Oct 15, 2006

6 New Bajaj Pulsar 180 DTSi "Phantom"...

A Pic from the Photo shoot of the latest Pulsar 180 DTSi "Phantom" conducted by "Now Bikers" from Lucknow...
More Pics available at their website..

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Anonymous said...

well thanksfull to now and india2wheels for giving us the latest info from the biking world. visited nowbikers.tk it's the worst site i've come across in years they seem like " wannabe moron's on steroids " but really hatsoff about their info network

Payeng said...

Thank you very much for your encouraging comments... It means a lot to me..

I have also visited nowbikers.tk.. I like the enthusiasm of its members.. Its actually because of enthusiasts like them that "Motorcycling" in India has entered into an exiciting phase..

Thanking you again for ur comments. Please feel free to citicize my blog too..

Abhinai said...

hi all, this is abhinai, N.O.W. group founder. got to know about this blog through my friend who is a regular surfer...

well payang...i am glad that you cosidered our website and spreading bikism in a postive way, it would have been more appreciatable if u sent us a short mail informing about this post in your blog. Overall, your blog is good... keep up the good work dude.

@anonymous -- i dont know what made you say so that we are "wannabe morons on steroids"... i guess u had a bad day when u wrote such comments. please visit our website and online forum to see how much we respect biking and believe in safe riding.

thanks all...

Payeng said...

Hi Abhinai..

Thanks for those encouraging comments..

Sorry if I offended u in publishing one of the pics from your website without your permission..

but hey, I did put a link in my post mentioning ur website.. that should be ok between us.. right..??

Do keep in touch..

abhinai said...

hey payang..no issues bro ;) ... u can share any info. from our website, but make sure that we also know about that...

its actually nice that our efforts are being more noticed through you and others....keep riding ...signing off...

and yes.. i do face a bit problem sumthimes to access ur blog. when ever i try visiting ur blog, it shows that link is not valid... any thing u can do about this ??

Payeng said...

Thanks Abhinai bro..

Will surely let u know whenever I use stuff from ur website..

I didn't have any idea so far abt my blog url being sometimes appearing as invalid.. thanks for letting me know about it..

I actually blog from my college internet center and there hasn't been any problem from my side..

Do u face the problem quite often..?? Please do let me know abt it..

I will be gald to keep in contact with you via mail.. my mail id is spayeng@gmail.com

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