Oct 8, 2006

8 The New Pulsar 180 DTSi "PHANTOM"

I often log on to the forum XBhp.Com to check out on what’s the latest buzz in the biking scene in India.
Of late I have been following a particular thread on XBhp.Com which is about the launch of the latest upgraded version of the popular 180 C.C Bajaj Pulsar. The thread was buzzing with excitement with a few members pitching in with their own pics and sometimes even amateur videos they could take of this latest bike.

Bajaj Pulsar 180 Phantom
This is indeed remarkable since there hasn’t been any advertisement campaign by Bajaj so far for the latest Pulsar 180 C.C and here we have a bunch of bike enthusiasts who are doing the promotion job of Bajaj for free..!!

The bike has redesigned Side Panels and a sleeker, more aggressive Rear End compared to the earlier model. Also making debut for the first time in India are LED Tail lamps...

Also a Orange (Backlight) Colored Digital Instrument Console has been included.. it is similar to the one displayed for the soon to be launced Bigger Pulsar 220 C.C..

There are additional unique features which I guess might be one of its kind in the world..
The bike has Backlit Switches like cars (I don't know if even superbikes have them) plus there is also a car like Self Turn Cancel Indicators (Even this I haven't heard to be present in bikes).

The best part is that all this are available at the old price without any price increase... this bike is now on sale for roughtly about Rs. 64,500 on-road Mumbai.

The latest Pulsar 180 C.C has even christened as the “PHANTOM” by the enthusiasts at XBhp.Com!! I have lately even come across a few blogs which have also addressed the latest Pulsar 180 C.C as the “PHANTOM”.
Even BS Motoring in their latest edition has carried a report on the latest Pulsar 180 and mentioned how it’s been referred as the “PHANTOM”. So why the name “PHANTOM”... for the latest Pulsar 180 C.C…???

The original “PHANTOM” is the memorable Comic Character created by Lee Falk by the same name. The “PHANTOM” created by Lee Falk is also called as the “GHOST WHO WALKS”.

So what's the similarity between the two..???

Well, it's in the eyes...!!

Look how the twin pilot lamps of the new Pulsar 180 looks like the spectacled eyes of the Lee Falk's "PHANTOM"...!!

The new Pulsar 180 also sports a Black matt finish casing for the headlamp... which looks like the masked hood of Lee Falk's "PHANTOM"...!!

The recent changes even though are quite welcome, it has messed up the taut and balanced styling of the previous Pulsar 180 DTSi model. The tank (which is unchanged) dosen't quite gel with the new agressive tail piece.... Maybe the next upgradation will include a redesigned Tank. Till then let the Phantom Menace continue..!!

The Outgoing Pulsar 180 DTSi

The Latest Pulsar 180 DTSi

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Glifford said...

Kindly post the source of each image you have taken! Esp. those which have NOT come from xBHP!

Payeng said...

Sure will do.... actually some of them i dont really remember from where i got..

but from now will definitely post the source of the pics..

Anonymous said...

I really want to knoe about the mileage of the new pulsar 200??? i cant seem to find it anywhere... hope its more than 30

Payeng said...

You can't get the mileage figures of the P200 anywhere since the P200 has just started to be sold in some cities..

Have patience till some buyer informs us of its mileage figures.. I am sure the mileage will be around 35+

Arun said...

Hey can anybody tell me abt the onroad price&milege of the new pulsar 180dts-i

Payeng said...

Arun, the price of the Pulsar 180 is about Rs.2000 more than the Pulsar 150 (at least in Bangalore)..

Mileage figures for the Pulsar 180 have often been quoted to be around 35-40 Km/l..

It is however advisable to confirm the above figures for yourself.

dr sameer said...

the new pulsar 180cc is Rs 72257/-in bangalore
its very costly, but got stunning looks .

dr sameer said...

the new pulsar 180cc is Rs 72257/-in bangalore
its very costly, but got stunning looks .

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