the nearest showroom. I did also see the new PASSION PRO, and people there ( Reps & customers) were highly favouring the Passion Pro bike. After enquiring further, it seems, that Both the models (CD-DELUXE & PASSION pRO) Have the same engine (so they say). Yet still, passion pro rules the roost in the regard of reputation, and reliability, mileage and looks. Though the pro model is almost 10K more than CD -deluxe, i was urged by people there to go for passion pro. Some evn asked me to check out the new spplendour NXG. I gave the showroom my number, and said i will vist them again. I will visit them again, after your reply. If you could please advice me in this regard. I have enver owned a bike, not does any body in my family ever did. Hence this state of haplessness.

    If you have to make your decion based on Reliability, MiLeage, low maintenance, resale and not so much on looks;

    -Between Passion Pro and CD- DELUXE which one will you choose? why? (Because their specifications are same, so why one over the other) and like you said that CD-Dleuxe even comes with adjustable shockers, which even Passion pro Lacks

    -Between Splendour NXG and Splendour +, which one will you choose?

    - SHould i wait for Honda Twsiter to hit the markets?

    I am not a racer, but a novice, and need a commuter bike to travel 35Km daily,

    Please Sir, Do advice me if you find time.


    Anonymous said...

    Hi Payeng!

    Any thoughts on Passion Pro VS Passion Plus VS CD deluxe?

    Awaiting a Response,


    Payeng said...

    Hi Arun,

    lets do this via e-mail.. why don't you mail me at satadal.payeng@gmail.com ?

    Anonymous said...

    Thanks Payeng!

    Have emailed you at the address provided. Do reply whenever you avail time,

    Much regards,

    Anonymous said...

    what was the reply to mail ? can u pls share it with me?

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