Nov 3, 2006

4 New Look Pulsar 150 launched

The "New Look" Bajaj Pulsar 150 has been finally launched (in Mumbai atleast) after the "New Look" Pulsar 180. This is the 4'th in the line of up gradations (1'st:Classic Pulsar; 2'nd:Pulsar DTSI; 3'rd; Pulsar DTSI with Alloys and Gas filled Rear shocks).
The news was picked up from the XBhp.Com forum.
New Looks: The new Pulsar 150 shares similar features and looks of its bigger 180 c.c sibling. It gets the 180's
  • Digital Speedo, Tachometer assembly
  • Redesigened side and tapered tail panels
  • Rear "Led" (Light Emitting Diodes) tail light
  • The "Phantom" front fairing

What distinguishes the new pulsar 180 from the 150 is the "All Black" paint scheme (engine covers, exhaust, chain cover and alloys).

Improvements: Bajaj seems to have worked on the "Achilles heel" of the Pulsar by adopting a new gear shifting mechanism. It seems to have made quite improvement in the shift quality now. Moreover, the 150 now comes with the 1-down, 4-up pattern (similar to the 180) now.

Power: seems to have been upped from 13.5 b.h.p to 14.2 b.h.p (to counter the CBZ Xtreme probably) with increase in torque too.

Price: The new 180 did not come with any price increase but Bajaj seems to have increased the price of the 150. It seems the price difference between the 180 and 150 is now just around 2k (yet to be confirmed).

With such a slender price difference and just the "All Back" treatment to differentiate the looks between the 150 and 180, it seems Bajaj wants the customer to make a choice between "Power" of the 180 and the "Economy" of the 150.

It will be now interesting to note which one prevails.



(P.S: The above news scoop has been picked up from the XBhp Forum. News to be validated further)

(Update (12-12-2006): According to Overdrive and Bike India Magazines, the cubic capacity of the Pulsar 150 has also been increased from previous 143 C.C to 149.01 C.C. Also the official website of Bajaj states the new power figures of the 150 at 13.9 bhp, up from previous 13.5 bhp. Torque is now at 12.76 Nm)



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Tariq said...

"to make a choice between "Power" of the 180 and the "Economy" of the 180.

It will be now interesting to note which one prevails."

looks like you've made a smal mistake there....

"to make a choice between "Power" of the 180 and the "Economy" of the 150."

Cheers :)


Payeng said...

Tariq.. thanks buddy..

Yep, human error... :-)

Got it corrected...

Anonymous said...

hey.. i wanted to buy a bike in a day or 2 ... which one do i choose... pulsar 150 .. or wait for pulsar DTSFI which promises decent mileage with power

Payeng said...

Hi Anonymous... (wish u had given ur name)

If u have just one day to decide.. then u have to go either for the 150 or the 180.. because the DTSFi (220 C.C) model is yet to be realeased... no one is sure of its launch date.. they might release it anywhere between December (This month) to Next year mid.. no one can say axactly...

Also the 200 C.C DTSi Model is expected to be released before the 220 C.C DTSFi...

So its ur decision buddy.. the ball is in ur court..

[P:S On my visit to Bangalore on 20'th Nov.. the new Pulsar 150 had a waiting period of 10 days.. and the 180 had a 45 day waiting period...

You can also check the new CBZ Xtreme

Take test drives of these models and then decide for yourself..]

Please let me know of ur decision..

Best of Luck Buddy..!!

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